The Japanese Bullet Train

This 50 minutes long BBC documentary film is aired in the year 2011. The BBC film says it is the first and the most technological advance in the world, ancient chariot racing, the electric telegraph, a crowbar, a medieval clock, and a 19th-century luxury racing car.

The BBC documentary film talks about Japan, a rough land of volcanic mountains and devastating earthquakes. Most of the population squeezed into some of the largest cities on the planet. Getting around the country is the challenge. Space on the road is restricted and to move by air is three jumbo jets have to take off in every 5 minutes. Therefore, the Japanese chooses the train for the mass transport. They transform the train into the iconic, sophisticated marvel. The N700 bullet trains latest high-speed trains about 200 miles an hour or 300 kilometers per hour in regular service. The whole thing about bullet train is the system design to getup the speed than to the corner safely and comfortably. Bullet train stop automatically if there is an earthquake it is quite a train.

The BBC documentary film asks a question that how would one can transform a normal train into a bullet train? It starts with simplest thing a shape of the wheels. Each wheel is the precision machine to the perfect angle, and the flatter wheels have eliminated hunting oscillation this shows how steady the basketball tails are. To understand the performance of angular wheels Richard Hammond made his own machine to understand the process, and it was really fast but nowhere fat like the bullet train. For those kinds of speed, the engineers could not just rely on the flatter wheels to avoid hunting oscillation. About the running, he understands that the more the wheels lean the less the force pushing outwards the chariots and trains.

It really is an astonishing train; fast, earthquake proves, always on time and beautiful too. Bullet train engineers moved the technology pioneering two hundred years ago into the 21st century. These days this technology is been exported all over the world.

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  1. Thank you so much! Technology is amazing.

  2. Thank you! Technology amazing! I want to read many things with amazing technology

  3. I want to ride this train!

  4. This is a very engaging and entertaining documentary.