The Occult Experience (1985)

This film interviews many Occultists from various traditions including the founders of the Temple of Set Michael Aquino and Lillith Aquino. It also includes clisp from Anton Lavey’s Satanis as well and shows H.R. Gigers art

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  1. OMG, this is a funny video, hope no one took it to seriously though, hahaha !

  2. i like strange topics like this but this is very low quality, very dull, laughable and a total waste of time if you want either entertainment or education factor

  3. wow I forgot how hairy and smelly people looked in the eighties

  4. Wow the comments people make are unbelievable. i don’t know why some of you even bother with this website as your obviously not intelligent enough to understand anything presented to you in these documentary’s.

  5. stand back and take a look at your selves. if your christian you believe in a GOD who was born of a virgin and who is actually his father. be objective. either god made man or man made god.. or man is god. christians believe god will become man to save man but not that man can be come god to save himself

  6. they got nothing on hazing.

  7. they got nothing on hazing.

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  9. dumbass documentary

  10. dumbass documentary

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  12. Tahahahah this is awesome

  13. A good documentary if you want to see how retarded people are.