The Ring of Fire

Broadcast (1998) The Pacific Ocean is rimmed by a chain of active volcanoes, arranged in a series of graceful arcs and extending 30,000 kilometres from New Zealand through Fiji, New Guinea, the Philippines, Japan, the Aleutian Islands, and down the west coast of the Americas to Patagonia. This necklace of volcanoes, continually rocked by earthquakes, has been christened the ‘Ring of Fire’. Scientists exploring the link between the Pacific Ocean and the earthquakes and volcanoes which surround it have formulated a remarkable theory, plate tectonics, which explains not only how the outer part of the Earth works, but how the continents themselves and the mineral wealth they contain were formed and continue to grow.

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  1. “Planet Yields Up its Wealth” …we better save up

  2. Immensely enjoyed this program..anything that remotely deals with Pangea is a hit with me … “Why are minerals so abundant in specific areas?” “Entire surface of earth is continuously moving…” Wow. And, I like the word “Barnacle”