The Google Boys

Google’s meteoric rise to internet stardom is one of the great business sagas of our time. The sons of college professors, Larry Page and Sergey Brin – two brainy Stanford University grad students who founded the company – say their goal was to make the entire world’s information searchable and instantly accessible. At last count, they were answering 200 million queries a day. As with the invention of the internet, it’s changing our lives in ways we couldn’t imagine. Google became the world’s number one search engine because it returned better, more relevant search results faster than the competition. How it does that is a secret, but enough is known among search engine experts to unlock some of the mysteries of this conceptually simple yet infinitely complex software.

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  1. A lot of advertising in this biography, still funny to watch!

  2. Google closing down Google Reader.. Thank God I moved to months ago..

  3. this is no boigraphy, it’s a loooooooong commercial for google.

  4. cut with the fairytale PR BS on the ‘two brainy boys from Stanford’. It was always an intelligence operation with big Yiddish backers.