The Revelation of the Pyramids

The Revelation Of The Pyramids takes an in depth look into one of the seven wonders of the world, the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Mystery has surrounded these epic structures for centuries with theories varying from the scientific to the bizarre.

However with over thirty-seven years of in depth research taking in sites from China, Peru, Mexico and Egypt, one scientist has as at last managed first to understand and then to reveal what lies behind this greatest of archaeological mysteries: a message of paramount importance for all mankind, through time and space.

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  2. After posting and reading some of the comments: of course all of this is a theory.  When I was a kid in public school they told us that the pyramids were tombs build by people by rolling logs blah blah.  But there is nothing anywhere that says that is how they are made.  So that theory is just as ridiculous as anything presented here.  The nice thing about this documentary is that they actually show you numbers and calculations that anyone can go back and check themselves (assuming the measurements of the pyramids are accurate).  That is much more substantial evidence than rolling large blocks on trees.

    But like Distect said, just watch and enjoy the idea of it.  And regardless if the information ends up being fact, i felt the documentary was well made for its purpose. So if you like the topic, enjoy.  If you don’t, go roll some blocks on some logs.

  3. Easily one of the best documentaries on the subject.  A lot of facts.  Both sides of the argument are given (but it is clear which side the document creators are on).  Must watch.  watch on youtube watch?v=SmnnJytYjpM

  4. damn they removed it… weird

  5. Having always been fascinated with the pyramids and Easter island, I enjoyed this documentary.  Many seem to want to call this propaganda when they hear some of the theories proposed, probably because the ideas scare them.   I think the real question here is why is the official account of the creation of the pyramids so unbelievable… and since it is… why are they so resistant to alternate theories.   

  6. After 1.5 hours the revelation of the Pyramids is:
    Coded message from Aliens to Humans of climate change related to the magnetic pole reversal.

    Keep it secret… its mostly the French who have this secret knowledge….

  7. Love it, till… the “end of the world warning”. Why propose a such a terrible conclusion, when there is zero evidence?

  8. i think whoever made this documentary has been watching too much nassim haramein… thats a good thing though 


  9. just accept that some things are NOT KNOWN….especially those concerning the origins of these pyramids.  We have not evolved but DEvolved.  This movie is all the proof you need.

  10. even better documentary about these ancient mysteries:

  11. whats interesting about this is a message for future generations theory. If we’ve developed enough to understand the messages behind pyramids and all the related monuments raised in ancient history, we might be developed enough to know what to do and when to do it regarding this catastrophy of global proportions. I’ve watched other documentary on reversing of magnetic poles and there is a logic question in that matter. What will happen just before the poles shift polarity and how long will it take to do it? My guess is it’s going to take for hundreds of years for the field to first become weak enough in current orientation, to let solar radiation of dangerous levels to the ground, after which it will for some time be equal to zero in some parts of the world, then it will start getting stronger again, in reversed polarity, just like the sine function in mathematics. According to that documentary, cause for reversing of poles is in the center of our planet, it’s inner mechanism, but it might be somehow connected to universe…we’ll it’s only logic to assume that as we are part of the universe…

    So once the magnetic forces weaken enough to let radiation through, we might see further desertification of planet, melting of the ice caps, floods, erruptions of volcanoes, earthquakes, etc. all what is happening today actually. when the phenomenon hits it’s maximum level, there might be some kind of major global effect, maybe another Ice age, because all the different effects triggered by these climate changes, like the stopping of Gulf current, ocean conveyer belt, then the dust clouds from volcanic erruptions block the sky and we got total devastation of species on our planet. Hopefully the planet won’t lose all of it’s magnetic field strenght cause that would mean the atmosphere would be blown away in the space, loosing billions of tons of molecules of oxygen, or water, ending the life cycle on earth making us like Mars.

    Anyways, the more likely scenario is the milder one with ice age and global climate change, so we’re supposed to figure out how to read from pyramids and learn to count time to this global catstrophy to start preparing ourselves to it, making our chances of surviving it higher and consequences less tragic.

    Theory could be entirely wrong, but the enigma behind pyramids looks much more appealing for further research than it looked just from engineering point of view.

    The point of this documentary should be to force those egyptologists to shift their way of thinking, or to just pour more young minds onto this enigma and to reaveal all the secrets behind them. It might be worth all the effort.

  12. Just watched this was entertaining enough to watch it all but im sure some of it is false seems all very far fetched

  13. Wasn’t really a big fan of the Pyramids before, but this Doc was a very interesting watch. It raises plenty of questions and the mathematical relationships were astonishing. The revelations and insights revealed by utilizing our current technologies provides a breath of fresh air to the old standard explanation that “the Egyptians built it as a tomb”. The relationships between the Pyramids and mathematics/geometry/geography of our planet illustrated here proves that there is much more to the Pyramids than just some ancient blocks stacked up…

  14. I think that it contained interesting facts although many conclusions are just wild. There is just not enough information to draw some of them…

  15. I think they’ve sited enough remarkable facts to shift people’s thinking about ancient egypt and other ancient sites. 

     Many of the interviewed scientists were speaking french and I can hear a lot of it. What i heard, matched. I was wondering if maybe they just dubbed it over and said what they wanted. But they didn’t. However, many sharp cuts were made in the editing room so who knows what went on there.

     It’s important not to pick your theory and then line up your facts. Which they have done for the sake of the Documentary, to make it more entertaining and structured. 

     In conclusion I’d say that some of the data and the overall story doesn’t seem accurate and can’t be fully accepted. BUT soooo much of the data put forward is incredible and so much about the pyramids is so incredible that I think you would have to be a fool to accept the Egyptologists conclusions. An Alien race coming to earth and building the pyramids is less far fetched than our current theory. 

     There were at least 5 facts put forward that individually were remarkable enough to flush the Egyptologists’ theories down the toilet. One being the clay hole in France that took 12 years to fill via dump truck, 1 truck every 3 minutes.. even if it was 3 hours it would be enough to make me open my eyes. Giza’s global and magnetic placement, the immense distances that the stones had to travel. Even if the stones were small. The journey would be difficult without the stones. There is no way huge teams of men routinely made 500 mile journeys moving massive stone slabs. 

     I’m glad they made this documentary. If nothing more it has forced us to open our eyes for a moment and begin thinking outside the box. If humans and scientists didn’t step outside their comfort zones and the accepted norm, we’d still be cooking with fire and riding horse bare back. Don’t be too cynical and certainly don’t assume you have anything figured out. History has shown that we never do. 

    • I agree with your review entirely, the one fact that always blows me away is that the pyramids are at the centre of all the worlds land masses. I know that may be coincidence, but come on, thats taking incredulity too for me.

  16. Fun to watch but not a documentary. A documentary does not speculate on ancient lost global civilisations and encrypted messages from that civilisation hidden in the pyramids. It’s fun but if you are looking for a true, serous documentary about the pyramids skip this.

    • Hey buddy.Don’t be that of a pseudo objectivist.Every documentary is a little bit subjective to what it shows and tells.I think that this documentary is well made and it doesn’t presume but present the facts.If I would compare it with other documentaries that are about the pyramids, and not only I would say that this one has achieved the most in just 1 hour.So lets hear some apreciation it is easy to criticize.If you wanna know about the pyramids read 

  17. interesting documentary, I’m extremely skeptical but it’s entertaining nonetheless

  18. This documentary is fucking retarded no scientific or technical proof just a bunch of bullshit, I cracked up when they showed helicopter and tank haaa fucking waist

  19. Its definitely projecting but fascinating nonetheless. 

  20. WTF cant people give a review that makes fucking sense. Well is it worth a watch or not?

  21. Very entertaining in a certain way. Some people here seem to take these “documentaries” way too seriously. Let all the flowers bloom, and if you dont like it, dont watch it.

  22. Stick to acting Brian

  23. this is the dumbest sH!t ive ever seen

  24. notice that all of the people interviewed dont even speak english so all the stuff they are saying might no even be what they are actually saying

  25. I found this fascinating and the mathematics, if represented correctly, very interesting indeed. But if the ancients were attempting to send some kind of message, that message seems to have been lost to the mists of time. I don’t subscribe to religions or gods or other unsubstantiated supernatural woowoo, but the “Great Year” idea of the 26,000 year cycle makes some sense. What it actually means to me and how it impacts my life is zero. 

  26. imagine learningg something new eh?? people who made this should be burnt at the stake?? you too are morons

  27. @ecf05fce7771b366e6deaa986dda411b:disqus  Gabriel Yes, i agree with you. this is propaganda. I do not believe.

  28. This is only propaganda! You expect me to believe? YOU