The Perfect Vagina

After having watched Penis Size Insecurity By Men, it’s now time to move on to lesson two and have a look at womens insecurities: The Perfect Vagina.

Fronted by Lisa Rogers, this documentary focuses on the rise in vaginal cosmetic surgery, specifically labiaplasty. For the uninitiated, labiaplasty involves cutting off the inner labia so that they don’t ‘hang’ below the outer labia. Ouch! The labiaplasty business has skyrocketed over the past few years, and Lisa’s mission was to find out why so many women hate the appearance of their vulvas to the point that they’d willingly have pieces of them surgically removed.

Warning: May not be suitable for minors.

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  1. To each their own but I absolutely prefer a larger labia on women. It’s a definite plus as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Wrong, there are ugly and hideously ugly vaginas, which are a big turn off unless the man is a beta mail who will accept anything. Totally appropriate for cosmetic surgery for women who can afford it.

  3. I don’t understand if she’s so proud of her “fanny”, why doesn’t she shows it?

  4. Really it was awesome!





  8. I was quite surprised they showed a 16 year old girl’s bits. In America that is considered child pornography. And the men making these disgusting comments on here obviously have no respect for women….what about your wives,sisters, mom? Speaking crudely about 1/2 the population is just gross and childish.

  9. This is just stupid. Pussies are made for fcuking, not surgeries.

  10. I love how “fanny” means “vulva”/”vagina” in Britain but “ass” here in the US

  11. I like having hair on my vagina

  12. All the feminist freaks on here claiming that men like shaved vulvas so it looks like a little girl really need to take a long look at themselves and maybe get some professional help.
    It had never even occurred to me until I saw some sick minded woman make that claim. It says more about them than it does about men.
    My wife likes being shaved because she says it feels better.
    I like it because I don’t get pubes stuck in my throat.
    And if any sick minded feminist thinks a 62 year old well endowed woman who has had six kids looks like a ‘little girl’ just by shaving then you have a lot to learn about women’s bodies let me tell you.
    Seriously – get some help – you’re weird.

  13. Director lacks objectivity and open mind. It’s about self esteem and what makes a woman feel good about her body and confident. The girl who wants hymen restored is doing what she must do.

    • The reason women are getting surgery down there is because they have been talked down by men about what “it” looks like and being compared to woman on websites that are for “adult pleasure”. The next time a man talks about another physical feature being more beautiful than that one is the woman just supposed to get surgery again for her own self esteem?

  14. You can’t see your vagina. Why is everyone afraid to say vulva?

  15. I felt bad for the you women that was shamed because her lips were big. I would love to slap her sister and whoever made fun of her. Assholes. I know I’m a little late with my comments, sorry. I’m sorry she felt she had to do that to herself.

  16. Says the guy with a small one. 😉 Haha, J/K man.I agree with you. Just couldn’t help it. 🙂

  17. How hypocritical of her to not show her own vulva.

  18. I have to admit that I was a little bit disappointed by Lisa Roger’s unwillingness to show her own vagina in this film. Every step of the process she was willing to immerse herself in each situation she was studying (surgical consultation, art casting, etc.) which I thought showed her solidarity with other women. While I think she had a good, personal approach to this issue I found it somewhat hypocritical that while she encouraged women to love and admire their own vaginas, she was unwilling to show her own. I understand the desire of some people to avoid appearing nude on-camera but I think, given the subject matter and context of the film, her unwillingness to do so took away from that sense of encouragement that she was trying to put out.

  19. I don’t think i have any right to say some thing about some personal decision but you people are insane …

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  21. My family members always say that I am killing my time here at web, but I
    know I am getting know-how everyday by reading such fastidious

  22. When I was a younger man all there was to eat was Hairy Pussy.
    Then they got trimmed and the eating of the pussy was better.
    Years later you dined on cleanly shaved pussy and it was good, very very good.
    Once I ate a hairy pussy but that was then and this is now.
    I have tasted the bald fruit and choose not to dine on the hairy melon again.

  23. Everyone just needs to stop playing games with each other and with themselves. Honestly, what possible qualitative value can be placed on the physical shape and appearance of genitalia? How is that even possible? You may have personal tastes and preferences, but that does not equate “good, better, best” or “bad, worse, worst”. That being said, it is so true that our own “personal” tastes are highly manipulated by media, in a plethora of forms. We need to be vigilant when it comes to viewing advertisement, both overt and subliminal.

    I am a tall man; most others are shorter than me. What is the qualitative value of my above average height? Nothing! It’s just a fact about who I am, that happens to be different by a few inches from most other men. SO WHAT?? Is a shorter man less of a man? No. Is he inherently less desirable because he’s not as tall as I? Or am I less attractive for being so tall? Absolutely not.

    The same principals apply to penis size. “Bigger is better” is a myth, and that’s not just a lie men with smaller penises tell themselves to feel better. Media (particularly pornography which is now more regularly viewed and consumed than the News) spouts the myth that a big penis is more desirable because it always leads to greater pleasure for the woman, and that there is somehow a firmer establishment of one’s masculinity the larger one’s penis is. This is ludicrous. One thing we must certainly learn from this documentary is that vaginas come in all sort of shapes and sizes; and that applies to the inside of a vagina as well as the outside. The internal anatomy of female genitalia is different from person to person as well. So, a man with a larger than average penis might actually cause his partner more pain than pleasure, and also (funnily enough) might be so big that he can not fit fully inside of her vagina, diminishing his own sexual pleasure (potentially).

    There are just too many variables in physical anatomy to say that there is a “perfect” ANYTHING. One of the beautiful things about sexual relationships (or at least, it ought to be so beautiful in every case, though it isn’t) is that you and your partner grown in intimacy out of respect and love for one another, and so you accept each other for who you are. Then you are able to explore each others bodies, and get to learn how to synergize in order to pleasure one another, and express love to each other through sexual pleasure. Claiming that there is one “ideal” or “perfect” type of genitalia is like saying there must only be one type of jigsaw puzzle, and if there is a different jigsaw puzzle which has bigger or smaller pieces than the “ideal” or “perfect” jig saw puzzle, they ought to be either cut down in order to fit into that ideal puzzle, or undergo some other ridiculous process to grow the pieces in order to fit. What the tragic thing would be is that the entire point would be missed which is this: different jigsaw puzzles show different pictures; they reveal different things, and show different scenes. You can not command all jig-saw puzzles render the exact same picture. Likewise, you can not (in sound mind) demand that all vaginas, or all penises look a certain way. Let those with large labia paint beautiful pictures with whomever they chose to; let those with small penises reveal marvelous scenes with those whom they chose.

    To enforce this false idealism would be like commanding the world to only read one book and take pleasure in one book, and shame people who don’t like that book, or that genre of book, until they develop psychological disorders and ultimate have to change who they are in order to fit this ridiculously contrived standard.

    Love one another. Period.

  24. we cut our hair, go shopping for nice cloth, make up, try to keep our body in a good shape. we do it for ourselves. i do it for myself anyways. but when it comes to shaving all of a sudden all this sexist/ feminist talks pop up.

    i like mine shaved and it has nothing to do with men really. i just feel better this way, fresh i guess (: yeah all of it shaved like a little girl. love it! my bf appreciates it as well. although my best friend doesn’t shave and she is One Gorgeous Woman i have to tell you! don’t think any of her partners mind that.

    we spend here so much time talking about what others think about us. what men like? what should they like or not? should we do anything to please them or they need to except us as we are.

    just do what YOU like, what makes YOU feel comfortable. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! BE YOURSELF!!! DO WHAT YOU LOVE! LET OTHERS LOVE YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE!!!

    • Many women – and men – shave wax or otherwise remove the hair under their arms and/or genitalia because hair is porous so it readily absorbs odours and hair tends to trap moisture, creating an environment that is loved by odour-causing bacteria. Many people therefore opt to remove hair. Laser hair removal is increasing in popularity since, after 4-8 sessions, it destroys the hair follicles at the root therefore stopping hair growth completely – saving on continually shaving or waxing – and also definitely decreasing body odour. Since every individual produces body odour to some degree or another, the removal of hair can help decrease the odour. This is one often overlooked reason behind why many shave, wax or have laser sessions to remove hair. Hair removal is not always done solely for the purposes of looking ‘better’ for either the individual and/or for those close to them. Also, certain professions – acting, modelling etc. – tend to expect a certain amount of hair be removed due to nude scenes or rather revealing undergarments with no hair expected to be seen under the arms and frequently very little to none in the genital region.

    • for sure ! I am a man and I trim-because it feels good and I like it

  25. Thumbnail brought me here… I am a guy.

    • This milf hostess is such a goddamn tease…! I skipped to all the parts where she is spreading, and not even a single glance of her twat. Worst documentary ever. I am still a guy.

  26. I am really glad I watched this. Even though one of my large problems is shaving rash, I do feel better about my lips. This whole time I have been taking porn as what other women’s vagina’s looked like and thought that mine were huge and have considered surgery. however now that I have seen this, I have realised that my labia minora are actually on the smaller side as I measured them and they are only about 3 cm, which is only a cm over the ”smallest”. I feel immensely better. My only problem now is the hair. Just tonight I gave myself a Brazilian shave which I feel I may regret later as all shaving attempts has left me with itchiness later. And my self-consciousness of this is all because I have met a guy and have suddenly become hugely aware of down there when before hand I really didn’t care. I obviously am not doing it for myself. But it is so embarrassing when my female housemates in my shared house shave with no problems what so ever. I am 18, a virgin, relatively attractive and I just am scared of a boy looking at my bits and just being like: “well that’s disappointing”

    • Yeah. don’t be worried about it. Recently my friend asked me “Are my lips big?” after we were done having sex, and I said “Sure. They’re kinda big but they fit you.” Haha. I thought she meant her face. UGH. I felt so stupid. Anyway, Point is, I never even noticed, and it turns out she had the same issue as you. She’d seen women in porn and thought hers was abnormal. I told her those women have surgeries to make them look like that. and she was kind of insecure about not shaving the first time we had sex, and I had to convince her it was fine. Women need to be allowed to their own grooming habits and preferences and to be proud of their “setup” without the societal pressure of what today’s wretched media portrays as what’s beauty and acceptable and the “Norm.” Uniqueness and individuality is beauty, and women are beautiful. end of subject. Be yourself and be proud of yourself Liddy. You are you, and that’s what makes you beautiful! 🙂

  27. I came across this documentary a few years back when I was looking into getting labia minora surgery. It’s impact was solid enough to deter me from going through with the procedure. Despite my decision to hold off on surgery, to this day I have insecurities about the way I look.

    My issues with the way I look partly stemmed from a particular conversation I remember silently being a part of in high school. A bunch of guys I was friends with were talking about a girl that had “huge pussy lips”. Throughout the conversation they totally bashed this girl, calling her “loose”, “easy”, “disgusting”, etc. Hearing that as a fifteen year old can be, and was, absolutely terrifying. Especially since I had my own reservations about the way I looked prior to the conversation.

    Over time I was able to realize that they were just high school guys trying to impress one another. Even though I am fully aware now that all guys are not disgusted by the thought of having sex with me, that conversation (as well as a few other instances) definitely shaped my views about how I should and should not look. Although I try not to let the fact that I am uncomfortable getting physical with men show, it is clearly obvious, as I am a now a twenty-two year old woman and have yet to actually have sex.

    My point here, albeit extremely long-winded, is directed towards the men in: You never know who will take your words to heart. Having preferences in a partner is one thing but completely ripping apart a girl, especially in the presence of other females, does nothing but harm. I have always tried to instill this in my younger brother (who is now in high school) that girls are extremely sensitive at that age and incredibly impressionable; don’t ever say something to a girl that you would want to rip another guy’s head off for saying to your sister.

    • If i were a troll, i could have used this quote for somethng good…

      “Even though I am fully aware now that all guys are not disgusted by the thought of having sex with me…”

  28. I’m really glad I watched this! Thank you

  29. I love the ones which look like a butterfly

  30. Why the obsession. Again the media starts some trend like waxing when it is not that important. Trim it and stay SSD clean; excercise and stay fit. And for the women that insist their sisters need this all I can say is “Why don’t you pick up a social cause like global warming to channel all that energy”.?

  31. All men are males but not all males are men and real men love women and we think like this: the vagina is the ugliest most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and the worse of it I’ve ever had was wonderful, if God made anything better than coodie snap He must have kept it for Himself, there are only 2 type of women, those with good old p***y and those with old good p***y. It even gets deeper than that, a woman with an unselfish lover to him she is a feminine delicacy and that is my wife for if she had lent herself to the amenities that made her visible to the public chances are some rich guy would have gotten her and not me. When she was my gf one day at work she had put her panties in my lunch bag, when I asked why she did that she said, I know you’ve been stealing my panties and I know you aren’t wearing them so you must be sniffing them and I did it because the way that you have been f**k**g me I don’t want you thinking of no other woman but me.” Thats when I knew she’d be my wife. She has small boobs and in no way would let her change that, she asked me if I preferred if she shaved her bush, I said no that hair don’t stop me from getting to it. When she gains a little weight I don’t complain cause it goes to the right place that makes her a menace to men in motion when she is a pedestrian. After our 3rd baby she ask was her behind getting out of shape and I told the truth when I said, “Honey if I didn’t believe in God I’d be on my knees worshiping your behind.” Watching a court show about this guy in a multiple paternity law suit she said that I’m the only man that can beat the case, “All you’d have to do is tell the judge your honor I pled not guilty by reason of insanity cause I’m just crazy about the stuff”. Girls you don’t need to change a thing but maybe our man and you should realize the value of what you have. It didn’t take my wife long to figure out this riddle, “What has a sweet smell of innocence mixed with a touch of naughtiness and delightful excitement?” She answers with joy and says, “Me!”.

  32. Ha ha ladies we don’t really care how it looks, Just how it smells and tastes, Bottom line keep it fresh and we will love you long time 😉 p.s any guy that says your fo fo looks bad is a F@#king gay boy and likes penis in and around his mouth!!!!
    Love to all ladies Nicky Slick

  33. There are a couple of things that bother me about this documentary. First, the grooming of pubic hair isn’t something that has just started to come into fashion. Women have been doing their best to get rid of body hair for centuries – there is evidence of the ancient Egyptians doing so. Second, why is this woman leading the documentary and yet is too…ashamed? shy? prude? to show her own “bits” on camera. It’s not like the viewers would look at her any differently than the other women, and if she truly is about women all loving themselves then why not set an example? It’s quite all right for her movie to show even the picture of a 16 year old girl’s vagina, but not her own. Kind of tarnishes her credibility in my eyes.

  34. i feel so sad for her that she had to get a bit of her fanny chopped off

  35. this is retarded. I love my gf’s vagina hairy just like i love any other vagina. to the guys who like it shaved chase bald vaginas, to the guys who like it hairy, chase the hairy ones. you will find someone who likes you for who you are, no point in staying with sumone and compromising, I will never compromise anything about myself for anyone out there. there’s billions in the world u know.

  36. Really really good documentary

  37. I live in France and I wonder if this is not an Anglo-Saxon thing. We almost all wax (and even I have had this discussion with my collegues at work) but otherwise there seems to be very little plastic surgery within our culture. I think that it might have to do with the thing that French women love our bodies as they are… Fatter, slimmer, or in between… Perhaps we should just learn to love what we have and then there is the thing that men really do not care as much as we think…

  38. As a guy, I don’t think it matters one bit what a woman’s vagina looks like. All of them are different, and for me the uniqueness is attractive. As for hair…who cares. You’ll spend 95% or more of your married (or unmarried) life doing something other than sex. It’s just not that important.

  39. THANK YOU! After a traumatic childbirth with my daughter, and degrading comments from my ex about my vagina, I seriously considered vaginal surgery for aesthetic reasons virtually identical to every woman interviewed in this documentary. I searched everywhere to try and find out what a “normal” vagina looked like after childbirth in mainstream media and conventional resources to no avail. Upon encountering this moving, I am finally, almost 10 years later, able to feel secure about my “bits” and the changes that they’ve undergone in the last 15 years of my life, WITHOUT surgery. This movie is a god-send.

  40. I’m seeing a lot of comments on here with women saying this is not different to a man complaining about his penis but when men meet up in private we dont criticise nor tease women about how tight or loose their vaginas are men are a lot more sensitive to womens insecurities because we are taught that women are fragile and we need to be careful how we treat them, but on the other hand you have alot women who openly and secretly tease men about their penises, making men feel inadequate and under par, I believe if men teased women openly about vaginas about how it can smell and how loose it is women would think twice about how they tease men about their penises. All in all its about respect and being content with what you have been given but when you have people and sometimes partners making you feel less desirable because your body part then how can we truly be happy with ourselves. You have women bragging to be size queens, if men called themselves TIGHT Kings I wonder what would happen

  41. rule of thumb means that it should not dangle longer than thumb

  42. American Values=You Suck, so spend money to fix yourself.

  43. this was really interesting to watch. i was born without labia minora and as a result have a very neat looking vagina. i am a lesbian and it wasnt until about 3 years after being sexually active that i or anyone else noticed i was completely missing a bit. so for a good long time i couldnt understand what about there vaginas could make women unhappy with them, but i have been with a good few women who have really hated them and this has been a real eye opener into understanding the insecurites women can have

  44. Very interesting film. I’m a 54 year old man and only once in all my life did I ever hear another man say that he preferred small inner labia. The overwhelming number of men that I have discussed this with much prefer even larger inner labia. A normal inner labia looks more interesting and is perfect for gentle nibbling etc. I also assume that there are nerve endings in play here and the removal of part of the labia would decrease stimulation for the woman. I just don’t understand why a woman would intentionally do this

  45. The documentary is slightly bias towards being comfortable of who you are and which lead to the conclusion that you should go through that cosmetic change (it could be the other way around but, depends on how you look at it). In my opinion, your surrounding is actually affecting your decision how you think you should look like or be like. The surrounding which includes 1) people; your friends, your family, your colleagues, the people you try to prove yourself to, the people that you want to impress and so on. 2) the physical world for e.g. trends of that moment in time; pop culture, gothic, angelic, hipsters or whatever (i honestly don’t keep up with trends these days). Everyone will be influence by these factors and there are no exceptions. Seriously, no one is exclude from these factors. The only thing different about each one of us is, how much does these factors influences and affects us. In other words, to what degree are we affected by our surrounding? This is a question that you should really ask yourself.

    But thats not the point that i want to make. I am not here to say that i’m against labiaplasty (or any sort of cosmetic procedures/surgeries) nor am i supporting the act. I just want people to understand that its your actions that determines who you are and what your life would eventually be.

    So when you do come to that juncture in life to make a certain decision, for instance having this procedure to make you more confident of yourself (or for whatever rational reasons it may be), you need to understand that you have to make a choice and that choice will come with effects and consequences. So what ever the outcome of that decision you’ve made, you have to accept it and live with it. Its part of who you are now. That’s it. That’s my opinion. cheers

  46. As a woman, I can say that you are used to hear critics about your image, even when you’re feeeling confident about yourself, the constant criticism push you to question your own beliefs.

    I totally understand Mrs. Rogers, sometimes if there’s nothing you can do to change a “disturbing” image, you need to accept it, if you’re not willing to go for a cosmetic surgery; her fears and insecurities are natural of mankind, we wish youth was forever.

    Certainly a documental that invites you to reflexion, I even remember a girl with this slogan on her shirt: “I love my vulva”. Think about it and share!!!

  47. fake tits, fake face, fake vag…let’s just make robots that we can fuck and that don’t talk…far superior..

  48. proof that women are screwed in the head

  49. This was excellently done! Every female should see this and any man that cares about them.I hope that this will show women that we are all different but beautiful just the same.

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