The Hunted and the Hated: An Inside Look at the NYPD’s Stop-and-Frisk Policy

A secret audio recording of a stop-and-frisk in action sheds unprecedented light on a practice that has put the city’s young people of color in the NYPD’s crosshairs. Read the full story at:…

Directed by Ross Tuttle
Produced by Ross Tuttle, Erin Schneider, Stephen Maing
Camera by Ross Tuttle, Stephen Maing
Editing by Stephen Maing, Carla Ruff

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  1. Best thing about being old is not having to deal with this shit.

  2. You should try the Irish Police on for size, oh I wish we had the NYPD instead of the Irish Gangsters that call them selves Police Officers.

  3. blacks law bitches! acts statue an regulations only apply to a corporation ,these are not laws! so what makes you a corporate entity of the state or a ward of the state? its your birth certificate. the police ARE a privet non-prophet organization corporation, its a money making business, you have NO rights in this country so don’t even try, cops are in deed a foreigner to the land of America.tell them you don’t consent to any search and seizures and you are a living organism then they can not frisk you!! get it now! go study the laws and magic words. but you must be in you appropriate proper person.under stand now, SO LET THE OPPRESSION BEGIN. COP BLOCK.COM holding cops accountable since 2010.

  4. I grew up in The Bronx and Harlem and this documentary was spot on. I can relate cause I too have been stop and frisked, for fitting the description! I felt violated especially since I have a clean record. Its not just whites its black and latin cops too doing this bs. Ever since 9/11 feels like some rights where given up and this is a product of that. I love my city, but all these political assholes running the show and violating our rights. They are hunters, and get virtually no respect out there. The few good cops pay a heavy price for there counterparts acting the way they do. Hopefully something can be done but until than this will continue there everyday, It has happened to me and I seen it countless times

    • SOON EVERY ONE WILL LEAVE THE COUNTRY AND THEY WILL HAVE AN EMPTY PIECE OF LAND TO PETROL no 1 shall be deprived of there own government ucc-1

  5. its the same shit in every western country, police just pick on the kids so they have a few names to put in there book just to show there superiors they do “A” job.even at 12 I got my name taken many times and had to listen to full grown men in uniforms scare the shit out of me with treats just so they could pretend they did something that day, you can never trust the police and always walk with a friend and record these scumbags, thats the only way you can stop there violent behavior, pull out your phone and record and see how there attitude changes

  6. This is exactly the same attitude I felt the few times I was on an US airport (Altlanta airport to mention one). The police is just very rude and impolite.

  7. they should go down to wall street and start some stop and frisk shit there, probably find more coke and speed there anyway. Plus, once rich people start getting harrassed, this shit will stop real quick

  8. Well done. Brave little documentary, do what you can to spread it. Racial profiling, and emphasis on quotas instead of real police work is a problem not just in New York, but in almost every law enforcement regime. This is a great example, and its time someone said something about it. Having ethnic features is not a crime. If we want our youth to grow up without seeing color, make sure they don’t fear the colors red white and blue, first.

  9. Who is to protect us from the “protectors?” Makes me wonder who the terrorists are.

  10. Racism in America…Circa Oct 2012