The Other Side of AIDS

Take an unflinching look into an issue the mainstream media doesn’t dare touch: the failure of the multi billion-dollar war on AIDS. The Other Side of AIDS gives voice to a growing movement of doctors, scientists, journalists, and HIV positives who reveal a tangled web of conflicts of interest, political correctness and unresolved errors surrounding AIDS.

After 20 years and more than $150 billion in federally funded research, scientists still can’t explain how HIV causes AIDS. Millions of people have been declared HIV-positive with tests that can’t find the actual virus. The latest AIDS medications are taking more lives than AIDS itself. One expert proposes that the cause and cure for AIDS is as near at hand as our willingness to examine new ideas. Yet according to a prominent AIDS researcher, anyone questioning HIV is a perpetrator of death and should be jailed. Should AIDS advocates have the power to silence scientific debate? Has saving face become more important than saving lives? Watch The Other Side of AIDS and decide for yourself.

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  1. This documentary and HIV denialism Orgs saved my life. Again, I’m healthy af without medication since diagnosed 12 years ago, my partner is HIV-.

  2. I’m still living as HIV+ without taking medication since diagnosed 12 years ago and healthy af. And my long time life partner is HIV-.

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  4. The interviewees in The Other Side of AIDS include Peter Duesberg, a professor “whose stock in the scientific community declined sharply once he began second-guessing the role of HIV” in AIDS, and Christine Maggiore, whoseorganisation “militates against HIV drug treatments.”[5] Variety notes that Maggiore is the wife of the director/producer, a fact the film omits. In addition to these two prominent AIDS denialists, the documentary features several HIV-positive people who have refused anti-HIV medications. Along with Maggiore, they blame AIDS deaths in part on negative thinking by victims, a “fatalism” they say is encouraged by support groups.[5][6] Several also blame AIDS on the “gay lifestyle”.[5]

    The film does not make a substantial attempt to balance the beliefs of AIDS denialists with the conclusions of medical scientists that HIV causes AIDS.[7] Although two AIDS researchers are interviewed, both reviews of the film remark that these representatives seem to have been cast specifically to portray researchers in a negative light. Variety refers to the two as “fanatics”, people chosen by Scovill because their displayed emotions outweigh their “perfectly rational” arguments.[5] AIDS Researcher Julio Montaner, interviewed around the film’s Vancouver premiere, said that such emotion comes from fear for patients who may take the film’s arguments seriously: “The success of the drugs depends to a high degree on the commitment of the patient to take the medication properly.”[6]

    In the documentary, produced in 2004, Scovill’s HIV-positive wife, Christine Maggiore claimed that she and her two children were healthy despite not taking anti-HIV medications. In 2005, Maggiore’s and Scovill’s three-year-old daughter, Eliza Jane, died of complications of untreated AIDS.[2] In 2008, Maggiore herself died at the age of 52 after a protracted bout of pneumonia, with several other AIDS-related illnesses.[8][9]

    The executive producer of The Other Side of AIDS was Robert Leppo, a venture capitalist who has also funded the activities of well-known AIDS denialist Peter Duesberg.

  5. I think that skepticism is a healthy and necessary part of science. To that end, I would never condemn someone for asking what evidence there is to support a theory, as is done in this documentary. Are HIV tests suspect? That seems quite clear. Do the antiretrovirals prescribed for HIV/AIDS patients cause a number of detrimental side effects? Beyond a reasonable doubt, yes. But the weaknesses in our existing diagnostic tests and treatments is not reason enough to doubt the science that supports a link between HIV and AIDS. If anything, this documentary made me come to the conclusion that we need to develop better tests and medications.

    There has been a great deal of evidence showing, if not direct causality, an undeniable close link between the presence of HIV and the syndrome AIDS. The deniers in this film are free to say that no conclusive causal link has been found, but they provide neither evidence AGAINST the hypothesis, nor an alternative hypothesis for what DOES cause AIDS. As has been pointed out, Christine Maggiore died of pneumonia at 52, after her (HIV-positive) child died at age 3, with much evidence suggesting AIDS-related causes for both. Form your own opinion, but make sure to inform yourself first.
    Be safe everyone

    • You disqualify yourself and your opinions from being taking seriously by labelling people who disagree with you ‘denialists’. This is the sort of behaviour common to 10 year olds in the playground but not intelligent adults. It’s not up to the skeptics to prove HIV doesn’t cause AIDS you fuckwit. This isn’t how science works. You propose a theory, you test your theory by measuring the performance of your model against nature and see if the outcomes you observe match the predictions of your model. On top of this a good theory will also predict something which no one expected and solve a problem that hasn’t even been postulated yet. You cannot prove that a theory is incorrect. That’s a scientific impossibility fucktard. Watch this. Explained by a real scientist here
      I would propose the likelihood that HIV exists and causes AIDS is far less likely than the likelihood little green men are running around this planet abducting people. As Feynman would say if he were here with us today, I cannot disprove the theory that HIV causes AIDS but I can state with absolute 100% assuredness that it is highly improbable.
      Now take the history of HIV/AIDS. Where are the bodies, where is the heterosexual epidemic? Why are medical personal never diagnosed with this deadly virus? Why is the split 50/50 between the sexes in Africa yet in the west the ‘virus’ only effects Gays who lead extremely unhealthy lifestyles – there’s a clue there. People like yourself need to be reminded everyday just how dumb they are, and it gives me great pleasure to be in a position today to remind you of that fact. You are fucking dumb.

  6. Nobody dies from AIDS, they die from illnesses gained from having a lack of immune system, AIDS is just used to define a collection of illnesses that person has.

  7. a bit boring. too much text, music is dreadful. i learned nothing that i didnt know before.. HIV or AIDS positive. the lesson here is that if you feel like you deserve to live a “normal” life you can convince yourself that you deserve it. it what i call a cope mechanism , now if i was HIV positive i would also try live a normal life EVEN if that means defying medicin but eventually it will catch up with you and you will get worse.

    Ill or not ILL…

  8. So scary this sort of scary tripe gets released .
    What total bullshit !!

  9. And oh shit ya it does matter what the doc makers history is shit for brains, his wife died of AIDS just like his little daughter died of AIDS because they wouldn’t allow her to be A)tested for HIV and
    B)treated for her hiv which turned into full blown AIDS by the time she was 3 and killed her
    So sad, So criminal, so insane, and this piece of shit so called “father” makes this crappy ass doc. he will join his wife in pure hell when he finally dies,

  10. Here is something else for all you “house of numbers” fans,
    visit the website inside house of numbers .com and you will read how they screwed around with what a lot of the doctors actually said, and to the so called nurse, I am totally ashamed that you actually worked as a nurse, You actually worked in the health profession while this epidemic was raging and you still say this documentary is right? You must have been a PISS POOR nurse. My family died from AIDS not cocktails of drugs, and that is the god damn truth

  11. I watched this film after my Daughter and son in-law said this was the best information on aids they had seen. I am a retired nurse in my 60’s born and raised in San Francisco. I also lost many friends in the early years of the “aids” crisis. The first time I realized something was wrong was when we begin to hear whispers of a “new” type of pneumonia that was affecting the “kids” who frequented the bath houses. That may seen like an odd statement how ever having grown up in a household where many of my parents friends were in same sex relationships their life styles were no different then heterosexual couples however I was just the right age to have been a “hippie” in the city I was born in and so called free sex was everywhere. At that time most of us made no distinction when choosing sexual partners so soon word begin to go out that San Francisco was a “safe” and friendly city for gays. Just as those of us who had been hippies in the 60’s were getting older and settling down and raising families or developing committed relationships of all types, young gay kids were arriving from all over the country. The dance halls with psychedelic music and light shows that young hippies flocked too in the Haight were being replaced by gay bars and bath houses in the Castro that catered to free and open sex as opposed to the gay bars of the older generation which were much quieter and did not call attention to themselves. Soon life in the Castro included lots of drugs including the indispensable poppers. (pardon the 60’s terminology) At the Nursing home where I worked we had two young nursing assistants who the older residents just adored and they really became important to the rest of the staff with their sense of humor and caring ways. We all knew they spent a lot of their free time in the bath houses however at that time none of us gave it a second thought. Then when one came down with the new form of pneumonia that was attacking only gay men we were a little worried however not enough to stop most of the staff who were off to dress up in costumes and attend the annual Hookers Ball the highlight of the Castro’s open street parties. With in weeks rumors were discussing GIRD (I think those are the letters) a strange gay mens disease that was mostly a mystery. With in less then a year one of the two young men was too ill to work and in two he was dead. His partner lived a few more years however I belive they had both died before a name was ever put to this disease. Now as a nurse I should have realized all the implications of what was going on in the bath houses and back rooms of the bars however we didn’t. I lost far to many friends to a “Diease” that I now realize started as a sad outcome of too much of a good thing. We saw this in the 60’s and because there was no reason to exploit things back then most of us came to the conclusion too much free sex and drugs don’t mix. By the time the “aids” virus was identified the march was already on to “raise money to cure diseases” I have watched and been appalled at what the pharmaceutical Companies have done to “health Care” and how people on scared into taking very expensive drugs for life because of symptoms that are certainly not diseases. Many of these drugs have adverse effects that should make us run the other way as fast as we can but our Doctor scares us into thinking we are in denial if we question taking a drug that can kill us for a problem that can be fixed by a life style change, like stop eating fast food or taking dangerous drugs to get high or have better sex. Sadly I belive every bit of this documentary as I lost far too many friends first from a mix of unsafe sex and illegal drugs and then from a cocktail of legal drugs. I saw it all and never questioned!

  12. lies that kill people and keep from seeking appropriate treatment .

    •  don’t talk bull s…. I Khow people with hiv and they have 20 and 22 year with this and they are alive and healthy with no med.. this of hiv/aids is a bigggg lie

  13. I am an open minded person who is always willing to question the establishment.  But this is just a load of horse shit.  Excuses made up by a bunch of idiots to try and downplay the fact that they are a disease ridden walking corpse who is a threat to the rest of humanity.  Trying to act like whatever horrible and stupid decision they made to expose themselves to it (sex, drugs, and other nefarious activities) wasn’t that bad and they didn’t essentially commit suicide by stupidity.  I acknowledge the fact that HIV tests are not always accurate, but most of the time they don’t pick it up when it’s there and the risk is the infection of even more people.  Also, just because you’re a carrier and don’t show any symptoms of the disease for a long time or possibly forever doesn’t mean it’s not there and that you cannot pass it on.  There are people who’s specific genetic makeup makes them unaffected or more resistant to certain diseases.  This is what allows a species to live on and not be completely wiped out by a disease.  And it’s no wonder that they can’t find a vaccine for this disease.  A vaccine works by injecting a dead virus and allowing the body to make antibodies before it would ever have to fight a live, working virus.  This virus’ main function is to keep the body from seeing it as a threat and to keep it from making said antibodies.  This virus keeps the human immune system from functioning.  It does not “cause” the myriad of diseases that eventually kill those infected like that one moron claimed.  The HIV virus never kills its host, it only opens the flood gates for other diseases by killing the immune defense system.  That is why it’s called Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.  You take a healthy person and you basically give them the “bubble boy syndrome.”   You cannot fight off even the common cold without a functioning immune system.  Something is killing people who would otherwise be in the prime of their lives and more than capable of fighting off something as simple as the flu.  Before this showed up only babies with undeveloped immune systems or the elderly with worn out ones would commonly die of these things.  Just because the children in this story were lucky enough to avoid this virus does not mean that it doesn’t infect and kill newborns and small children every year.  The virus is very fragile, by all arguments it would never have even gotten into humans except by a very controlled and careful introduction of it by people who were ignorant of its existence.  It has to have a very lucky break to even get to one host from another.  It dies in the air when it hits it, it may be unable to enter a mans penis, just because you kiss someone with it doesn’t guarantee you will contract it.  It is a very hard thing to get honestly unless you give it just the right conditions.  These usually include intravenous drug use where it is never exposed to air and is directly introduced into the prime area for its survival or sex where the “receiving” individual is exposed to infected bodily fluid in an air tight way.  Even when these things happen the virus may not transmitted because it may just happen to not be present at the time of transfer.  In any case it is never worth the risk.

    Normally this virus when found in its natural host does not harm the host species because they have evolved a genetic defense against it after contracting it.  The one found in humans was accidentally transmitted in polio vaccines to humans from the chimp organs used to manufacture said vaccines.  Because humans are so similar to chimps, the virus was able to make the jump but we lack the evolution of the defense against it.  A similar virus known as FIV, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is found in cats, specifically wild African lions.  Scientists came across it accidentally when they weren’t even looking for it (so apparently it is detectable.)  They had no reason to even look for it because the Lions were perfectly healthy and living in unison with the virus.  They thought they had come across and new epidemic before they realized that nothing was happening.  Because humans basically no longer evolve because of our technology and the belief that absolutely everyone should live as long as possible, we will probably never see the end of this.  We would never be willing to just let the virus run its course and spare only the superior.  We would also never be willing to round up every carrier on Earth and exterminate them to get rid of it.  Don’t be fooled by these assholes trying to make you think that this wont kill you.  The fact is that it impairs your immune system and you cannot live without one.  It may take a long time for it to do its job and you may be lucky enough to be genetically immune to it but don’t count on it.  Just because smoking takes a long time to kill you and its advocates would have you believe that it doesn’t hurt you does not mean that your life won’t be prematurely ended by its complications.  Something is causing epidemic levels of disease in smokers but to say that the cigarettes don’t cause it is ludicrous.  The only thing that might be true in this whole pile of trash is the fact that the placebo effect can cause harm by making people manifest symptoms that would otherwise not show up.  This is a well documented phenomenon and people who are told that they have HIV should know that there is a chance that they could live quite a while or even a complete life even if they are infected, there’s just no way of knowing.  Having a negative outlook on the whole thing will only cause harm and they should always keep a hope alive that they will be lucky.  And it is the propaganda created out of greed for funding that is causing this stigma.  People are making a lot of money with this but just because a bunch of evil corporate assholes are making the situation worse does not mean that it doesn’t exist.

  14. great documentary. Christine did NOT die of aids nor did her daughter. There was an 18 month investigation into EJ’s case by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office which found a lack of evidence that she had died of any aids defining disease. She and her daughter both died of adverse drug reactions. If anyone is interested in a more recent documentary on this subject I suggest “House of Numbers”

    • sorry to tell you, umm ya they both died of AIDS, and you suggesting house of numbers isn’t going to change that, Ask Kerri Stokley, oh that’s right you can’t she’s dead also, House of numbers takes interviews with real drs and scitentists and slips interviews and other crap from denialists like peter duesberg and the likes and slips that crap in between the real scientists, it’s like a magic show people, and it’s not hard to see how this trick was done.

    • sorry but yes they did die of AIDS

    • @1242feb54582387cd55b4354a178b864:disqus I agree. “House of Numbers” is definitely worth seeing. It really changed my perception of HIV… I have not made up my mind one way or the other, but I think this documentary and “House of Numbers” encouraged me to think critically for the first time about HIV/AIDS, and for that I would say both these docs are worth watching, especially for those who have followed HIV/AIDS in the mainstream media for some time.

      • here is something for you to think about, everyone of those people in this film are now dead, from AIDS no less, Christine is dead frmo aids and so is her daughter, she is a fucking murdering self promoting asshole

  15. A quick search shows that the documentary maker’s daughter died at age 3 because her mom refused to take anti HIV medication. The mom, featured in this documentary also died from AIDS in 2008.

    With that in mind, watch this pile of rubbish documentary and decide for yourself.

  16. A quick search shows that the documentary maker’s daughter died at age 3 because her mom refused to take anti HIV medication. The mom, featured in this documentary also died from AIDS in 2008.

    With that in mind, watch this pile of rubbish documentary and decide for yourself.

    • You are so right, and it is refreshing to see someone tell the truth about this for once, All of their AIDS Denialist buddy’s love to bullshit about how their AIDS strikken friends or family finally died, These people are killing people because of their pseudo science crap,

    • At the risk of sounding textbookish, yours is called an ad hominem argument.  Is the most popular of the logical fallacies, favored by the less intelligent.

      • how intelligent do you have to be to know that every HIV positive person in this film is now dead? you sit there typing that bullshit trying to sound all smart and shit, fuck you, denialist piece of shit

        • How intelligent do you must be to state such unsubstantiated crap as fact, and only to follow it with a litany of profanity.  Very intelligent, I am convinced.  I tried to sound smart, but definitely not shit! hehe

    • It doesn’t matter what the documentary maker’s own personal history is as much as the critical proof that has been put forth by this documentary itself. The content should be analyzed by you and others. And I’m not saying we should all close our eyes and believe it all, but when looking at the proof, this video makes a lot of thought provoking points. 

      For example, all these drug companies that are pumping billions of funds into research, why don’t they conduct a study on “HIV positive” subjects who DON’T take the drugs. They should conduct a long term study on a group taking drugs and a group not taking them. But such studies are never published, the only thing that occurs is tht new drugs with flashy names pop up on shelves on a daily basis, all claiming the “secret to life”. 

    • It doesn’t matter what the documentary maker’s own personal history is as much as the critical proof that has been put forth by this documentary itself. The content should be analyzed by you and others. And I’m not saying we should all close our eyes and believe it all, but when looking at the proof, this video makes a lot of thought provoking points. 

      For example, all these drug companies that are pumping billions of funds into research, why don’t they conduct a study on “HIV positive” subjects who DON’T take the drugs. They should conduct a long term study on a group taking drugs and a group not taking them. But such studies are never published, the only thing that occurs is tht new drugs with flashy names pop up on shelves on a daily basis, all claiming the “secret to life”.