The Search for Atocha

in 1622 a Spanish galleon sunk off the coast of Florida containing a fortune in treasures on board, but remained elusive until 1989, when explorer Mel Fisher finally located its whereabouts. Called the Atocha, this program charters the search for the missing ship, and shows Fisher showing off some of the incredible riches he found on board. An incredible story, THE SEARCH FOR ATOCHA shows that sometimes life really does mirror the fictional tales that we’re so enamored with.

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  1. pretty cool documentary.

  2. Grrr i just hate american over the top and annoying.,..

    • Here ye, here ye. What’s more annoying is that Mr Fisher was represented as a treasure hunter most importantly for thrill of it, but during the whole film all he ever did was quote the monetary value of every piece of eight and stone of emerald. Money is evil.