The Mars Underground

This film captures the spirit of Mars pioneers who refuse to let their dreams be put on hold by a slumbering space program. Their passionate urge to walk the soil of an alien world is infectious and inspirational. This film is the manifesto of the new space revolution.

Leading aerospace engineer and Mars Society President Dr. Robert Zubrin has a dream. He wants to get humans to the planet Mars in the next ten years.

Now, with the advent of a revolutionary plan, Mars Direct, Dr. Zubrin shows how we can use present day technology and natural resources on Mars to make human settlement possible. But can he win over the skeptics at NASA and the wider world?

The Mars Underground is a landmark documentary that follows Dr. Zubrin and his team as they try to bring this incredible dream to life. Through spellbinding animation, the film takes us on a daring first journey to the Red Planet and envisions a future Mars teeming with life and terraformed into a blue world.

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  1. They want to conquer or visit any planet that you can land on. One day they are going to find a way to go there and try to live there. But it is amazing that a machine did land on it.

  2. just annotate on the radiation bit 60 rem = 600 millisevert , a typical radiation worker ( some1 who works with radionuclide’s) is only allowed a yearly does of 20 milisive. A person going to and from mars would get 600 milisivert …. ALOT of radiation to absorb, the equiv of (3yr mission ) 11 chest x-rays per day every day, Bar this small problem the rest seams great.

  3. Why should they have to come back alive?

  4. Kepler 22-B changes everything..

  5. as long as people like you are around, we never go to Mars. Grow up people…/

  6. mars can not be terraformed. gravity field is to weak to hold an atmosphere

    • not really, mars is about the same size as earth so it’s gravity field should be about the same as ours. it lacks a magnetic field though, because it’s molten core stopped spinning (or got solid cold or something) and therefore it has no protection against solar wind.

      • Mars is about 1/2 the size of Earth, and 3/4 the density. Mars gravity is 2.7 times less than that of Earth.

        Mars (diameter 6790 kilometers)

        Earth (diameter 12750 kilometers)

    • Yes. The low gravity is one of the reasons. The other reason is the absence of magnetic field. The magnetic field of the Earth deflects and holds light-weight ions, especially the ions of hydrogen.

  7. Zubrin has no imagination and no clue how to reduce the cost of space transportation.