The Royal Family at Work

All four of the Queen’s children talk frankly for the first time about their working roles as part of the Royal Family.

The younger generation are also seen to be getting involved. There’s an early-morning surprise for the residents of an inner-city hostel when they come down to breakfast and find Prince William making the coffee.

Prince Harry attends a strategy meeting for his African charity, Sentebale. And we see what happens when all the family turn up for a very proud moment at Sandhurst.

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  1. Why do these comments always degenerate into a us against them, mentality? It does not make either party look intelligent. What not just comment on the content of the film?

  2. regardless of how you feel about America or the UK, this documentary was excellently done. It is very interesting to me how the old monarchies and regiemes of the older nations are adapting to the new era. 

  3. You call America a success? Haha, that’s hilarious. The ruling political class of America has nobody’s best interests in mind, except for the upper 1% who hold all the wealth.

    Only 1st world country without UHC is not success. It’s shameful.

  4. The idea that an entire class of international families who’s job is ruling different lands is both archaic and despotic. The success of America is proof that royalty is anachronistic and counter to the best interests of the citizenry.

    • Isn’t America itself a product of the monarchy’s ambitions who are also occult members of the Illuminati/Masons? There’s certainly a lot of information out there to suggest that the reasons for the civil war in the United States was to bankrupt the state in the interest of these powers. I’m also hard pressed to believe otherwise no matter who’s making the laws in America that they have the citizenry’s best interest in mind given what history has reflected I would suggest just the opposite.