The Money Fix: The Almighty Dollar

Money is at the intersection of nearly every aspect of modern life. Most of us take the monetary system for granted, but it has a profound and largely misunderstood influence on our lives. The Money Fix is a feature-length documentary exploring our society’s relationship with the almighty dollar.

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  1. It is sad, with the computer tech we have now, we could really keep track of what is genuinely product. The simple fact of the fractional reserve banking cheat is the cause of all this human misery. The banks will not suffer it’s loss, when it collapses. They will use all the power of money to reboot the same system in a fresh start with the mark of the beast. The hearts of these men who control this death cult system, but just for the inferior. Apparently, only mass murders deserve to live. Such is the wickedness which control our economic lives. A people, of sufficient numbers, who have the moral courage to stop tjis .simplely do not have the military power. Nobaody can war against this and win. Most people know this already, and simply endure. It is sad, we are capable of so much better.

  2. why is this documentary private? how do i get to see it …

  3. This doc explains in layman terms how money is created and ciirculated, where interest comes from. How it relates to our own lives .
    Interesting if you’re curious about finance and markets.
    Also examines profit motives and wanting more than we need, setting us apart from other animals.
    Experts and average people make observations.

  4. Nature has a balance, a symbiosis…not an economy. Even in the wilderness will a human think of life in terms of supply and demand, economics, and currency. how pathetic.

    • one man asks the question are we, people, mere machines for production. No. But in Business terms yes. You’re value is how much your output is for a business, so the business can succeed and make money. We, the people, enjoy the output when we go to the store and spend all our money. even what we don’t have. and have a good time with stuff we don’t always need. That’s entertainment. That’s the other part of life. The Balance. Work and play. Make and of course spend money.

  5. watch this to become unignorant

  6. Loaded with inaccuracies. Don’t waste your time. There’s good documentaries out there on the monetary system… this one isn’t one of them. It’s very biased and essentially shows opinions, with a bit of credibility display (if you can even call it that with these no names). They showed a guy, who they tried to attribute some significance to, where all he did was discredit the gold standard theory without giving a reason or his logic behind such an opinion. It was just “wrong” and “don’t waste your brain cells”. Garbage documentary. It’s catered to the faggy pussies who believe in the new age crap and attend these occupy movements.

    • You are deluded, come up with your own analysis. Arm cair critics like you do a great disservice to independent thought. Johnny Bravo!!! How original!!! That says it all!!

    • Juan Rio Bravo

      It appears you support the Gold Standard backed currency.

      I’m just going to ask you something simple.
      What is the sense of digging holes to mine a metal so you can store it in another hole all stacked up???

      And you call this being “smart”?
      The Gold standard is for those who are yesteryear men, caught in the illusions of the past.
      You got no idea what gives value to money.

      You insult anyone who has evolved beyond your nearthertal, cave men’s ideas and this perpetuates your ignorance.

      Get off your cloud and realize your backward ideas are firmly INSIDE THE BOX.

    • fuck off, sir!

    • dont listen to this retard. the documentary has many good points and should be watched by everyone

  7. This one focuses on the (stupid) interest spiral, and shows the use of an alternative currency in a community – without interests. Although this is only a small part of the case against the current monetary/competition delusion, and the infographics are.. well.. its still important to watch..