The Secrets of the Star Disk

This is the extraordinary story of how a small metal disc is rewriting the epic saga of how civilisation first came to Europe, 3600 years ago.

When grave robbers ransacked a Bronze Age tomb in Germany, they had no idea that they had unearthed the find of a lifetime. But they knew that it was worth selling. It was a small bronze disc of exquisite design. So they contacted the archaeologist Harald Meller, offering to sell it to him for £300,000.

Meller went deep into the criminal underworld and, after a police sting, he got his disc. It depicted the sun, the moon and the stars. This suggested an understanding of the heavens greater than that of the first great civilisations, like Egypt. Could it possibly be real?

After exhaustive tests, the disc was declared genuine. Then a team of crack scientists pieced together what it meant. What emerged is a true marvel.

This disc, it seems, is a Bronze Age Bible, combining an advanced understanding of the stars with some of the most sophisticated religious imagery of the age. In intellectual achievement and also age, it surpasses anything yet found in Egypt or Greece. It seems that civilisation had already dawned in Europe.

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  1. The documentary failed to mention and/or explain the small holes on the outer edge of the disk.

    Is it possible that it was sewn on a piece of fabric or find leather and was part of a larger design? Like an ancient compass.

    Similarly to a modern compass that can be overlaid on a map to obtain bearings so would this device be attached to some sort of star map.

  2. I don’t understand why the discoverers of the star disc were classified as criminals. They simply went out in the woods with metal detectors. Was the forest private property or otherwise not available to the public?

  3. Rather boring. A lot of assumptions too.

  4. The Star disc is obviously their first rendition of the earths globe.

  5. Thanks for the post, how can I make is so that I receive an update sent in an email every time you write a new post?

  6. Its a map to North America from Iran..or pre pheonecian

  7. The disc is obviously a significant find, but this documentary is full of hype. There is nothing particularly “mysterious” about the Pleaides. It is a nearby open star cluster and asterism (not constellation) within the constellation Taurus, the Bull. It would have attracted anybody’s attention, being bright and compact (at least to the eyes), and was well known to everyone in the ancient world. This is no more a “map” of the night sky than a stick drawing of a robin is a complete guide to all the birds. As soon as I saw this disk I thought: “there’s the crescent Moon, the Sun and the Pleaides. I should bring up my planetarium program and see if there was a total solar eclipse with totality near the Pleaides around 1600 B.C.” Even though the Moon is shown crescent (in a total eclipse it would be full), it would look that way at some point in the eclipse. The depiction of the Pleaides on this disc is very basic and does not indicate some advanced civilization (dramatic music aside). One has to imagine how the night sky was these people’s evening entertainment, full of magical things like meteors and those bright wanderers (planets) that moved against the farther stars. What is amazing is that more depictions of the night sky have not been found.

  8. What a croc of shite!! 200 years before anyone else – Fkn white people hahahahaha

    • The statement is archaeologically true and is nothing to do with skin colour. Anthropologists know that the earliest Egyptians were Eurasians (Natufian farmers). You must be a racist.

  9. Apparently the comment section is full of greedy people that claim their ancestor’s civilization is better than the other’s.Let me clear things up!There is no perfect civilization and there never will be.There are so many types of beautiful cultures with great philosophies that didn’t need writing or grand architecture for people to be happy.Do you actually believe men without material possessions are by default savage?Because that’s as narcissistic,ethnocentric,megalomaniac and conservative as you can get.
    Stop clinging to your past,using it to affirm your insecurities.Learn from the ancients and respect them,but don’t smear your ancestry on everyone’s face.How can our forefathers rest while everyone rocks their tombs?

    Fratilor,incetati cu mandria asta stupida legata de daci,traci,iliri,pelasgi si culturile vinca si cucuteni.Daca vreti sa castigati respect,deveniti oameni buni si puternici,si modesti precum stramosii nostri.Nu aspirati la puritate rasiala si culturala,nu va izolati fata de celalalte neamuri.Pisativa pe mentalitatea asta conservativa si gasitiva un tel in viata.Studiez antropologie si imi doresc sa vizitez cat mai multe societati primitive.Nu pentru a le impune o mentalitate occidentala,ci pentru a le spune:”cultura voastra este frumoasa asa cum este;nimeni nu este perfect.”Nici noi,romanii nu suntem perfecti,si trebuie sa acceptam asta.Astfel ne putem deschide inimile,si putem fi din nou o natiune unita,fiecare individ fiind unic,nu uniformizat precum isi doresc conducatorii nostri.

    Accept the fact that we’re all imperfect.Have a good life.

  10. My problem is with the trickery and treatment of so-called “plunderers”. These people are only walking through a forest looking for items of value. The world belongs to everyone and everything in it, living or otherwise.

    Unfortunately the powers that be can make up laws and rules to suit themselves and change them whenever and however it benefits them

    I can understand how graverobbers can destroy artifacts and evidence through ignorance and greed, but going through a forest or whatever with metal detectors should not constitute a crime.

    Shame, shame on the person (I forget his name) who opened his big mouth and alerted the cops. He is the one who lacks honour.

    • So, the world belongs to everyone, therefore ancient artifacts belong in the hands of private collectors. Nice logic there, kiddo!

  11. I can’t think of any usernames that I can remember and haven’t been taken.  Any place else I can see this video?

  12. No one does no the exact meaning of it,but one thing for sure is strange empty hole in it which the lates picture and shows have deleted for some reason I belive there’s a meaning behind that hole.

  13. just a note besides the lines. Few years ago i was laying in my sofa,stoned and looked at the corner of my ceiling,when suddenly the same pattern come in to my mind and vision, It was late night and I for some reason thought it was a bit strange and used the back on an old envelope I had laid on my table to draw down the pattern I saw,so I could remember the pattern next day. A week or so later I was watching SBS on tv it was a show about Nebra disc I watched it and become stunned and very suprised that the same pattern was inscript on the shield,and start wondering were in the earth I had seen this before it showed up on tv. I have never earlier seen it anywhere or read about it so I after the show run over to my neighbour wich I knew was interested in shows like this,and told him my ecounter. He said he taped it and was going to watch later. I borrowed the tape and also contacted a Danish guy whom was one of the partipaciant in the doc about my vision. Anyway I thought it was strange meybe am pshycic lol still got the envelope and the pic of the shield i use as my background on pc and ph haha

    • PTAH, you might want to seek out and CAREFULLY experiment with Amanita Muscaria.  They’re also known as honey-mushrooms, ’cause they taste really good.  They’re also known as Toadstools and can be poisonous if used improperly.  Eat a quarter ounce, or less, and lay back and see pretty pictures on the ceiling.  Eat a half ounce, or more, and wake up naked in jail.  Seriously — it happened to a guy I know.
      They’re not exactly illegal, because they’re considered poison.  But they are NOT “magic mushrooms”. You mostly just go to sleep, or a light trance; you’d never eat some and then go to a party.  But if you like pretty pictures….

  14. I really like the topic here: ancient european history. Theres very little in literature or video about NW europe in history. Maybe it’s because of the lack of large ruins. 
    Parts of this story are really cool, like the guy who recovered the disk, the disk itself, the little surveying tic marks on it, etc. ; but some of the huge leaps of logic made in this video make the professors look incredibly dim. Not every group of seven dots is the pleiades, not every arcing line is a boat, two similar artifacts don’t prove a shared origin… Theres a lot of stupidity presented here. It reminds me of the story of the medeterrainians who found huge fossilized bones, and assumed they belonged to Perseus. Modern experts are no smarter, and I bet peoples thinking hasn’t changed much in 5000 years.

  15. 3600 yars ago?? The oldest civilisation in Europe is the Cucuteni-Trypolie (7000 years old). The oldest written message in whe world(8000 years old) was found at Tartaria (Romania), while agriculture was first introduced more than 10.000 years ago. Those were of the first wave of migrations into Europe, the civilisations that achieved perfection(check their artwork – amazing, and spirituality(first democracies)). The ones the Romans conquered “fuckgreece” mentions came later (the indoeuropean migrations). And yes, they did know a lot about astrology – check the masurement system of the Sarmisegetuza fortress. And yes they did have a connection with the egyptians – the burrial songs of the vlach population in Serbia is nearly identical (when translated) with the old egyptian ones and 100% identical with the tibetan ones. Archeologists should really study eastern-european early civilisations – Cucuteni, Vinca, etc

    •  You are wrong mate, oldest civilization in Europe were the Ancient Aryans, archeological evidence found in Eastern Europe particularity Balkan Peninsula date back from 12,000 BC to 100,000 BC back to Paleolithic age. Evidence of the Indo European languages show that all languages of Europe, GAyreek, Latin, Slavic dialects, Albanian, French, English, Indian etc etc all originated from the ancient language of the Pelasgians. Pelasgians were the descendants of the ancient Aryans. After the Pelasgians came the Illyrians who lived together with the Thracians in the Balkans this was long before the Gayreeks came from africa. The Illyrian tribes migrated from the Balkans and spread throughout Europe, Alexander the Great who was Illyrian with his conquests took the spread of the Illyrian civilization as far as India. Then the Romans Mixed a ton of cultures and people up. then during 600-700 AD came the filthy slavic Invasions of the Balkans :D. You are right about one thing Eastern Europe is the cradle of European Civilization and its where all European life language and culture began! Archeologists dont bother to study Eastern Europe because it Used to be Communist. So they decide to write their own made up fake history Like the germans did in the 1800s making the Gayreeks center of Europe. Why the fuck are the Cucuteni? Early civilization in Europe goes as follows, Aryans, Pelasgians, Illyrians + Homo gypsie Gayreeks Everybody else came after the fall of the Roman empire!

    • on the contrary myfriend. Oldest Civilization and Language in Europe were the Ancent Aryan Stock! There have been found artifacts in Eastern Europe Balkan dating back more than 10,000. Some historians place the Aryan Civilization to have lived in the Balkan 10,000 – 100,000 BC. The civilization you speak of has nothing to do with Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria or any of the gypise – Slavs who showed up in Eastern Europe during 700BC. The Civilization you speak of are called the Pelasgians later on the Illyirans who in modern day are represented by the Albanians (and im albanian by the way). Alexander the Great was of Illyiran decent Phirro of Epirus and so on. The gypsie Romanians and Macedonians or GAyreeks or the fucking filthy Serbs or Bulgarians or Polkas Slovenians etc have no claim to these lands or the history of the people there. Search the Illyrians and the origins of the Indoeuropean languages

  16. The movie stopped before the end, and then I was asked to subscribe to another website. Not very good.

  17. Another manufacture by the Euro Fags! 3600 years ago Euro Fags were barbarians living in forests. Shit when the Romans conquered them less than 1700 years ago they were cave man eating each other. Euro Fags creating history they dont have hilarious Greater than Egyptians? hilarious, the ancient Egyptians had mapped out a good deal of the solar system. Stick to sucking the americans dicks and being faggs you fucking homos

  18. Another manufacture by the Euro Fags! 3600 years ago Euro Fags were barbarians living in forests. Shit when the Romans conquered them less than 1700 years ago they were cave man eating each other. Euro Fags creating history they dont have hilarious Greater than Egyptians? hilarious, the ancient Egyptians had mapped out a good deal of the solar system. Stick to sucking the americans dicks and being faggs you fucking homos

  19. Double AWESOME, this is so interestingly cool.

  20. mars is in between the moon and the boat (belt)

  21. the 3 stars between the sun and moon could be the 3 inner planets the 6 in the boat could be the planets on the other side of the asteroid belt the boat could be that belt and the other 13 stars around the edge could be the zodiac months before the catholic s made them 12,,,,,the northern hemisphere is darker longer during the winter months makes sense that euros were the original astrologers .

  22. That disk is lame…

  23. the first thing that struck me when looking at this was the fact that stars are showing behind the (full)moon. One cannot see stars through the moon. It was interesting how they brought it all together though.

  24. It was a nice doc but they did not explain the piece behind the moon. That looked like it meant something as well. I wonder what that is all about. A bit long too.

  25. yup, very longwinded.

  26. Interesting topic but takes too long to reveal what the disc is really about… could have been 10 minutes long and told the same.

    • Why didn’t they take into account that there is a piece of gold missing on the other side of the sun. Also the 82 degree should apply all around the globe at that latitude