The Hunt for Hitler’s Scientists

The British, American, and Russian governments were not content to sit idly by, waiting to be slammed by the advanced technology.
Covert teams of commandos and agents were sent ahead of the front lines and deep into Germany, hunting for both the weapons and the scientists and engineers who’d created them.
For British and American operatives, failure was not an option. If they didn’t capture the Nazi technology and scientists, agents of the burgeoning Soviet Union might – and that could spell disaster in a post-war world already feeling the chill of the impending cold war.
Allied agents focused their efforts on three key Nazi technologies: The V-2 Rocket, The Messerschmitt 163 Komet and The Atomic Bomb.

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  1. very good movie! but some facts are not shown. the real story will not be discovered, never.

  2. This documentary is factually so incorrect it’s not even funny.
    The Manhattan Project was born because Leo Szilard (a Hungarian physicist) realized the possibility of a nuclear weapon, and asked Einstein to send a letter to FDR to warn him. The possibility of a German A-bomb was never serious; the whole industrial might of the USA was needed at that point. And Szilard, who was decidedly not in Germany.