The Real Face of the European Union

“The EU has been sold to Britain as our best hope for the future . . . But behind the scenes, has another, more unsettling agenda been unfolding? The European Economic Community (EEC) began for Britain as a free-trade agreement in 1972. Today’s European Union is well on its way to becoming a federal superstate, complete with one currency, one legal system, one military, one police force â even its own national anthem. In this shocking new documentary featuring EU insiders and commentators, independent author Phillip Day covers the history and goals of the European Union, as well as the disturbing, irrevocable implications this new government has for every British citizen. Whether the viewer is for or against Britain’s participation, this film asks the troubling questions the mainstream media has refused to confront.”

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  1. what year was this made ??????

  2. This is simply not documentary – it’s an infomercial by stupid, racist, bone-headed and ignorant people to make a non-existent case against the EU

    End of…

  3. fuck the eu , freedom reigns 

  4. This documentary is such grade A bull shit,the EU is not doing great,but no country is now a days, due to GLOBAL difficulties. Britain dont hate Europe and the EU, they hate Germany and France. Plus some of the people interviewed, mainly the British one, are so random and irrelevent. British pride is strong I agree, but no need to cry because there power,resources and money is getting taken away, they did it them selves. THAT may be the past, but its the point, bloddy hypocrits. I’m not against Britain, just dont understand why the make such contraversive,irrelevant, and hypocritical statements and documentaries.


  6. Regionalization and globalization could be awesome if it was followed by desentralization in certain judicial and tax areas based on region specific conditions but at the same tima a centralization of military power rendering intra-state wars impossible. One world government without borders, where you could emmigrate where you wanted, work where you wanted, live where you wanted, love who you wanted, and retire where you wanted would be great and is a dream worth pursuing imo.

    I just hope this will be the end game, I have read too much about Fascism/Communism to have too high hopes for people in power. Just look at North Korea, the political elite run the country like gangsters with terror/expropriation/theft/murder/dehumanization/humiliation/starvation/forced labour and even the banning of thoughts themselves and most of all 100% control/restriction of movement. In this type of society, we are just drones to feed the whims of a lucky few.

    With the EU making the countries borderless, making working easier and making it easier to love/live with people of other ethnic and cultural origins I’m hoping that the EU will bring Liberty. Does it have corruption? Yes indeed. Does the EU parliament have communist? Yes indeed. Does the EU parliament have fascist and even nazis? Yes indeed. But it also have true liberty oriented people? Indeed. The commissions/leadership who sound rather omnious I hope will bring forth liberty oriented legislation that will remove national sovereignity and replace it with global liberty.

    Can it be done? Oh yes, national sovereignity is a human political machination of centralization of tribal and feudal communities. It is not permament or “holy” at all. in fact I prefer the Habsburg Empire who granted much more liberty and protection of civil rights than any of the national sovereign monarchs ever did.

    Can it backfire? Indeed, and I pray that it does not turn into just another concentration camp.

  7. I have to laugh at this unfounded, biased excuse for a documentary. Is it just me or is everyone white and very well spoken? Pure British eh? This “country” they are referring to, is this Britain? A country made up of several nations for the benefit of all. Ironic?

    Since the Lisbon Treaty, britain and denmark have negotiated opt outs from any legislation passed by the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers. The Lisbon Treaty also includes, wait for it… an exit clause! Yes, thats right! There is an exit strategy for any member state that wishes to leave. Count it!

    This narrowminded nationalist documentary could be dangerous in the hands of stupid, xenophobic racists. There have been no wars between European Nations since its founding! Something unheard of in its history! Since the 1930s statesmen like Jean Monnet were discussing a united Europe. It was not first discussed by the Nazi’s! Read about it! The information is everywhere!

    • I really like how this comment tries to link being opposed to a unelected, foreign & tyrannical power to white, upper class racists.

      This is an old formula & it attempts to close down debate & discredit opponents.

      The truth is that the EU is massively unpopular with the people of Europe because it doesn’t serve their interests.

      It has no respect for humanity or law, but acts to enforce the fascist agendas of a coalition of monarchy, bankster families such as the Rothschilds, & the corporations of the military industrial complex.

      It is about control by the few of the many.

      It is about the most the wealthiest people on our planet consolidating their power & creating a neo-feudal society made up of a small number of parasitic, ruling elites (THEM) & a sub class that is kept enslaved & obedient through tax, debt, fear, ignorance, debt, surveillance, propaganda, censorship, poverty & illness.

      It is the home of the new world order which is you hear our rent boy politicians parroting. What they mean when they use that term is a global, fascist dictatorship run by them, enforced by the surveillance police state, & UN, & financed with a cashless, one world currency.

      They also hope to cull the human herd by around 80% & this is already being rolled out by pharmaceutical, agricultural, environmental means.

      We have been scammed. We must rise up or our children will suffer terribly at the hands of these brutes.

  8. By the way, the guy saying the Germans are doing good with their Euro. I cant imagine any state in the EU regretting taking in Euro more than Germany, their old currency was the strongest in the world and even above the BPS. I dont think the BPS will be changed because after these few years its obvious that Euro is a no-go. The euro is worth way way less than the oldschool german currency and i bet anyone sitting on big stacks in germany would rather have their own currency still, and thats because the Euro is fucking unstable and could go down the drain any day.

    • Germany was very conscious that the euro would be weaker than the deutsche mark. The weaker currency increased exports and decreased imports. Much of Germany’s strength through the global recession has been due to their strong exports. In the US, many would like a weaker currency, we have high unemployment and live with frivolous luxuries. 

    • Germany was very conscious that the euro would be weaker than the deutsche mark. The weaker currency increased exports and decreased imports. Much of Germany’s strength through the global recession has been due to their strong exports. In the US, many would like a weaker currency, we have high unemployment and live with frivolous luxuries. 

    • Utter Bullshit. Stop your lies you stupid uninformed person.
      Euro is nearly double as strong, we had to pay about 1.97DM for 1Euro.
      Are you too stupid to think logically? Or do you not care about facts anyway and just wanted to lie a bit, for fun maybe?

  9. (Quote=> The member states are so different culturally that I couldn’t imagine any type of song ever being adopted by all… <= Quote)

    I can see how people deny shit going on in the world by reading this. The whole point and plan of this operation is to take control away from the people, and make people unable to raise their voice loud enough to stop anything.

    By that i mean even whole countries will depend on their deal with EU to stay in Global business. Or thats pretty dumb to say, because its already like that.

    And as a normal person should be able to notice, the "deal" with EU is to lick their ass, and follow any regulations or laws because thats how it works. And that makes alot sense to people, however in the end it will be a ireversable effect that the people growing up today will adapt to just like people of California or Texas accept that they are a part of The "United" states of america. And as citizens of those united states they risk prosecution by Federal Law, and states going outside the lines of these laws can be excluded from cooperation with the other states that obey the Federal Law.

    Take norway for example, our roads suck shit and we used to turn down the max weight a truck could carry during spring months because when the winter frost is fading, it causes massive movement in the ground that will cause roads to be completly decimated every year unless this problem is dealth with by carrying lighter loads.

    EU however, even tho we are not members requires that we lift this law and let our roads go down the drain every year. Just to stay in business, and even as non members we dont have a choice to not cooperate. How fuckd up is that? now tell me?

    97% of people dont notice ofourse, and thats what this whole plan is based on, and there are infact people working for goverments all over the world researching massive crowd control on any level from mentally to physically.

    • Do not forget to “inform” people about those mind-control rays the send out from Brussels.

      • Here we see the use of ridicule by association to outrageous ‘conspiracy theories’ which is again designed to close people down & shut them up.
        Apparently we have some EU fanboys here which is odd, because I’ve never met one in real life. Have you?

        • 60 years ago Europa was ruled by fascism or was under attack by it. People were slaughtered by their own. The decades after affected people greatly and never wanted war again.

          I truly believe it was, and is, an idealistic movement that has done great in many parts of relations between countries within EU.

          But they have gone to far. The fact that Grea Britains Prime Minister, David Cameron said Norway had more power now than GB.

          We in Norway are split on this because most of the regulations affect us no matter what. And those wanting to be a member see the economic benefit that they can’t comprehend is only short term.

          But if EU didn’t happen, East Europa would propbably be the face you would meet trough Europa. But thank God we don’t.

          Every contry that hast problems today, had the same issues before they were members. Its not like its worse today, but its so easy making it look bad.

          When I was 9, in 1994, I though we would live in a global society, and knew that it would mean Norway would not be a country but a nationmember of the world. It sounded good and the only solution.

          But today I believe we are too young, and in historical perspective there is a long way before a global society can function.

          Freedom on the other hand is only a consept we create in our mind. If you believe you are trapped, how can I change that to a liberty?

  10. such a stupid documentary only could be done by British. they still feel superior but what they dont realize is that the colonialist times are far away from now…the more globalized is the world, the more separated from the rest they want to be…whatever

  11. What a pathetic piece of drivel this is… How much more utterly baseless innuendo and lies can you cram into forty-two minutes and thirty-two seconds? A “federal super state”? “One currency”? From where I’m typing, it doesn’t look like Britain is going to get rid of its beloved Pound Sterling any time soon. Moreover, the Pound couldn’t save Britain from the recession. On the contrary. Currently, Germany, with its Euro, is doing better, economically, than Britain. “One legal system”? As far as I know, each country still has its own system. I actually had to flee my home country, the Netherlands (very much an EU member state), so I could be together with the woman I love and am legally married to, *because* national laws still apply in all member states. It was only *European* law that allowed us to be together… “One military”? No sign of that either. “One police force”? Rubbish. The *British* police is increasingly taking away liberties, and that has *nothing* to do with the EU. Its “own national anthem”? The member states are so different culturally that I couldn’t imagine any type of song ever being adopted by all… The Dutch are still Dutch, the British still British… “Shocking new documentary”? Shockingly stupid, yes.

    • Well Frits, if you can’t see it now, you never will but luckily you are in a tiny minority because people aren’t stupid, & exponential numbers are waking up to the organised crime & corruption these fascists represent.

    • Well frits heeb, I guess you Have’nt heared of the EU’s single police force called EUROPOL, look it up.The Single currentcy is the result of destorying national monetary authority to a supra-regional central banking institution. There is a regional legal system, executive is the EU Commission, Legislative is the EU parliment, Judical is the EU Court of Justice.

  12. this organization is fucking pathetic

  13. Scaremongering documentary sponsored by the Daily Mail