The Oxycontin Express

In this Peabody Award-winning edition of Vanguard, correspondent Mariana van Zeller travels to South Florida – the Colombia of prescription drugs – to expose a bustling pill pipeline that stretches from the beaches of Ft.Lauderdale to the rolling hills of Appalachia.

The OxyContin Express features intimate access with pill addicts, prisoners and law enforcement as each struggles with a lethal national epidemic.

Florida has become a pill popper’s paradise and the main source of an illicit prescription drug pipeline. Lax laws and little oversight have led to a booming number of storefront pain management clinics that liberally dispense potent narcotics.

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  1. The so-called “Dr’s” need to be held accountable. There is absolutely no need for so many pain clinics that they almost outnumber corner conveinent stores. When you can open up a Daily Reader paper and find 10 pages of ads for Pain Clinics with coupons and 2 for 1 incentives something is absolutely wrong. These “Dr’s” are simply capitalizing on an epidemic in Florida and don’t care about the well-bring or health of their “customers” as long as they pay cash and keep coming back. No clients, no clinics. These Dr’s are trying to cash in as quickly as they can before this all gets shut down. It’s a modern day gold rush for the Dr’s. Nothing more, nothing less. Once they are tapped out, they will simply move and change names of their clinics taking their client base with them if they can. This WILL happen somewhere else in this country. Boston is feeling the affects already. New Jersey is in the cross hairs. If they shut down Broward County in Florida they will all pack up and find somewhere else to ruin peoples lives. Simply a matter of supply and demand. Florida is the place at this moment…

  2. your seeing the least of it, look into what the sheriff is doing on the road bust and set ups. america as a whole nations is corrupt. from the bottom to the top all sold their souls to cash. just talking about one way of getting it. our leaders kill in our streets and have the sheriff cover the trail… fixing to stop. GOD is slamming the door shut!!!!!!

  3. Joe Rogan brought me here.

  4. people”DESERVE” to take drugs??? Really?? Just how the fuck have they EARNED the right to take drugs??

  5. did that fucking idiot just offer to rat someone out on camera…

  6. Un-flipping-believable!

  7. why do so many people blame only the government? why not the doctors who are the first link in the chain of legal availability? i mean yeah there should be legislation re drug monitoring but do you have any idea how inefficient the bureaucracy of that is? it’s fcking ridiculous, why should the gov’t waste resources having to babysit all the doctors that pass the boards? screw that. it’s time to take hardline against this bullshit. if a doctor is found operating in a manner like this (ie advertising opiate availability) he/she should lose their license, and be marked a criminal, as well as lose their eligibility for any social/federal benefits ie social sec, unemployment, disability. done, hang em out to dry

  8. when you get to 38;00 minutes theres two coppers who arrest two of the coppers huge and is blatantly taking steroids…ha ha the irony!!!

  9. weeds illegal and this isnt. thats fucked up

  10. Toms mother is just doing what any mother should and would do because she loves her son. I think that more blame should be on the fucked up States and Governments that are allowing this shit to go down and making money off it.

  11. Toms mother is just doing waht any mother should do, i think that more blame should be on the fucked up States and Governments that are allowing this to go down.

  12. Northern Ontario is full of oxy addicts. Illegal or not, this drug turns normal people into thieves and liars who end up hurting everyone who cares about them. Their children especially suffer.
    Tod’s mother is an enabler who needs to get a life.
     Tod won’t even look after his own child. His Mom should keep that poor child as far away as possible from him and get on with her own life.
    Misuse of oxycodone makes people  useless and apathetic. It was never meant to be injected, snorted, and given to people who are not in severe, mind-blowing pain.
    It will eventually kill everyone who can’t get off it. 

    • Exactly, so now many states, including the one I live in (KY), are dealing with a heroin epidemic, which has turned out to be much more horrible than what happened during the pill mill epidemic. Addicts are dying right and left from heroin overdoses and jails are overflowing. Our government needs to forego the “War On Drugs” (which was never a war anyway; drugs always win) and find a new approach in dealing with addiction.

  13. Why take a woman away from her child for 7 years because she was eating pills and selling them? PEOPLE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO BUY THEM ILLEGALLY ANYWAY!!! Those that want to use opiates should be able to without fear of being locked up or taken from their kids. Most people can function perfectly while on morphine when they have stable dosage and they could live normal lives!

  14. An outstanding documentary. Surely this State will tackle the problem.

  15. We don’t need more drug regulation, we need less. Stop criminilising victim-less crimes. 

    • I believe the point of this documentary was to display the harm and victims that the prescription industry produces. In this case ‘victim-less’ does not apply.

  16. Mariana Van Zeller > hottie 🙂 

  17. Fucking filthy place. Full of dregs. And even a medical career cant give you morals.

  18. United states… the land of the free… Fucking morons killing their own people.

    • The land of the FREE not the land of the oppressed.  Making drugs illegal=oppression, people deserve the FREEDOM to do what they want with their bodies.

  19. this is so sad…