The James Holmes Conspiracy

The James Holmes Conspiracy is for those who do not believe the story being told by the government and media.

James Eagan Holmes is the suspected perpetrator of a mass shooting that occurred on July 20, 2012, at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. He had no known criminal record prior to the shooting.
Several witness testimonies, news reports, theories and ideas behind the motives of the crime.

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  1. This documentary is from 2012 🙂

  2. This documentary was really well put together and needs to be viewed by those who are still sleeping. Wake the f*ck up people!!!

  3. I’d highly recommend watching a programme by Derren Brown on this sort of mind control, whether you believe his shows or not, it certainly seems possible to hypnotise someone to commit a crime.

  4. This, by any means is not the best put together documentary. But, that aside the points put forward in this collaboration of opinions, facts and sheer rubbish, do make you think. I watched a Derren Brown piece the other day about this very topic, not the one of James Holmes, but of the MK Ultra theories. I encourage every one to watch it. No one knows if it is staged but it may make you want to have a more open mind about these things and dig a little deeper into your own research.

  5. One thing is for certain; whatever the truth is, it won’t be found in this video

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  7. This just goes to show that if you try hard enough, you can come up with a conspiracy theory about anything. I stepped on gum today…who planted it? why was it put there? how did someone know I was going to be walking that way? How did they know my right foot was going to land in that exact spot? Hmmmm……

    • What I don’t understand is how on earth did he afford and buy all those weapons when he wasn’t even wealthy.

  8. you should remember that the madia is the fourth branch of government

  9. He was programmed to do this, by the higher ups. That’s why he doesn’t remember a thing.

    • OOHHHHH, the “higher ups” you say. Wow. Sounds scary. And who are these “higher ups” and what was their motive? HMMMM?

      • You sir a nuisance that stands in the way of moving forward as a species. The divide between the “Higher Ups” and the normal working class people is so much bigger than what you have comprehended. Who knows what they are researching and putting into practice. Take the Iraq war for example, clear cut facts have made there way to the surface, with hard evidence proving atrocities have been committed, and with credible academics backing these facts. But will you ever hear anyone from the Bush or Obama administration even acknowledging these facts? No you don’t because they have an agenda to keep the majority in the dark and supliment our minds with “timmy fell down and well for four hours in denver this week” and stories alike. I’m not saying this story is true, but I am saying if there are holes in a story then we need to inquire into the facts. We all know that we can’t leave that to the government, mainstream media, or police anymore.

  10. Hey everyone,A tiny bit of self promotion here,but I just wrote about the James Holmes conspiracy on my blog,feel free to check it out.

  11. Hey everyone,A tiny bit of self promotion here,but I just wrote about the James Holmes conspiracy on my blog,feel free to check it out.

  12. Hey everyone,A tiny bit of self promotion here,but I just wrote about the James Holmes conspiracy on my blog,feel free to check it out.

  13. The documantarian raised some good points about the police responses and avoidance of certain aspects of the event and about the court case. James Holden was a very intelligent person it appears (studying to be a neurologist). I would say to the documentary maker though that just blaming “The Government” makes the whole thing sound a little too “nutjob” for a lot of people and would make a lot of people take it less seriously. Perhaps there should have been more focus on that.

  14. DNA is used to create life and shape it in all its usefulness to the goal of the “body of handlers” has, clones or in more traditional ways but these subjects are shaped on purpose and may be used in death as well as in life, There are cults that have had hospital facilities within their walls in secluded areas of the world, we are aware that a persons identity can be created on paper and the person “planted” to fulfill the need of the organization. Also we are aware there are people that claim to have escaped from breeding programs, but are deemed as having psychiatric problems and are having their brains disabled. Why? Stick around forever and find out 😀 (They think that the earth is heaven and that having others in bondage to their will makes them gods)
    At this point I think it important to inform readers that I have been diagnosed with a mental illness and may be delusional on one or more levels and what I have posted should be treated as such, thank you.

  15. This is a 4 part documentary – there are just 3 parts available – conspiracy!!! Can anyone help with the final part?

  16. You people are fools. I find this sought of thing interesting to wacth but those who take it seroiusly are just plain stupid. Conspiracy theorists are always talking about people blindly following what they are told but the more I watch these documentaries the more I see that they themselves are a deliberate misrepresentation. If you ‘blindly’ accept the assertions in this documentary as credible it is you who are being told what to think. Let me explain: the ‘facts’ put forward are often completely flase, if you bothered to do yor own research instead of believing what some clap-trap ‘documentary’ tells you, you might relize this. Quotations are deliberatley taken out of context to try and validate the agenda put forward by the documentary. It is clearly biased and is in no way trying to make a balanced account of what really happened. This is pure sensationalism designed to get youtube hits. Every ‘question’ raised here can easily be dismissed.
    FYI whitness statements are often innacurate. In a crisis people panic and after the event the brain tries to piece things together and makes automatic assumtions, which in the witnesses mind, then turn to hard memories or truths. Any police officer will tell you this. Whitness statments in any chaotic event are always different, sometimes wildly. This doesn’t mean every car crash or robbery is part of a government conspiracy…

  17. damn it people are stupid

  18. Why is that if anyone disagrees with what the main stream news reports is automatically labeled a conspiracy theorist? Is their memory so short that they don’t remember all of the lies that have been told to them over the years? Our media giants have become so corrupt that you can rest assured that everything you see on the news is either propaganda or an advertizement. So why not ask questions about the truth? There are so many unanswered questions in this case that it makes anyone with a brain wonder why the govt. is not answering them. If you think for one second that our govt. is not capable of murdering it’s own citizens to further an agenda, you are hopelessly hypnotized by the idiot box that you worship. So go back to watching your sitcoms and don’t miss that football game; getting raped and pillaged by a bunch of crooks and thugs wearing ties is much more painless while you are asleep.

  19. interesting; Not the documentary as I did not see it… no, it is everyone here and in every so-called discussion regarding the validity, etc of any one or more video’s.

    I really worry about all of you, well… okay only most of you. Such strong emotions are not healthy nor do they show wisdom. This is embarrassing, perverse and well… very sad state of a “free” thinking society. Too many people have such attachments that they are not able to consider a idea rationally. It may really stink, the idea in question. However most “grown-ups” recognize that there is way too much grey area.

    So I recommend this novel technique; Your first strong reaction is emotional so get a grip. The second generally is it’s opposite. So consider the Third Choice; What may be a mix of some truth and some false ideas. As a Minister and Bishop Yes I am and a very unusual one in that I consider ideas outside the accepted dogma of a conservative entity.

    Let us all try to use tthis way of dealing with bad films; 1. I did not like it. 2. Because I am uncomfortable with or concerning “X”. 3. That said the techniques used by director are “X”

    and so on. This will really help and if your angst is so intense by all means say at the end that you rally feel challenged by the audacity of said film concepts, music, etc.

    Community is wealth. Real wealth and it is unfortunate that all these discussions demonstrate is a bankrupt and divisive group that is not capable of working together. Really feel some video is evil? By many reasonable reveiws that evil can be brought down and then many people may be able to avoid said evil or time wasting junk.

    Thanks for your time and interest, I very much hope these “discussions” may start doing something worthwhile.

    • You didn’t watch the documentary so you really shouldn’t comment. If it is true, then of course there is going to be very emotional reactions and comments. Think of the implications. If it is a total crock, then you can expect just as much emotion in the comments because it means some film maker is turning a national tragedy into a punchline. Either way, I disagree with your assessment. The debate should be just that…a debate. A lively, sometimes rather fiery debate between persons trying to get at the truth. At least people are engaged, which as a minister I;m sure you’d agree is a rare thing in this increasingly apathetic country.

  20. 1:48 “ONE OF THE SHOOTERS might be wearing a white and blue plaid shirt”

  21. Thanks for posting this documentary I think these guys did a great job as too many innocent people had lost their lives so its a real duty to ask questions on Holmes or what happened!

  22. It appears that there may be some substance to the conspiracy theory. New evidence has emerged from a person who was visited at home by police chief Dan Oates and Dist. Atty. Carol
    Chambers where they forced the unnamed individual to testify as a fake
    victim of the shootings. The person was threatened with arrest for trumped-up charges if they failed to comply and was then shot by the police chief in “non-life-threatening areas” of the body to appear as if they were shot by Holmes. This person submitted court documents to the judge, (see here: who threw them out, ordering that the person be taken into custody by the Arapahoe County Department of Human
    Services and “referred to the appropriate mental health agency.” What right does this judge have to not include all presented evidence, particularly when it is presented in the correct and legal manner. All evidence should be investigated.
    See the full report here:

  23. This video is hands down the most idiotic thing I have ever seen in my life. It is a grotesque insult to the viewer.

  24. Was interesting as a kind of alternate view on the subject until it went full retarded with “HUURR SKUULZ AND BOONES ILLUMINATI FUCK DA PULIS XD XD amikewlyetguise???”

  25. Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Oh you conspiracy crazies. You always make me laugh. However, it is sad, really sad, that you have the audacity to patch together a quiltwork of retarded assumptions and associations such as this, and then spew the mucus of your “research” on such a tragedy.

    • Do you really not have enough to do in life that you can find this video, watch it, then comment on it? If you really think these ideas are crazy, then why allow yourself to spend ANY time on them? Find another hobby perhaps?

  26. While the discrepancies introduced at the beginning of the documentary were undeniable, the theme of mind-control midway through the film took on a completely “trippy” motif in presentation rather than a professional one. In my opinion, displaying the interviews in this way made a mockery of the whole topic and demonstrated that it was strictly for entertainment purposes rather than displaying an actual case in favor of James Holmes.

  27. Very intriguing documentary with valid points. I wanted to give it 10 stars and my device and or the site made it 5 and saved it so I couldn’t change it. I think the rating is skewed. Definitely an interesting valid doc that will leave you wondering. Great job, thanks for making this, it’s incredible and scary

  28. I know some of this sounds a bit out there but some of the questions the creator has brought up are sound. The whole situation is quite strange. The public definitely does not know the whole story.

  29. College kid that couldn’t get a job after he graduated… this isn’t a docu. It’s bullshit.

  30. I hope all you sheep before writing on here watched it all b4 making sick and brain dead comments on here? OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES AND SEE WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE WORLD MORONS!!! DO SOME RESEARCH> THEN FUCKING SPEAK FOOLS!!!

  31. Like the 9/11 , London terroist attack and other conspiracy “theries’ this is an INSULT to the victims thre families AND one’sintelligence – implausible , irrational rubbish from begiinings to end FFS !!!

    • how can you not question some of the questions this documentary raises? I’m not suggesting that I believe everything, but it certainly highlights some aspects to this crime that are not addressed by the mainstream media. Why do you think the police ignored the many eye witness accounts that there was an accomplice? what about the second gas mask? why not be transparent about the recordings from the cameras in the theatre? what about noone even recognising him inside the theatre – there was at least 200 people in that theatre, and not one person remembered him? you don’t think that his involvement in prestigious research might be cause for concern in the way they suggest? you think his presence in court could possibly be a result of him being drugged/under mind control? I think it is an insult to the many innocent people in this world that are coerced by authorities to ignore the many possibilities that exist.

  32. It is the people’s duty to question the facts and reveal the truth. To blindly ignore both sides of a story is ignorant. I feel sorry for people who close their eyes, put their fingers in their ears and shout “la la la la” like children.

    Benjamin Franklin said “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.”
    Julian Assange said “So now because of the Internet, we can all publish for a moment the
    truth. Of course it may be taken down with time, it may be hard to do
    something that WikiLeaks does, which publishes hundreds of thousands of
    sensitive documents, but we can all publish one. The response to that
    threat is to bury the truth in ever-increasing quantities of propaganda.”
    Hear/read the full speech by Julian Assange (26 Aug 2012) from the Ecuadorian Embassy.

  33. why dose the audio skip at 0:26:07 ?

  34. It amazes me that “intelligent” people will succumb to wild fantasy when overwhelming facts point to the more simpler/plausible explanation. I used to be a conspiracy buff then I got smart and began seeing things objectively. In the end, the truth is, conspiracies are all in your imagination. Here: heal yourselves. refer to Occams razor and this:

    • You are silly to think everyone who believes in what a conspiracy is are wrong. Your just another joe down the street and have no clue what’s controlling you.

    • Some conspiracy theories might very well be disproved but one cannot dismiss proven facts. “MK Ultra” DID happen covertly, without the consent of the human “guinea pigs”. The suppression of the truth is rampant and every case must be examined individually. You can’t simply say that conspiracies don’t take place. Keep an open mind. Follow the money. Everyone needs to be educated and a good start is right here –

      • urlybird i’m 100% with you. it has been interestingly notable to see the criticism directed your way over your view! speaks volumes to me about the up hill battle this is sometimes. i used to comment on these documentaries and due to the stupid unjust replies i gave up doing so! lol good to see you keep doing so

  35. propaganda for retards

  36. This is are government at work this is all about gun control they want to get the guns away from all us people

  37. This important documentary was well researched and presented. I doubt that the critics who commented here have even watched it to the end. The real meat is in the second half. It saddens me that the human race has been dumbed down to NOT question authority. People live in blind faith of religion, governments and the education system while the world is controlled in secrecy by a small group of dangerous elite. Listen to JFK’s speech on this issue. Nothing has changed. Without truthseekers to question the “grey areas” mankind is doomed. Thanks you Mark Howitt. You are much appreciated.

    • Yeah that is why we are still living under King Henry the fifth…..
      Have you ever heard of the French Revolution?

      BTW truthseekers been banging the drums for decades how exactly did it prevent mankind from being doomed??

      Not to mention wouldn’t such so called dangerous elite men who control this world actually stop truthseekers from posting stuff on youtube if infact the truthseekers were foiling their plan of dooming the mankind?

    • Well researched? in the first 3 minutes there is a factual error. This was NOT the deadliest shooting in US history. This “doc” is tragic and you know it. No go hide, the dangerous elite are gonna get you. Simpleton!

      • The “factual error” you point out is merely challenging the opinion of the documentary creator. However, the facts are still undisputable. Many conspiracy “theories” have been investigated and proven to be true. It is healthy to question the facts. That’s what happens every day in courts of law. Here is an article about conspiracy “theories” that were proven to be real conspiracies.

        • This film was presented in the most unprofessional way possible. Rather than presenting the interviews with experts in a serious manner, special effects, cuts from films and “trippy” music were added basically making anyone that took the information seriously fairly gullible.

  38. Why is this banned in my country.. Copyright grounds my arse..

  39. I have not even watched this…..Yet. But from the comments i have seen I am amazed at the people amount of closed minded peoples. Honestly 9/11 (could not be done by the best of the best pilots)…. JFK (the bests marksman would not make the shot)…. Chemtrails….. ohhhhh I give up! open your eyes….fools!!

    Going to watch the film now (with an open mind) and decide for myself what I think rather than be told… bye

    • Dude your mind is so open your brain fell out. Any fool could fly a plane into a building, same with the shots, repeatedly done by weekend hunters on film. Your as closed minded as they come so long as it is a conspiracy

  40. I’m fascinated by how people can actually believe crap like that.

  41. if you can watch this from start to finish without thinking of the possibilities youre an idiot who is controlled… best get aware people time is nigh

  42. This monster should never make it into a courtroom. He should be killed and his remains ground up and fed to the stray dogs at the dogpound. Trials and lawyers are so expensive these days and any hope for rehabilitating this murderous idiot is not worth it. This a fine case for promoting “Capital Punishment” as well as “Gun Control” and maybe we will stop killing each other and we can get rid of the ones that do.

    • you truly are ignorant to realty, do u even know the technology the government has? nah you live in a reality where government protects and what they say is what God says. I challenge you to take a deep look at life and your own individual thought/motives you will be shocked and humbled before you make judgments on things you know nothing about. good day

    • Wow, you are either a gov. troll or one weak minded fool. Be proud of yourself though, because anyone who makes a determination as to who is guilty of what based on what has been reported in the main stream press is clearly the perfect citizen in the eyes of Uncle Satan….I mean Sam. No need to bother with that old system of “who, what, when, where, why and how”, nor follow up on countless reports of multiple shooters. Nope, no need for that, because people like Randall here now have the power of Karnack the all knowing! We don’t even need a trial, the guy has an orange afro, lets lynch him, so what if his facial features appear to have changed or that their is a myriad of strange circumstances surrounding the entire case. SO WHAT if he was involved in the shooting, and he is the only door to the truth as to what really happened that day, Randall has a much better idea. LET’S ENCOURAGE OUR WONDERFUL AND LOYAL AND TRUTH LOVING GOVERNMENT TO PIN THE ENTIRE INCIDENT ON THIS ORANGE HAIRED OSWALD AND THEN DEMAND THAT THE GOVERNMENT DISPATCH GUYS WITH GUNS TO GO DOOR TO DOOR ACROSS THE UNITED STATES AND STEAL EVERYONE”S GUNS. THEN WE WILL BE SAFE. Seriously Randall, ……die, just fucking die.

      • the funniest part of this post is when he gets so worked up he goes into all caps, and then tells the guy to die. laughing at you not with you.

  43. Lost me less than a minute in with the lie “the crime is being called the worst mass murder in the history of the United States”

  44. not amused sounds like he has something to prove. Maybe he thinks impoverished fundamentalist muslims hijacked planes with box cutters and made NORAD stand down for over an hour. Then making 110 story buildings made of reinforced concrete collapse from the heat of jet fuel for the first time in human history too.


  45. People who believe conspiracy theories suffer from mental illness and it is cruel of you to play on their disability – the best you could hope for is to produce more like James Holmes.

  46. Hmm, i guess manchurian candidate shit is a possibility. The government needs a reason to disarm the civilians, so they create one. Good conspiracy theory.

  47. I think its important to keep asking questions about stuff like this, a few things dont add up and its very easy to come here and belittle people that watch this. Ive watched it from start to finish and I think that they had some credible points on a few occassions. Off course also a lot of assumptions, but the eye witness statements look pretty real to me and its just weird that everything is under camera surveillance fucking everywhere but it isnt presented as evidence. Just like with the Pentagon on 9/11 where they only released 3 frames.
    Things are just being to focused too much lately on the “lone wolf” terrorists who may or may not be sponsored by government parties, dont let them divide us and keep faith in your fellow man. Molon Labe

    • The intentions of this film seem to be sincere and valid. Several interesting and thought-provoking points are raised, many of which would never possibly be mentioned in the main stream media. I applaud the “creator” of the film for endeavoring to inform a wider audience of certain inconsistencies in the common perception of what took place.

      The film could be substantially improved and gain credibility by spending a bit more time editing the content for a) concision (to eliminate redundancies and irrelevant references), b) grammatical and stylistic precision (including basic punctuation), and c) logical coherence in the structure of the film (providing logical links between clips, offering citations and time references for sources, and developing a more narrative-based structure).

      Let’s hope that some critical thinking and much-needed awareness was raised by this effort.

  48. If you can watch this from start to finish… you’re an idiot.

    • If you DON’T watch/read things from start to finish and then try to comment logically on the subject matter…You sir are a fucking idiot.

  49. please get back to posting real documentaries.