The Forgotten Refugees

Executive Producer: Ralph Avi Goldwasser
Director: Michael Grynszpan

Running time: 49 minutes

A film about the mass exodus of Jews from the Middle East and North Africa in the 20th century

Produced by The David Project Center for Jewish Leadership and Isra TV, “The Forgotten Refugees” explores the history, culture, and forced exodus of Middle Eastern and North African Jewish communities in the second half of the 20th century. Using extensive testimony of refugees from Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, and Morocco the film recounts the stories – of joy and suffering – that nearly one million individuals have carried with them for so long. The film weaves personal stories with dramatic archival footage of rescue missions, historic images of exodus and resettlement, and analyses by contemporary scholars to tell the story of how and why the Jewish population in the Middle East and North Africa declined from one million in 1945 to several thousand today.

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  1. Jews are the Hebrew language speakers Jews come from Israel the land of the Hebrews
    The Arab historians tell us that when Arab caliph Omar ,in 614AD, came to conquer Israel he was met by Jews
    who already were already living there for 1,600 years! Arabs have occupied not only Israel but took North Africa and Asia minor (Turkey ) from the Christians from took Iran( Sassaniads) from the Zoroastrians and took parts of the far east such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and India from the Buddhists and Hindus. Islam conquered by the sword and so occupies more than 1/3 of the earth . To gain these lands 10s of millions died in the course of 13 centuries of Arab/Muslim wars and conquests
    The wars that Christendom conducted for 16 centuries
    beginning with Constantine in the 4th century took the lives of at least 100 million ( wikipedia estimate 700 million
    died in Christian wars)
    and Christendom also conquered occupies over 1/3 of the planet robbing the natives in
    Africa , South America , Central
    America and North America and pre Christian Europe.
    These religions terrified those they conquered by teaching them the natives heathen would burn in hell if they didn’t adopt the conquer’s religion. During this time Jews began tricking back into Israel . The Jews bought back there own land at outrageously high prices.
    In 1948 the Arabs organized to kill and kick the Jews off the land they had purchased the Jews finally fought back and miraculously pushed away those who wanted to slaughter them.Unbelievely during the 1948 war that the Arabs conducted the Jews didn’t push out all the Arabs even though these Arabs wanted to murder the Jews . The Jews gave the Arabs another chance! They gave the murders another chance.
    Since 1948 ,some Arabs , that have lived in Israel together with Jews , have
    come to see the Jews as decent helpful , kind and industrious.And that Israelis respect and welcome what is good in Arab culture and religion.
    Let’s pray that all sides will continue
    to work together for the benefit of all.

  2. It seems many leaders of most countries throughout history to gain power will stir up the common people to fear and hate their neighbors and pick them as a scapegoat. Religion or race or tribe are often the excuses used by these power hungry leaders. Many of the common people fall for the ruse. Some do not and see the madness of such hatred. Divide and conquer exploiting differences and ancient animosities is the tactic.

  3. Greece,

    Jews come from Israel/Palestine. They’ve been there since the dawn of recorded civilization.

    • The religion has, the people, not so much.

      • a living religion -not a dead one that only exists in a book, but a living one can only exist because of living community of people who speak its language ,study its texts and live its cultural practices and religious rituals
        If Moses Isaiah or Jesus was alive today they could speak to and understand the Hebrew speaking Jews wether in Israel and around the world
        The gods and religions of the ancient world Jupiter, Zeus are dead only exist in books but Judaism and its newest subsidiaries -Christianity and Islam are living faiths

  4. Every time people talk about “Palestinian” refugees – people that their fellow Arabs generally refused to allow to be absorbed and integrated into the huge Arab lands in the Middle East in order to use them as political pawns to continue their attempts to destroy Israel and to commit genocide against the Jewish people – they should remember that there were even more Jewish refugees in the 1940s who lost even more in terms of property.  No compensation has ever been given for their suffering and loss.  In effect, one – the Jewish refugee crisis – more than balances out the other.

    • haa you crack me up. commit genocide, they ones committing genocides are Jews in Gaza Strip and Palestine. Tell me something jew, What country do your people come from? An Egyptian comes Egypt His ancestors have been living there for thousands of years, an italian comes from Italy his ancestors have been living there for thousands of years, Tell me where does a jew come from?

      • almost everyone comes from the same planet
        but you come from a piece of shit
        and the problems of the world come from people like you

  5. Nobody knows or talks about or even cares about these displaced people because they were Jews.