The Ghostman of Skye

The Isle of Skye is a place marked out not just by its rugged Scottish beauty, but also by an extraordinarily high number of reports of ghost experiences. Local crofters, churchmen and policemen are among the myriad witnesses who claim to have seen a ghostchild, a headless woman, a strange light, or the island’s most famous phantom – a ghost car that approaches before evaporating into the night.

With the memory of his deceased wife Nina still fresh in his mind, former missionary Donald Angus Maclean has set himself up as a collector of the island’s ghost stories. As he investigates the strange and sometimes sinister tales, it’s revealed that he too is haunted – not by visions of disappearing cars or headless women, but by the memory of his dead wife.

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  1. Best plan true hope great time true what man doing at great way. How lond time guardian the sky plan.

  2. When the sky control the world heaven set true power of great level of the true world sky level..

  3. I would have loved to watch this, but it’s “broken” and can’t be found anywhere online. 🙁

    • It was so amazing – it was on youtube years ago. I tried emailing them to buy a copy but they don’t answer. It is such a beautiful documentary.

  4. The ghost stories are fine- but the really moving thing about this film is this man’s incredible love for his deceased wife. My word…how he loved her. Perfect.

  5. all happening in the isle of skye!

  6. A wonderful programme.  It’s lovely to hear all the old stories they had to tell, and their lovely soft accents and the age in their voices added to the whole experience. Loved, loved, loved it!
    Anna Lacey

  7. amazing 1

  8. amazing 1

  9. 3:41. She is Scotland and check the boy cleaning his teeth with washing up liquid. Superb.

  10. 3:41. She is Scotland and check the boy cleaning his teeth with washing up liquid. Superb.

  11. This is so not true.

  12. This is so not true.