The Polar Bear Family & Me

In “POLAR BEAR FAMILY AND ME”, legendary wildlife filmmaker Gordon Buchanan travels deep into the Arctic for his greatest challenge yet – infiltrating a family of polar bears and documenting the cubs’ epic struggle for survival. The Arctic’s Svalbard Islands inhabits the highest density of polar bears in the world, and following these dangerous carnivores proves to be the ultimate challenge. Watch as Buchanan attempts to gain the trust of baby polar bear Nikita as it takes its first strides in the frozen splendor of the Arctic. Buchanan documents the baby’s first year of joyous triumphs and threatening obstacles. Experience firsthand the frigid and barren landscape in this stunning, groundbreaking miniseries.

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  1. nice try Carbonscam! let me guess, you drive a truck and don’t recycle. I suppose science is a little out of your league….have fun with next year’s “seasonal change”.

  2. Started great till, Global warming brought up its ugly lie. Switched off ! Shame. Bringing political lies into Docos. These seasonal changes happen all the time.