The Secrets of The Austrian Cellar

The story of Elisabeth Fritzl, who was locked in a cellar and repeatedly raped by her father over 24 years, has stunned the world. Her father, Josef, stands accused of imprisoning Elisabeth and using her as a sex slave in an underground bunker beneath his house in the provincial Austrian town of Amstetten.

Over nearly a quarter of a century Elisabeth bore him seven children. Three of whom were kept in the cellar with her, three were taken to live upstairs with her father and his wife, while one baby was incinerated in the cellar furnace when he died a few days after birth.

This documentary examines the story so far and asks how Josef Fritzl managed to keep his horrific crimes hidden for so long.

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  1. @ fiala. Sooo agreed!!!

  2. Clearing his prison record after 10 years was definitely part of the problem. So was an 18-month sentence for rape. I hope Judge Hitler is no longer working in that capacity in Austria or anywhere else.

  3. I don’t get how he did this to his daughter of all things… It would be very disturbing if it was some random girl that he did this to but his daughter…… That’s fucked up

  4. The Eurofags! haa 

  5. Why would they expect the guy who’s done all this for 24 years to ‘show remorse’ or be fit to stand trial?
    This typical kind of, for one, relatively-uninformed, media commentary– and typically without investigating the father’s own upbringing and his interaction within the Austrian sociocultural system– is yet another example of systemic failure or shortcoming, and one that almost seems to help keep these kinds of things happening (because there is little critical/deep/meaningful analysis for a better chance at prevention).

    For elaboration, please look up a TED talk featuring Philip Zimbardo who ‘shows how people become monsters’.

  6. What is the superset of this prison?

    Answer; the nation-state– in this case; Austria.

    Where the(ir) police take the investigative credit for a symptom of the cause that is their own employer.

    We live in glorified prisons as corporatocratic, greed-based, competitive, wage/debt-slaving, community-fracturing, corrupt, sweatshopping, war industrial complex-creating, fiat-currency fractional-reserve-banking, polluting, thieving (i.e. tax collection), etc., nation-states.
    Those are what ultimately cause these kinds of deeply perverse subsets.

    Just look up Wikileaks’ Collateral Murder video for yet another subset example of the tip of the iceberg.

    • Sooo it’s her fault? I don’t care what happened ti him and why these criminals become monsters, no more xcuses. Bc that’s exactly how they get away with it. This should have been stopped. Yes I agree the authorities suck!, they just wNt the easy jobs of someone stealing a cupcake at some local convenience store!

  7. I’m so thankful that this documentary didn’t do the usual thing of shoving a camera in the mother and childrens faces, some measure of trying to protect their identies was certainly there. But they should have also hidden the faces of the upstairs children. Sure the people in the town know their faces but no need for everywhere to, they’ll probably be so scarred they’ll want to live in another country.

    • show me even one example of a documentary where cameras are “shoved in the faces” of the victims, thats a stupid thing to say, any documentary about these kinds of subjects, the victims are being interviewed by their own free will!…

  8. I think he NEEDS to be tortured for a very long while before dying. The mother needs just to be put out of her misery.

  9. I think he NEEDS to be tortured for a very long while before dying. The mother needs just to be put out of her misery.