The Fundamentalists

In this documentary, Mark Dowd travels across the world to trace the origins of fundamentalism and find out how it developed into the global phenomenon it is today. He discovers fundamentalists of all religious persuasions across the world – Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims and, unexpectedly, Buddhists.

To most people the word “fundamentalism” conjures up images of terrorism. This documentary tells how this phenomenon, with its complex history, is rife in many of the world’s religions & how its intention is to impose a single truth on a plural world.

Although fundamentalists in all religions claim that they are harking back to a golden age when everyone accepted the divine words of the holy texts, this is clearly not the case. Even if we found the idea appealing, and if there ever really were such a golden age, we couldn’t reproduce it in the 21st century.

In fact, as these examples from five major world religions show, fundamentalism is a recent phenomenon that has as much to do with today’s global politics and economics as with the religious sources. This marriage of religion with politics has touched many nerves. In the developing world, it appears to offer food to the hungry and power to the powerless. In wealthy countries, it appears to give confidence to minorities who are persecuted or discriminated against, and has been used by those in power to wage war against ‘non-believers’.

The longer this goes on, the more polarised the world becomes. Where, asks Mark Dowd, are today’s prophets to help people identify with the fears of others, and check the tide of fundamentalism.

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  1. Typical Brit: Arabo-phile, constantly apologizing for them, rationalizing their terror, and actually condemning the Momo Cartoons. 

  2. As a Tennesseean, I apologize for the existence of Dayton.

    Also, 700k churches in the US? Holy fuck.

    Pity they didn’t cover the Catholic-Protestant situation in the British Isles.

  3. gotta be kiddin, islam is peaceful?????? stoning women and killing children in the name of allah is peaceful???   go away u r too ignorant or stupid

  4. Funny they dont mention the Christian Crusades and the Killing and butchering they did or the horrific legacy of war and execution and corruption and Kid fucking of the catholic church.  All religions are fucked up but Islam at the very least tries to show people in the right way. Ive read the Kuran and it says nothing about killing other people who dont convert to islam, in fact it says you leave them the fuck alone!

  5. Islam is most peaceful religion

  6. The movie isn’t working for me

  7. Eu gosto deste blog, isso me mantém entretido

  8. The Power of Nightmares is relevant here:

    I tend to think that the fundamentalists are the only honest religionists. They’re still dangerously insane but at least they’re honest about the absurd nonsense they believe in.