The Life Exotic

With the March 2020 release of the Netflix documentary miniseries, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness the world seems to have gone Joe Exotic crazy. Those of you who have seen the series will know that it is a bizarre true crime tale that dives straight into the little-known but deeply interconnected society of big cat conservationists and collectors in America. It takes us inside the private zoos and sanctuaries that these characters have set up for their unusual and deadly pets.

The main protagonist of that documentary miniseries is Joe Exotic, the self-described “gay, gun-carrying redneck with a mullet.” and owner of The G.W. Zoo in Wynnewood, Oklahoma which at one time was one of the world’s largest private zoo featuring over 187 big cats.

Without spoiling the Netflix series itself here is The Life Exotic, a 2016 documentary that takes us back inside Exotic’s G.W. Zoo and provides us with additional interviews and insight into the day to day operations of the zoo.

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