The Fourth World War

“Everywhere today, every aspect of our lives is being violently reorganized. Everywhere there is war. A war without a battlefield. A war without an enemy. A war that is everywhere. A thousand civil wars. A war without end. The Fourth World War.”

We walked and these moments changed us. We saw the buildings burning and the pain in our neighbor’s eyes. We rushed bayonets in the mountain and lines of police in the city. We were touched by too much death. We loved and felt alive. We heard the echo of our word in other voices. We watched the moon rise over the barricades. We were wounded by the courage of small children. This is not the whole story or the only story.

It is an introduction to some of the people with whom we share this planet.

A much greater story remains to be told.

A story that we will write together.

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  1. Sensationalist claptrap…Were no worse off in terms of conflict than 1000 years ago

  2. Resistance is NOT futile!

    “KONY” is a farce. Know this, so you know how clever the STATE is, how far ahead THEY plan. Remember this always: If THEY think THEY will lose, THEY will try to postpone the loss. during the postponement, THEY are planning the best way to cheat. Beware and be aware of DISTRACTIONS