The Pyramid Code

The Band of Peace

The Pyramid Code is a documentary series of 5 parts that explores the pyramid fields and ancient temples in Egypt as well as ancient megalithic sites around the world looking for clues to matriarchal consciousness, ancient knowledge and sophisticated technology in a Golden Age. The series is based on the extensive research done in 23 trips to Egypt and 50 other countries around the world by Dr. Carmen Boulter in the Graduate Division of Educational Research at the University of Calgary.

The first episode titled “The Band of Peace” focuses on six different pyramid sites. They follow the Nile River and evidence points to the fact that the river itself was next to the pyramids at the time they were built than where it is today. Over time the Nile has migrated to the east, thus putting the river further from the pyramids than when they were built.

The Band of Peace is the area in which six different sites sit, among them the Great Pyramid at Giza. One scholar insists the pyramids were not built by slaves. So who actually built these structures? Although they are long gone, the three pyramids at Giza each had a top layer of smooth stones over the stones that we see today. One was red, one was black, and one was white.

The series changes the way the pyramids and the ancient past was taught in school. While a sarcophagus may be inside a pyramid, with no mummy ever discovered inside any pyramid the past conclusion that they were built to house the remains of pharaohs is discounted.

The pyramids might have been energy conductors that transmitted energy to affect human consciousness around the world. Sound like Science Fiction? Possibly. But the new scholars of today do not discount that theory. The five episodes bring up a new way of looking at the ancients, and completely discount our previous thoughts on the people of ancient times. It is a fascinating premise that today’s historians are checking into.

High Level Technology

In this episode, evidence that the ancient Egptians used high level technology to construct pyramids and temples is shown. Scientists discuss the source of this power and its applications in the ancient world. Our science is just beginning to grasp what the ancients clearly understood long ago.

Sacred Cosmology

Deciphering the meaning of strange symbols in Egyptian art gives insight into the ancient’s knowledge of sacred cosmology. A new way of interpreting hieroglyphics is presented indication the ancients had sopisticated understanding of physics, biology, and celestial mechanics.

A team goes on an expedition into the open desert in search of a remote site of extreme antiquity called Nabta Playa. Here, neolithic stone circles were found marking the motion of the same stars as were tracked in pharonic civilization. The possible connection is discussed.

The Empowered Human

The Empowered Human proposes that the pyramid builders were living in a Golden Age, they had more refined senses, experienced higher levels of consciousness which gave them superior abilities than we have today. The sacred feminine was honored and existed in balance with the sacred masculine.

A New Chronology

After examining the evidence presented in the series, it seems clear that the dates given by traditional Egyptology do not fit. Carefully considering cycles of time through the Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron Ages of Plato’s Great Year, a new chronology is emerging that illumines ancient Egypt.

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  1. History is a lie there’s the Vatican the world’s greatest lie and hidden history and satanic religion..

  2. Buenisima pagina. Muchas gracias, Un saludo

    • If Netflix is telling you something I’d take it with a pinch of salt.. the likes of the Clintons and Obama have huge stocks in Netflix so if they are giving you and us information I’d do my own research.. there’s a great program on YouTube called end time production’s absolutely brilliant for true information and I’ve listened to scholars who are talking about the same thing.. people are waking up. The next big thing to happen will be UFO agreement and the Vatican are seemingly trying to find a way of how to tell the public.. Jack Parsons seemingly opened a tear in different dimensions and the only person who opened different dimensions is the only person that can shut it but he died in a explosion in the jet propulsion laboratories he was in the occult and was getting information about technology from other entities as he had absolutely no knowledge about rocket technology before he got involved with allister crowley and the deep state.. the information from end time production’s is brilliant and falls in line with the bible.. really great for knowledge 👍

  3. Get this on YT so more can see what’s going on (or, has, if you follow 🤔)

  4. The initial comparison of the pyramid components with relation to an inductive device like a Tesla coil was fascinating, and a really great interpretation, and shining a light on the reverence for women in Egyptian culture was really cool. I hadn’t really noticed those things in the past.

    But that’s where the documentary’s quality ended. The rest of it was speculative, wishful thinking about non-science and spiritualism and altered consciousness. Words were thrown around in naive ways, like “transformative energy”. It stopped being a documentary and became fan-fiction. :-/ They should have stuck with the more research-based, fact-based stuff like the measurable electrical charge around pyramids and the subtle methods of expressing masculinity, femininity, balance, and equality in their artwork.

  5. The official “scientific” story is obviously bollocks, and they know it. Time to dig up the truth.

  6. See you got the horus/isis full pagan temp-let glorified as superior to Christianity. YEA. Well, your new god will have all the gold  and sliver, kinda important when the fiat money goes back to being toliet paper. He will do the modern equivocation of having every one pounding granite to build his special. Enjoy your status and peace , while you use that sledge hammer. 

  7. My cat’s breath smells like cat food.

  8. This got to be the best alternative explanation of the pyramids. just great

  9. no one in this doc is suggesting that aliens built the pyramids. but what it is suggesting is that they knew things we have forgotten. Nicola Tesla did stuff that was based on this science and he was ridiculed and sent to the poor house. This is the power of small minded greedy people who say BS. Before you condemn a theory you need the evidence to suggest that the main stream theory is correct and unfortunately main stream eqyptologist don’t have it. Xd / Mike crawl back into your safe hole. Go back to bed planet earth your governments have all the answers, go back to bed and watch hundreds of channels of American gladiator you government are in control. 

  10. The dumb, gullible and intellectually lazy should not make documentaries.

    Disappointing documentary.

  11. Lasercut stones? hmm

  12. Lasercut stones? hmm

  13. that women and her dam shhhershhh is soooo anoying she has a relaxing tone of voice but that pashhhhient instead of patient is really gosh!!

  14. I love anything that makes us think of a new clean technology, i have seen other documents on the same technology, yet this states a much clearer idea and potential.

  15. i was with the docu until they got to ley lines and dust motes.  i like the idea of investigating the ancients again, but my bs alarm went off with that one.  

    ALSO – the ‘alignment’ of the earth and the milky way and the sun and the galactic center happens twice a year, every year. it is not rare as stated in ep 5.

  16. Look they didn’t have the know how to do this ok they just crawl out of a cave.
    Yeah right they bult these things with a rock and a piece of copper sure they did and I have bridge for sale too.

  17. I want to believe that aliens visited the earth and decided to stack stones because that would be so cool, wow, just imagine.. 

    Too bad the Egyptians recorded every aspect of their lives in their hieroglyphs from what they ate to how they had sex to how they built the pyramids, or I just might have believed. 

  18. and what give u the right to say its bull shit, have u done the studies yourself, have you even bothered reading any of the books with an un biased frame of mind, it obvious we dont know even half of what the pyramids are about or how they were built and even the best egyptologist admit it. Im not saying all the theorys told in this doc are true, In fact ill concede that alot of them sound down right ridiculous, but to say the pyramids were built in one kings lifetime with copper tool sounds ridiculous too. Its about having an open mind. Just because what u where told for years is being challanged doesnt make the new theorys bull shit. thats how science works, its about looking at the evidence and the best possible theory wins out until new evidence is found that disproves it. watch the doc, make your own opinion. Ignore idiotic comments like the one below.

    • i think its healthy to be skeptical. Some people make a lot of money writing books full of rubbish that tickles the imagination of people who just dont know any better. If it sounds like bs, and it looks like bs, its probably bs. Have a look at ancint aliens debunked. very good doco.

  19. Seriously … does anybody really believe this ?

    This new age pile of BS is starting to get old (no pun intended).

  20. I really liked this doc. I think there is some pretty compelling evidence out there that at the very least, the Sphinx is much older than Egyptologists claim; and there also seems to be good logic behind the idea that the pyramids are not tombs at all.