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  1. How annoying. Even the most basic ‘facts’ are completely wrong. Like ‘lowlanders spoke English’
    They spoke SCOTS for ***** sake!

  2. Historically inaccurate and the narrator mis-pronounced every place name. Never trust Americans to be historically accurate.

  3. What’s this Highlanders[plural] business? Everyone knows THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

  4. It is upsetting how terribly, terribly incorrect this is. I wasn’t able to continue past 17 minutes it was so incorrect 🙁

  5. sorry but the Campbels oldest enemy was the ?Macdonalds ,theres even a song about it !

  6. who produced this… i mean the person playing robert the bruce is not even in bruce tartan!

  7. “Men settle quarrels with the sword…” sounds like my kind of men LoL  j/k

    “sturdiest rock of the clan…the family”    absolutotally   🙂 

  8. Scottish ppl’s are very familiar like scandinavia guys, just like Norway wikings and Sweden&Finland laplands original owners+shamans mixture. Maybe they have som same history? Dunno g2g get some info more:) Nice add!

  9. A bonnie fine tale of the Scottish hetitage, rife with a rebellious spirit that has always filled a Scottish heart. “Tis indeed a glorious recounting of bravery and strife that has made Scotland such a beautiful land, full of great stories of strong willed people who fought for their freedom…Agreat documentary about a great land and it`s people.

  10. what about  cats who drown on the way to australia ? beyond this is a bigger storry , cmon lets get on the page about, big is good.