The Invisible Machine: Electromagnetic Warfare

Imagine the future – a strange new weapon is detonated high over a large city. There is no explosion, no visible destruction, but everything electronic within the range of this weapon will go out … permanently.

Every electronic gadget in every home and office – disabled. No computers, no T.V., no life support systems in hospitals, no water supply, no heat, no lights – truly, a return to the dark ages. Imagine a full range of new weapons; one can take out the electricity in your city, another can destroy you.

If you haven’t heard about these weapons, it’s no surprise. Their development has been secretive and they sound more like science fiction than reality. When did this reality really begin and how far advanced is it now?

This revealing documentary opens the window on this -until now- secretive science.

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  1. If this dance is real, it is truly terrible

  2. The effects of such an attack would be felt in every aspect of life, from communication and transportation to healthcare and emergency services.

  3. Nice fear story. The idea that a magic pulse will destroy everything electronic just because its a magic pulse goes against electronic laws and theory actually. But it’s something people believe.

  4.  Two words. Faraday cage. 

  5. I think that an electromagnetic pulse is a new breed of a weapon of mass destruction as if it went over a city as big New york and just basically shut down anything that uses electro pulses, imagine if it went over a place like Russia one of the highest Countries in terms of Health care(due to old communist beliefs) if that went of it could kill ALOT of people as that country has alot of people on life support systems.

    My Point is that if The US Goverment are reading this,
    there probaly not but just dont drop one of these on a country because that can lead to an official….
    Declaration of War