The Indigenous Island Tribe Of Anuta

Located deep in the South Pacific is a little known island, once so remote that the islanders are entirely self-sufficient. The island is known as Anuta and after months of preparation the producers of this film set sail from the main cluster of Solomon Islands which lie east of Papua New Guinea, towards this elusive destination.

Anuta is one of the smallest inhabited islands on Earth being just half a mile in diameter, it’s tiny but with a population of 300, the island has one of the highest population densities on the planet, about the same as Bangladesh. The people living here have no choice but to live in harmony with nature. They’ve developed ways of exploiting the natural resources found in their environment, innovations that could be an inspiration to all of us.

This volcanic island is part of the Solomon Island archipelago, yet it is so geographically remote that travel to any of the other islands is difficult. A boat my stop in as frequently as a few times a year, but the schedule varies so islanders cannot rely on it to bring in supplies. From Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands, it’s a five to six, day sail in good conditions.

Directed by: Yanick Rose , Jean Lemire

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  1. This was so wonderful- the kindness of the people and the sensitiveness of the visitors made it delightful. Perhaps some education on birth control might be helpful- even some natural methods. When I lived in Mexico 50 years ago the women were very glad to hear about such a thing. Thank-you.