The Road To Armageddon: A Spiritual Documentary

The Road to Armageddon: A Spiritual Documentary examines the universal concept of the Apocalypse on an intensely personal and spiritual level, not as the end of the world but as the end of you: your body, your mind and, if you’re not careful, your soul.

The film puts the viewer on the front lines of the eternal battle between good and evil, combining academic interviews with firsthand accounts of divine revelation to bring fresh urgency to the teachings of the world’s major religions.

Buddhist, Jew, Muslim, Hindi or Christian, the message is the same: spread love, reject hate, walk in the light, avoid the dark, listen to the angels, ignore the demons. The simplest choices you’ll ever make lead to the hardest path you’ll ever walk…

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  1. beautiful, to see how the different religions collaborate to bring you to a path of the divine. greatly speaks to the soul. the message of selflessness is powerful.

  2. This is so very real … two forces are at war over every soul!!! It is up to you how you will live and how you will spend all of eternity! I have had an out of body experience… It is impossible to describe the beauty, peace, joy and love of Heaven. Jesus, aches for each and everyone that they not perish! His love… is beyond description, don’t turn away, don’t harden you heart. He awaits you with open arms! Despite the lateness of the hour, it still is not to late!

  3. I’m sad that I will likely not be alive when this type of obsolete thinking has been overcome by reason, logic, and evidence in mainstream society.

  4. its good that this doc mentioned that at the base of all religions, living a good life is the main point. i also liked that it mentioned how religious fanatics can take a peaceful religion and poison it to get their way

  5. Does anyone think that, conceptually speaking, something that is godly can never be proven in this world, reality, realm, what ever your perspective; surely if any attempt to dictate, illustrate or summons a description, to what cannot exist to us as we cannot know it, makes any argument irrelevant?

  6. I managed to watch 39 minutes, before the one-sided, self-righteousness simply drove away my ability to try and tolerate it, in order to see if there was anything to be learned from watching this.
    I admire all people who do things that are genuinely, demonstrably good for the creatures (any kind) inhabiting this planet. This, however, I honestly found to be a childishly put argument. Where did this lady (Hughes) get a definitive description (and supporting evidence) that “realms” exist as she asserts?
    Whilst it was good to see that more than one person featured in this doc’ was willing to accept spirituality itself as more important than the “my version of God” Christian versus Muslim style of argument, it was (up to 39 min’s at least) utterly one-sided and subjective.

  7. i consider myself to be an atheist. I believe there is much that humans can not possibly comprehend. After watching this I believe that love is a fundamental force in our world. Do good to others, and good will be done to you. I have believed in Karma for a long time now, it is a powerful force. Nature and divinity is complex beyond our understanding

  8. The Christian View, 3 relationships, man to man, God to man, man’ s spiritual nature to his physical nature are made desolate by 3 abominations, the beast, great whore,and dragon. The Vision given to Christians is to obey the responses of the Christ to the temptations of the devil in the desert. Do not tempt God, Love God ans serve Him alone, live by God’s Word and by bread. The mother of harlots and abominations of the earth is the great whore which is created by self service. The beast is built by living for bread alone, the Holy Spirit is rejected and forgien fire recieved to stand in it’s Holy place, where it ought not to be. When all 3 relationships are destroyed there is nothing left to destroy. The Apocapalse is the wrath of God poured forth on the desolate, who have recieved the mark of the beast. A flood balsalt eruption would destroy the world, where were it not for the sake of the elect, no life would be spared. It would darken the sun and moon.Carnal physicallity is all that is left to destroy in a people bereft of a reason for being. Christians beleive this will happen. Only Jesus Christ is willing and able to give us Eternal Life.

  9. Although the documentary is talking a lot about God I dont think its actually some piece of religious propaganda, I think they portray God as “some thing” rather than someone which is always something thats nice, I mean we cant personify something we can only grasp so little of.

    Food for thought to say the least, I believe in balance rather than overglorifying only the good or only the negative and sometimes negative stuff needs to be done for positive stuff to happen (vice versa good things can lead to bad stuff). This doesnt mean that I think its important to keep ones soul “clean” or at least aware of actions. Something that seems to be lost nowadays.

  10. After listening and watching this program today, I’ve concluded I must be a religious nut. I believe everything these people are talking about …sure, when they said things like “Jesus told me …,” “Jesus said…” yeah it was a little bit over the top ..but, i do believe they (and people in general) if you are intuitive enough (or just “a chosen one”) can have mystic experiences …and oh yeah…Demons are real… on this planet disquised as sooo many things… scary scary truth Good Program

  11. “Muslims must kill non-believers wherever they are unless they convert to Islam.” – Ali Gom’a (grand mufti of Egypt, the highest Muslim religious authority in the world, Al Ahram, April 7, 2008) source:

    In an Al-Jazeera survey on September 11, 2006, 49.9% of the respondents avowed that they did indeed support Osama bin Laden. source:

    35% of Egyptians and Saudis say that supporting jihad is Islamic duty. source:

  12. Well if its ok with Mr.BigBoots its OK with me.