The History of Grand Theft Auto

Until now, GamerSpawn History has focused on documenting the detailed history of triple ­A military shooter franchises like Battlefield and Call of Duty. But with this documentary film, we’ll shift gears in order to bring you an in­depth look into the conception, development, and continued growth of the industry’s biggest open world action series, Grand Theft Auto. Today, Rockstar Games is a world­renowned brand and a household name for millions of gamers. But the massive franchise that continues to change and impact the industry had very small beginnings.

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  1. There hasn’t been a grand theft auto I haven’t played, it’s seemingly been a benchmark of what’s possible in sandbox games and continues to be the leader. The quality of the series doesn’t appear to have diminished over time, and I believe that’s partly in-thanks to the developers keeping the game edgy and fresh. After all, there’s nothing like releasing some stress by running a rampage through an unsuspecting city.

  2. Can’t wait for 5. Its going to be the best game they have ever put out.