The Power Principle

A gripping, deeply informative account of the plunder, hypocrisy, and mass violence of plutocracy and empire; insightful, historically grounded and highly relevant to the events of today.
This documentary is about the foreign policy of the United States. It demonstrates the importance of the political economy, the Mafia principle, propaganda, ideology, violence and force.
It documents and explains how the policy is based on the interest of major corporations and a tiny elite to increase profits and the United States governments own interests in maintaining and expanding it’s imperialistic influence.
Inside the United States this has been made possible with a propaganda of fear for the horrible enemies like the Soviet Union, Communists and so on and a love for “free markets”, “democracy”, “freedom” and so on.
Externally (and increasingly internally) this has caused massive poverty and suffering, genocide, war, coups, crushed unions and popular movements and environmental destruction.

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  1. Imagine people that want to succeed. Imagine that they see themselves as talented…capable of anything. Imagine them proving to everyone that witnesses it to be true. NOW STOMP ON THAT NONSENSE! Why not? That’s what the U.S. does.

  2. The truth often hurts, at least when the U.S. is involved, yet it’s still the truth. The U.S. is the worst terrorist state on the planet, yet we have a ‘War on Terror?!’ What a sick joke. That’s like having a ‘War on Drugs,’ and yet the CIA is the biggest drug importer in the country. Whatever species evolution comes up with next will surely do better, it can’t do any worse.

  3. This documentary should not be listed under conspiracy becuase it’s all tue

    • aha! and conspiracy cannot be true by definiton i suppose? so you have associated ”conspiracy” with ”bullshit” as the conspirators had intended. have no doubt that numerous intentionally false and stupid conspiracy theories have been created by those people with purpose of making the entire context seem unworthy of sincere attention. they are smart and thats what smart people would do.

  4. everyone is the same and aware of it or not everyone tries to fuck over someone else to make their way easier and they all have governments and powers structures that do exactly the same just on a larger scale, anyone who thinks they don’t do it and their nation doesn’t do it is delusional or stupid.

  5. I was married to Clover Dulles Jebsen, a granddaughter of CIA chief ,Allen Dulles. Here I encounterd a mentality which is nurtured in elitist colleges like Reed college in Portland ,Ore, Her father, Jens Jebsen, pounded on the table on the day of the marriage. “There is no Jesus Christ” I assumed, at first, this was an extention of a family feud, against Cardinal Avery Dulles, his brother -in-law. I have since had cause to reassess the this as Avery was freemason.Jens was president of Bankers Trust of Zurich, a Rothchild tool, and official Nazi bank. The tried to subvert or destroy me. They accomplished neither. Never underestimate the power of the Victorious Lord Jesus Christ. Authentic Christianity is what they hate, not the fallen away corrupted church, which they can use as a tool. The unique mentality they possess is something I had never encountered before, it is astounding, as these are fully capable of enacting the Georgia Guidestones. Elitism, based on wealth, is the refined essence of the anti-christ and is used as a justification for any abuse of anyone, because it claims superiorty. He will consider himself superior, is how the Holy scripture describes the anti-christ.. These amoral lovers of themselves are fully capable of slaughtering 94% of humanity, and they have set this in stone. They will be destroyed by the Stone ,not made with human hands, the fullfilled Royal Law.

  6. Too bad a documentary like this doesn’t trend on social media….

    • Most people don’t wanna see and hear the truth. They prefer to be lead blindly, and repeatedly told how great the U.S. is, and how humane and caring our government is. It’s much easier. Oh, they’re gonna save us from the mean old terrorists also. As long as they use words like ‘patriot,’ ‘freedom,’ ‘democracy,’ and all the others, the masses will eagerly go along with anything. Our horrible mass media is also an indispensable weapon. It’s always icing-on-the-cake when the puppet at hand says, “And may God bless The United States of America” after every State of Propaganda Address also. The lies, chaos, torture, murder and everything has about climaxed though. We have been lead by paranoid, delusional, greedy, cowardly little men for far too long.

      • I agree with most of your comment.
        The media, though, is where it gets touchy.
        News & other media is needed. What the problem is, is US!
        We know better (or should know better), than to think that
        terrorists come from the Middle East. Terror is a word that
        describes horrible actions, or the thought of horrible
        actions. NOT PEOPLE!
        We know better than to think that people in need of Gov.
        assistance, do it because they are Brown… or Black!
        They do it because of different reasons, but NOT because
        they are lazy!
        Well… sometimes it is… but, not from being light or
        dark skinned.
        Brown & Black people know that NOT all school, church, mosque,
        concert, garlic festival, movie theatre, town house, out house,
        dog house (always wanted to use that line… or similar. From
        “The Fugitive”) is a white person.
        WE are the problem.
        WE know better than to accuse/blame EVERY SINGLE BROWN or BLACK


  7. Americans of all ages have blood in their hands. SOmeone might say : its the politicians No, all Americans are guilty… they all know they are getting cheap food and oil because they use other countries. Why would i feel bad about 9/11 when in your name Americans millions of people have suffered in the world.

  8. Americans are a stupid nation. They still dont understand why people hate them.

  9. yeah america is bad (well a mix of good and bad) but I’m not sure the world would be a better place in the hands of any other nation. Imagine a world dominated by Russian (parts of it was and still are to some lesser extent and wasn’t/isn’t pretty). Imagine a world dominated the Saudis or some other Arab state. What a nightmare that would be. How about about China calling the shots? Give me the USA any day.

    I don’t condone the atrocities of any power, western or otherwise but given that governments and particularly empires, are inherently “evil” it’s a case of better the devil you know. I have little hope that we as a species will ever realise the ideals we yearn for, there are too many misguided nutters who end up derailing true progress in the name of religion or politics.

    There has been genuine progress for sure: woman’s rights, gay rights, anti-racism laws, ban on capital punishment in the most progressive democracies, but a world where there is peace and tolerance, low corruption, meaningful and gainful employment, global access to health care, good nutrition, clean water, decent housing and sanitary conditions is a long way off I’m afraid. Incrementally we may get there but in the mean time, I’ll take American domination over almost anything except maybe for a Scandinavian or Tibetan lead world.

  10. Most revealing documentary I have ever seen (all 3). Definitely a shame on the USA and the people.
    How many more times can the same lie to the people generate their support for another attack? Well, they don’t ask us any more, they just tell us they are attacking. Recommend you google War is a Racket. General Butler, possibly the toughest US soldier ever, exposes the fascists, gives names like J.P Morgan. In his book he concludes wars are conducted “for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many”.

  11. Jeffrey, your child like retorts and pathetic jabs at what I can only assume is a non native english speakers’ spelling only adds fuel to an already huge anti-american fire. Princess is not incorrect in what she is saying, The US does have it’s fingers in many pies, that’s not to say that most other nations wouldn’t be trying to do something similar if they could, it’s just that you guys can and do. This does not give any of these actions justification.

    So if i’ve learnt one thing from this movie, it’s not to take everything that i am told as 100% fact (this philosophy also applies to the movie that i have just watched) but to use all available information to form my own theory of what is actually happening in the world, in conclusion, based on your comment “your kids will be pumping our gas for years to come” you’re either a 12 year old boy having a laugh and randomly poking fun at people on the internet (anyone older or with a higher intellect than the average teenage boy could do so much more with princess’s comments) or your one of the suckers that has fallen for the propaganda trap laid out in the film.

    I find it amusing or maybe it’s just ironic that your little spat with princess is reflective of the US-Soviet conflict, where one country/person does something silly like point nuclear weapons at the other country or posting a stupid comment suggesting an entire nation should be killed , then they’re surprised that the other retaliates by doing the same thing followed by some oneupmanship, leading to a hostile environment.

    Anyways, to anyone posting hate filled comments, if you really mean them, then do us all a favor and keep your ignorant opinions to yourself (this goes to anti Americans as well as any other bigoted groups out there), However, If you don’t mean your hate filled comments, at least try and make them entertaining and witty so the rest of us can at least get a good laugh out of the social crumbling of this virtual society…

  12. oh princess, your kids will be pumping our gas for years to come…and you as well sean…oh and princess, i know your IQ barely breaks retard level so we’ll give you a pass on the spelling 😉

  13. Fantastic documentary….would be great to hear Noam Chomsky give more suggestions in the postscript. Let’s have no politicians give us any suggestions ever. Thanks to you guys who made this. Conor

  14. America = Pigs of the world!

  15. This is truthful. As a young child in the early 50’s.I usually got up early and turned on the black and white TV after raiding the cookie jar as no one else was awake.There stood Ronald Reagan as a spokesmen for General Electric. The tone he used when he said progress is our most important product was too inhumanly harsh, I jumped up, mad as hell offended, that this S.O.B was using that tone. I always despised him. Ah ,the wisdom of children.

  16. You can’t handle the truth, Hollywood phrase, definitely applies to the sober reality. I was a Vietnam imprisoned war resister and imprisoned antiabortion resister. Cold blooded death lovers running the show who don’t care who gets hurt. Now, false flag 911 murders, Patriot Act and Homeland Security, concentrations camp, ready to be filled. You said the corporations are not sadistic, are you sure about that? Best history lesson I needed to hear in 1965.These guys don’t have a clue about anything but derivatives. 1.4 quadrillion. Most of these politicians are from slave owing families before the Civil War. Antebellum South, rises again. Crap!!

  17. fuck America and yes it gona be fucked wait and see
    enough is enough

  18. The USA is like a fucking octopus with long tentacles controling nation after nation
    what a Shame LOOSERS keep going that ur fucking END is coming sooner than expected!!
    bunch of COWERS.

  19. Ecxellent documentary about controlling people through fear, propaganda and using the Television Broadcasting systems to brainwash the people into joining their murderous campaign, in the same fashion as Hitler did in Germany. Today men of all ages are joining the military to fight and kill for the United States and be willing to die in the name of “Peace”. The American leaders know that there is no profit to be made through “Peace” and profit is what keeps the economy strong. As we all have seen, where there is a war, you’ll see the Americans. Let us keep the faith…