The Miracle of Bali: Recital Of Music

Episode 3. Recital Of Music

This episode is about music and dancing from the Balinese village of Peliatan, the separate items linked by an appropriately illustrative detail from Balinese paintings. It opens with a virtuoso instrumental from the gamelon orchestra; next is a dance choreographed in 1951, The Bee Sips Honey; the 3rd section presents snippets from 4 different ensembles; and it closes with the unforgettable Monkey Dance.

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  1. Look into her eyes
    From Bali they call me home
    Soon I will go back

  2. Beautiful country, it’s worth it to visit and enjoy it.
    But there is one country in the heart of Europe, which also worth a visit: Croatia.

  3. Absolutely fantastic, like I was almost at the shows too.