The Miracle of Bali – The Midday Sun

The Miracle of Bali is a BBC series of cultural documentaries narrated by David Attenborough and first shown in 1969. The series comprises three programs about the culture of Bali. The complete series is available as a special feature on the DVD release of David Attenborough’s 1975 series The Tribal Eye

Episode 1. The Midday Sun

The first episode is a general introduction to Bali, its people and their varied arts, with the main focus on Peliatan village, its orchestra and dancers. It focuses first on the gamelon orchestra, before turning to the influence that Walter Spies has had on the younger generation of painters. It concludes with the training of new pre-puberty Legong dancers and their first performance.

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  1. a beautiful portrayal of this lush country, love the doco…i made a song inspired by it

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