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  1. Are you kidding? No they are still not free…..did they ever get to chose to be part of UK?

    • I don’t think you understood my comment, I was writing in reference to a time period which pre-dates the UK and England for that matter, The time period that the documentary was set in funny enough. In the modern era is Ireland barely free anyhow what with EU and neo-lib policies keeping us on our knees and in the pockets of foreign interests.

  2. That’s Glendaghlough monastery in Wicklow… Innisfallen monastery is in ruins on an island in a lake in County Kerry and never had a round tower… This seems to be an American made documentary with misleading information… No surprise there!

  3. Too bad this doco was only 25 mins long i really enjoyed watching this, it just goes to show what greatness you can achieve by having next to nothing and starting from a humble beginnings for there time anyway.. I thought this was great!!

  4. Haha, I’m from the same town as Brian Boru 🙂

  5. Not a bad program but it was a little teleological, I mean the closing comment the only time the whole of Ireland was free. The country was still free after Boru and up until the Anglo-Norman invasion, which only conquered parts of the island, and before the Viking invasions Ireland was free anyway. Just divided into a myriad of small kingdoms.

  6. first of all there are more Irish in America then there are in Ireland.
    second the ppl in Ireland today are mostly vikings and not Celts.
    third you can say the exact same thing about Italian Americans. and by
    the way the USA is the greatest country in the world! its really easy to
    sit back and insult it while your not under the heal of the Germans or
    the USSR isnt it? well dont forget who made this possible. And by the
    way What tool do you use to insult the USA? The computer, and witch
    nation made the computer? The USA! and you have no problem using it do
    you? Nor your car your radio your cell phone or even the lights in your
    home. o and it is really easy to say “American racists” in a almost
    homogeneous country to i bet

    • Actually, Britain invented the computer. You say ‘Witch nation…” That would be ‘WHICH’…you can’t even spell and you presume to tell other people that they don’t know what they’re talking about? And you go on to suggest that the US also invented the car WRONG!, the radio WRONG!, the cell phone WRONG! You know nothing, just like the rest of your moron country, you ill-educated yankee fuck.

    • Who did you say invented electricity? A son of a Serbian Orthodox clergyman named just like myself: Nikola Tesla. And who bombarded his homeland? Oh, the usa (capitals left out on puspose). No surprises there…

    • And how many great hero’s and legends do you Americans have that span back over thousands of years? Oh wait…

    • Seriously Your so badly educated you had to copy paste your comment?

  7. first to all of you there are more Irish in the USA then in Ireland. and and second fuckgreece one could say the exact same thing about the Italians. and third where ever you are from i can say with great confidence the USA is a greater nation

    • also keep in mind the ppl in this movie were celts while a good deal of ppl in irland today are from the vikings

      • you can all make fun of us now that you dont have to worry about being under the boot of the germans or the USSR but keep in mined who it was who made that possible! Look at your selfs making fun of the USA and what tool are you using to do this? the computer, and witch nation came out with the computer? the USA! but you are more then happy to use the computer are you not? and sure its really easy to say “rasist american” when in you come from a homogeneous European cuntry.

        • Vikings, Celts… either one sounds good to me. On the other hand, seeing as Europeans settled in the America’s and gave rise to the USA, you probably have no clue where your descendants are from… But most likely they are from Europe. Infact if it weren’t for us Europeans, your country wouldn’t exist as it does today. It’s nice that you think America is the greatest nation on earth, but remember, it was mostly built by non Americans… What pisses off us Europeans, is that Americans seem to forget this. Arrogance is not attractive. I would also like to add that Americans are vastly under-educated in regards to the rest of the world… And that America is probably the biggest terrorist nation on the planet…

          • Most of us know exactly where our roots are from….as our ancestors took great risk & expense to get here. We came for religious freedom & started out as one nation under the Christian God, which is why we so blessed & used by God. Sadly, we’ve come a long way from that. We sure do put great emphasis on being strong militarily, which is why you’re not speaking German., your welcome. Your also welcome for discovering & harnessing electricity, inventing the car, the phone ,the airplane, the computer, …..on & on & on…….dumb as we are.

  8. greasy bastard is a fucking twat.try not to encorage the poor fool

  9. fuckgreece and daftaida; two eejits

    fuck greece just a bitter eejit with no point
    daftaida just an old fashioned eejit

    saoirse agus cairdeas
    tioceaidh ar lá

    freedom and friendship
    our day will come

  10. So fuckgreece has never met an Irish person yet he thinks they are “the most racist, fucking untrustworthy, lazy, ignorant motherfuckers Ive ever met in my life”. People born in America are Americans. Sweeping generalizations are rarely true, especially when you write-off a whole nation having never met one of it’s citizens.
    Please think about what you say before you say it, you make yourself look very foolish.

  11. Quit trolling on this site fuckgrease

  12. @fuckgreese
    No Irishman would ever wear a green t shirt with a 3 leaf clover on it.
    Where are you from, your racist derogatory name suggests you are not Greek.
    You wouldn’t know an Irish man from any pale skinned American.
    There is more to your crap than you are telling.

    Perhaps the man you talked to and presumed was Irish recognised you for the foul mouth troll that you are and didn’t want to waste time on you.
    If you spoke to him with the same insulting tone you used here, then no wonder.

  13. @Eoin mcDonagh I made the Irish be racist because I was a debauchee to them. LOL I can not speak for the Irish who live in Ireland because I have never met nor been to Ireland so I can not judge. But based on sensible rational and factual observations based on absolute truth without the bias of ignorance or racism I came to the conclusion that the Irish Americans are complete cunts. And whether you or anybody else likes it or not, that is the truth that I observed and came to realize from my personal observations and dealings with the Irish americans. They are Untrustworthy, snitches, lazy and very very Racist. Dont get me wrong I did meet very few nice and descent Irish americans whom I did have a ton of respect for, but most of the people I saw and dealt with were very very racist, in fact out of all the other races the Irish Americans are one of the most racist human beings I have ever met in this planet and I have been to a few countries,

    I will tell you a true event that took place in America. First time I was in America 5-6 years ago, was trying to find a street was lost, so I kindly approached someone and tried to ask them where could I find and In the middle of my sentence I was cut off by “FUCK OFF”! I knew he responded to me that way because I had a strong accent in my English and I know now he was irish because he had green shirt with the 3 leaf clover. Thats what he said to me “FUCK OFF” and started to walk away, having traveled around the world first time in my life for a person to respond to me that way. In Italy people were so kind they offered to give me a lift to where I was going, In Germany someone once offered me lunch and to have a nice chat with them when I asked them for directions, In America an irishman told me to FUCK OFF. Sad Reality!

    • Ha, someone wearing a Boston Celtics t-shirt tells him to fuck off. and now he considers an entire section of the USA untrustworthy. Stupidity is the true fucking epidemic.

    • You cannot call him irish because he had this shirt on you eejit! Half of aamerica wants to have a claim to being Irish! He was not Irish actually come to Ireland then you can have the welcome us irish are famous for! 🙂

  14. Im Irish ……WOOO!! I would leave a comment about the above argument but who in there right mind would take me serious with my name on here hahaha, 😀

  15. The Brehon laws!!

  16. wot a load a bollox. ‘and for the first time, perhaps the only time, all of Ireland had been set free’. Sure, like freedom is slavery.

  17. and what exactly are ‘the spoils of battle’ that our young brian will reward his followers with? plunder, rape, license to kill. if you are a woman, whether it’s Viking, Priest or Irishman, rape, torture and death are the same deal.

  18. aar, begorra, the loif of Brian.

  19. With the vice of the Vatican gripping the people, the priests had their pick of young Irish boys (for ecclesiastic ‘training’ i.e. buggery, obedience, oaths) and girls for much of the same. Recently discovered that all the ‘great’ conquering armies are and were sodomites into the ‘man boy’ rape thing. That’s why women and children are treated with such demonic force by the church and invading armies, as well as from thier own men. He was groomed as a warrior of the vatican and Ireland could go to hell in between The Crown and The State.

    Did the narrator say ‘Colbrein laws, the oldest in Europe’? sounds about right …with Brian’s father dying, his internship with the monastery is terminated, due to cessation of funds? He was only 10 and of little use to his village or family under the circumstances. So Brian was to be educated in brawn rather than brain from that point on ….. after all, VatCity did not want to concede its gains for the sake of an educated Irish.

    And isn’t that telling, that ‘they lived like their heroes … living in caves, hunting and raiding. Sounds a lot like the Vikings to me ..

  20. Well torn between the devil (Vatican/Jesuits) and the deep blue see (Vikings) the latter opened up the ground clearing for later developments by the British.

  21. Well now, i had no idea that American Irish were so ….. but then, doesn’t America owe her infrastructure and ’empire’ to the slave blood of Irish, together with English and some Scots? Most certainly, as does Australia, Barbados, Jamaica, Virginia …. they were priced at the lowest end of the slave trade market and bore the brunt of ‘British’ brutality unremittingly still … so you can’t blame the Irish for being pissed off.

    having been brought up among them, though, (Catliks) and of that stock (50%) i have to say that it’s just a shame. But what is to be expected after the worst bestial consumption of the Irish for thousands of years?

    as there’s ‘a little bit of irish in everyone’ such was the diaspora, the Irish gangs learned their nasty ways from the Jewish gangs in Chicago etc., and all slave trade originated with that gang in any event. Cromwell was financed by Jews and they absolutely detest the irish as the bottom of the genetic heap (if you’d look at who’s talking)!

    few races of people can hold a candle to what these people have been through. even today, the atrocities remain hidden beneath the media radar.

    have to say, the irish tinkers, well, know, they really are cunts.

  22. @fuck greece
    Look man, im Irish, born and raised here. I can understand where you could be coming from with your wild raciest comments but did you not ever stop and think that they may only be like that because you are a complete duchebag? You waffle on about how you are not racist, yet you cll yourself “fuckgreese” you claim your not ignorant, yet you declare among strangers that the American Irish are “cunts”. so please keep your harsh opinions to yourself and grow up you ignorant, raciest piece of shit.

    Slán go fóill

    • first of all there are more Irish in America then there are in Ireland. second the ppl in Ireland today are mostly vikings and not Celts. third you can say the exact same thing about Italian Americans. and by the way the USA is the greatest country in the world! its really easy to sit back and insult it while your not under the heal of the Germans or the USSR isnt it? well dont forget who made this possible. And by the way What tool do you use to insult the USA? The computer, and witch nation made the computer? The USA! and you have no problem using it do you? Nor your car your radio your cell phone or even the lights in your home. o and it is really easy to say “American racists” in a almost homogeneous country to i bet

      • Seriously bro? The Americans won WWII? You must be fucking insane, although I can’t completely blame you as your education system has fucked up your sense and understanding of the world so much that you can’t be expected to take all the blame. The US was the LAST country to enter WWII and only did so after Pearl Harbour. It is pretty easy to hide until the very end and then rush in and claim you did it all yourselves. Read a book you ignorant fuck, uneducated pieces of trash like you are exactly why the US will be the next big super power to fall. They won’t fall because of terrorists or any outside influence, they will fall because of the combination of sheer arrogance and ignorance of their populace. Don’t believe me? Just look at your national debt. You are dead in the water as a nation and the saddest part is that you don’t even realize it, you just live in this fantasy world where the USA will never fall no matter how ignorant their citizens are. The irony is that it will fall because of exactly that, the ignorance of it’s people.

      • How the hell can you say america is the greatest country in the world! You are greatly deluded by your countries teachings and way of life.

        Your rich Ill givwe you that but your not great! The slaves you use in countries like India have gone through a better education system than youy have! The IQ of ten Indians is nearly twice that of 10 americans, that would make(not to brag) ten irish almost three times times the IQ of the americans!

        FFS get over yourselves! I will give you a little explaniation to help your horribly developed comprehension skills, Ireland is tiny, we are an Island in a massive ocean and we fit into Texas Three times over.

        We also built one third of your country! You are by far the newest civilisation, your oldest building still standing is three hundred years old! Ours is the oldest building in the world still standing and is 1200 years old! Every civilisation gets its time to shine, yours is now, but you are not the greatest country in the world! How Ignorant of you!
        Just to revise This ‘Best in the world thing’ Is fed to you!
        Also yeah Europe made that stuff possible just to answer your question because they made you possible!

        • America is over all the greatest country in the world! America funds more research and development programs in medicine, technology and just about everything you can think of the average american(100) IQ is not the best no where near the worst, while Ireland(95) and Indians(80) average is lower. Ireland does not have the oldest building in the world. Its funny when the facts are set right the one calling ignorance is the ignorant one

  23. @everybody #1 Im not an Americunt thats an insult to me calling me an american #2 I was simply stating true facts that I observed myself with dealing with the Irish Amercans, im not being ignorant, im not being racist. True facts are true whether people like them or not. I went to university in America and out of all the filth and the races who live in america In my scientific observations the Irish came out as the worst if not one of the worst human beings I have ever met. This is Ironic because the Irish themselves were heavily subjugated to racism when their grandfathers immigrated to america now their grandchildren are racist to other people. “Now Hiring Irish need not apply” ” Irish and Dogs are not allowed in the bar” etc etc etc. America has a funny effect on people. In regards to what Suesen said. I dont really care much what the world or people say or think

    • You went to university? You are capable of “scientific observations”? You are an observer of “true facts”? Please, you have no idea of what you’re talking about. You can’t even write with decent grammar. You are a hater and a racist as much as you are ignorant. One would find it hard to find more stupidity attached to one “name”. Of course, what can be expected from someone who calls himself “fuckgreece”. I would tell you to fuck off too if I had the very unfortunate luck of being approached by you on the street. 

  24. For @fuckgreece,
    With attitude like you have displayed here it’s difficult to disprove what the rest of the world thinks of you. You should be embarrassed of your ignorance.

  25. the next time someone angers me, I’m going to behead them and hang them with their own intestines .. thanks for the idea!! lol 🙂

  26. @fuckgreece
    Good job of looking like a stereotypical American racist. All thumbs up you fucking wanker.

  27. @ Randall

    The first half of your comment was a complete waste of time as well as painful to decipher. It would have been nice is it had a point as well as some sense.

  28. The Irish are complete cunts, the most racist, fucking untrustworthy, lazy, ignorant motherfuckers Ive ever met in my life. There are a few descent people I have met but rest are complete cunts. Im talking the potato eating Irish cunts in America I have never met an Irishman from Ireland so cant speak for them.

  29. Being a little Irish some of the time and some more Scottish, with a little English a lot of the time, my heritage represents what it feels like to be a Canadian all of the time.This documentary is a quite colourful history story about Brian Boru, who was quite a colourful character and leader during the ancient historical days of Ireland, during the 1st millenium. Much like William Wallace who followed a couple of hundred years later, both men died fighting for the freedom of their lands. It seems that life for the Irish has been a constant struggle, but fortunately for them…adversity builds character and some of my dear Irish friends are truly fine characters…as was this documentary.