The Lost Gospel of Judas

Thanks to Hung for suggesting this documentary. Old heresies die hard! The discovery of ancient texts such as the Gospel of Judas has sparked renewed interest in many ideas rejected by the early church. This documentary uncovers the truth behind the supposed “secrets” of Gnosticism. Featuring interviews with leading historians and scholars, it examines Gnosticism’s origins, its early influence—and what’s fueling its resurgence today.

What if an ancient gospel was rediscovered that offered a radically different perspective on a man that history has painted as the ultimate villain? What if this account turned Jesus’ betrayal on its head, and in it the villain became a hero?

This documentary provides exclusive access to the documents and evidence that traces the incredible story of what has happened to the Gospel of Judas since it was found. Combining dramatic recreations and insightful analysis by the world’s foremost experts, they ask and answer the question: Is the Gospel of Judas real?

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  1. too many armchair experts on this site. to know is knowledge. to know how little you know is wisdom

  2. Although I found this documentary quite interesting, I am worried about the picture of the Romans that is painted. Persecutions of Christians did not take place throughout the entire Roman empire, let alone in 180 C.E. I would have expected a bit more nuance.

  3. So let’s just pretense that God is who He says He is, an infinitesimal
    being who is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. Therefore would
    this all knowing being, who has mapped out every microsecond of history
    to fall into place in His grand design, allow something as important as
    the very book that describes the aforementioned plan to us, His
    creation, to be tainted or misrepresented in any way shape or form? I
    think not. Many people over the ages have attempted to misconstrue the
    word of God to fit their own agenda. Jesus made it very clear that 
    false prophets would appear in exceeding propensity up until the time of
    His return, culminating with the coming of anti-christ. All this book
    and other gnostic and apocryphal texts prove is that He was right. Jesus
    said that it would be better for the one who betrayed Him to have never
    been born. I wouldn’t put too much stock in someone that God Himself
    reproaches so harshly.

    • Look, I´m not going to attack your faith, but your information, your basis of reasoning, comes from a collection of historical documents (ie the bible) that have been cherry picked from a larger mass of ancient writings. Who can say what other sources of information may yield? When you say “Jesus said this or that” you only say “THE BIBLE says Jesus said this or that”. No one know how much in the bible is a factual account of Jesus´s life, or what is afterconstruction or pure fairytale.

  4. Nice to see the revealing of truths, and lost text/scripture, coming into view more and more!
    What perplexes me is what is already know of the scriptures word of God, his instructions and laws, and covenants…not being done or upheld accordingly ny the people, for the living things for the people…as I see it, being the most outlandish failure of the human condition.
    Bringing new “old text” to light..surely will not change anything..and is only more verbage to denie, dispute, and mock in some peoples minds and actions in defiance!….as it is with most of the scripture today!

    Tend and keep the Garden, with all the givens that God said are good or were made clean…and share like God shares, still falls on deaf, dumb,blind, and irrational minds…”Your making a den of robbers and thieves”…still holing true today, as was yesterday..holding that engraven thing Jesus kicked out of his fathers house!

    Wonder why?

  5. A very engaging look at the puzzle(s) presented by the recent discovery and translation of the many additional gospel texts. Really makes one wonder what the early Church was hiding–and what the truth about Jesus’ teachings really is.