The Lost Book of Nostradamus

Could it be that Nostradamus, the “go to” prophet of all time, is reaching forward into the 21st century to give us a last warning? Is it already too late? In 1994, Italian journalist Enza Massa was at the Italian National Library in Rome conducting research on old texts, when she stumbled upon an unusual find in its stacks; a mysterious manuscript dating to 1629. The name of the book was surprising: Nostradamus Vatinicia Code


On the inside of the book was the name of the author, in indelible ink—Michel de Notredame—the prophet Nostradamus. This find was particularly remarkable; the manuscript included over eighty watercolor illustrations that were painted by the master prophet himself. Contained in the pages of the book are cryptic, bizarre images that some say are prophecies of our future. Letters, symbolic objects, banners, candles, crosses, and even a burning tower are all included in the manuscript. Are these images visual manifestations of his quatrains, which extend to the 21st century, as some say? How did this book come to be in the library? Why was this book hidden for over 400 years? And are these images so frightening that Nostradamus deliberately hid them, as some say, until their time was near?

This special will follow the investigative trail of how the manuscript came to be found in the archives, and exactly how it got there. The story will also give new insight into the life of Nostradamus—his relationship with his son, Cesar, and his connection to the Vatican—in particular, Pope Urban VIII, who knew about this manuscript and in whose possession it was for many years.

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  1. Hahahaahahhahaiq ajHjqi ajquja uququa kq


  3. I always find it interesting how when referring to the Anti Christ they refer to the crescent moon, I am and do not claim to be a prophet but I am not blind, The American leaders to me anyway have and continue to represent greed and war, causing devastation in the name of freeing people when in reality it is only for gain, England being no better, therefore it is more likely to me that the ‘one male’ referred to will be the leader of America and not a person from Islamic/ Asian origin…………..but hey what do I know xxx

  4. Any idea why they won’t show us the actual images?  We see jiggly close-ups, cheesy “3d” images, talking heads referring to the images, but not really the images themselves.

    In Part 4, in one of those cheesy 3d fakes, they show a wheel with a city inside.  They claim it might be NYC, with objects flying in the air.  While that image is clearly manipulated, those flying objects do not look like planes, to me…they look like, y’know, Flying Objects! 

    And it would be, well, weird, if Nostradamus saw only one of the Twin Towers, so I doubt the Tower image has anything to do with NYC.

  5. NICE

  6. NICE

  7. “Under the guise of faith” could imply using a faith, religious or POPular, for whatever(nefarious?)cloak & dagger intrigues are to be afoot. Faction(and a fiction/s to uphold or BEhold) spring/s to mind, so does Cab(b?)al. Any prophecy of (demo/s)lition partly/barely seen or even obscured with or behind the flaming tower imagery?

  8. Anti Islamic and absence of critical thinking.
    worst 1,5 hours spent ever

  9. what a load of rubbish