The Kings: From Babylon To Baghdad

The region now known as Iraq has always been, in many ways, world history’s ground zero. From this rich territory sprang the earliest cities and empires, earliest armies, and earliest tyrants.

The Kings: From Babylon To Baghdad tells the story of Iraq through the history of its rulers, from Sargon the Great to Saddam Hussein. This feature-length documentary explores the connections and relevance between ancient and modern Iraq and between Iraq and the rest of the planet.

Using dialogue drawn directly from primary sources – original texts of ancient records – it depicts events in dramatic, living reenactments. Lush cinematography filmed on location frames the dramatizations and contemporary reportage. And interviews with the world’s leading experts on the historical and current relevance of Iraq complete this authoritative portrait of the men who brought this fabled land glory and despair.

Today, as it has been many times in the past, understanding Iraq is central to the world’s well-being. This documentary offers a thorough, thought-provoking view into the politics, personalities, government, geography, culture and religion of this all-important region.

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  1. I was really enjoying this, pity it’s only part of the documentary, not full.

  2. Amazing documentary, I’m literally blown away. This region alone has more history then some whole continents alone.

    However, what I would love to see is update on this documentary from 2005 to current date. Or even better 2005 to 2050, once this whole region is hopefully calm and settled, and how the historians will view and interpret US invasion.

    Will they still see them as liberators and what the future holds for Iraq.