The Last Resort

Both funny and illuminating, this documentary short gives a voice to people who feel that they are at the sharp end of modern Britain.

Take a trip to the seaside town of Southsea, an area steeped in both history and tradition. There we meet life-long residents and attraction owners who battle against the erosion of Britain’s traditions in a community staring into an economic abyss.

The Last Resort reflects on individuals and communities attempting to hold back the tide.

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  1. Modern technology have created the environment into which individualism can thrive and flourish at the same time as most western political ideals have been upholding the liberty of the individual over that of the collective. The decay of society and especially community is as a result of individualism.
    We understand why collectivism can’t work but to turn the coin around did not work either.
    As human beings we are reliant on each other, we can never operate as complete islands on our own. We need the collective to thrive, therefore I say we need to start to respect our communities more and find ways in which we can protect the collective from the individual and similarly protect the individual from the collective.
    To find harmony in living we need to find a perfect balancing point between these to complete opposites.

  2. such a lovely video I really enjoyed it…thanks