The Hour Of Our Time: The Legacy of William Cooper

Surrounding us in our day-to-day lives are mysteries, that to spend our days pondering would paralyze us from leading productive lives. So we turn away from these thoughts in order to seek out as trouble free an existence as we can. Then there are those who have made it their business to explore and expose these mysteries; to remind us of what we already know on some deep subconscious level, that things are rarely what they seem on the surface. Bill Copper was such a man. Cooper’s commitment to exposing the truth as he saw it, with the information he had at the time, is nothing short of inspiring. Very few of us would go to the length Cooper did in order to inform and educate what he knew would always be only a small portion of our population.

The type of material Cooper spent his life exposing is the kind of thing we would prefer to consider exists only in fictional literary works and science fiction movies. For to even ponder that such ideas can exist in “reality” is nothing short of disturbing. Yet Cooper, through meticulous research, fact checking, and of course his own experiences in Naval Intelligence, reminded us these things do indeed have a place in reality. He warned us that the science fiction we so eagerly digest is more truthful than we would ever care to consider.

Bill was reared in an air force family and spent his childhood and young adult life traveling the world on military assignments. Bill served honorably in Vietnam, spent time running a small university, opened an art gallery, married, had children, and eventually penned “Behold A Pale Horse”.

This book synthesized the disturbing documents he witnessed while in the military, and expressed his utter shock in seeing these plans carried out years later against an unknowing populace.

Bill would spend the remainder of his life broadcasting on shortwave and satellite radio, as well as giving standing room only lectures to inform people of what he knew. Bill was compelled to impress upon them that unless we do something, a very dark future would lie ahead.

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  1. The head of all secret societies throughout the world is the Jesuit General, the head of the Society of Jesus, which is the military arm of the Vatican. Shortly after Bill began revealing the papacy as the biblical and perpetual seat of the Antichrist, he was murdered.

  2. When someone gets killed under strange circumstances, theres normally something behind it. Bill knew to much.

  3. i wish i could have met Bill Cooper ,sat down and talked with him to understand the courage it would require to live as he did, thank you bill.

  4. watched twice and my mind is open and awake, thank u Mr Cooper. agents probably shot that cop in the head cause he didn’t agree with what they were about to do.

  5. It has almost been ten years now ,(November 6 2001) since Mr. Cooper was murdered in front of his house, I hope everyone that sees this will share it with someone that is still asleep as a tribute and a thank you to Bill for what he did for the rest of us still here fighting the slave masters!!!

  6. mr Cooper was murded! suspicion circumstances crap!