The Story of Science: Can We Have Unlimited Power?

We are the most power-hungry generation that has ever lived. This film tells the story of how that power has been harnessed – from wind, steam and from inside the atom. In the early years the drive for new sources of power was led by practical men who wanted to make money.

Their inventions and ideas created fortunes and changed the course of history, but it took centuries for science to catch up, to explain what power is, rather than simply what it does. This search revealed fundamental laws of nature which apply across the universe, including the most famous equation in all of science, e=mc2.

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  1. who cares you bunch of sillibillis

  2. please excuse my apparent gullible ignorant foolishness, i forgot that scientists today have already worked out the countless possibilities in the universe. I’m sorry for my sarcasm but the way i see it is until we have a unified theory of everything, everything should still be considered possible. No man alive today knows whats possible tomorrow, we can only learn whats possible by keeping an open mind. So if someone makes out that they know whats possible or not, and then ridecule anyone who believe’s otherwise is purely trying to stoke their own ego by suggesting they are superior.The greatest most innovative discoveries were not made by close minded people, they were made by people who thought outside the box, away from the normal “believe only what everyone else believe’s” scientists. Think for yourself people, dont let anyone else make your mind up for you, yes Jay M Almanza was right when he said go to the library, and the information you gain there should be cross examined with the rest of information you have gathered from as many source’s as you can find, then you can truly say you have a well informed opinion covering all points of view.

  3. i think Tesla had a bit more than just a little understanding of science and engineering and he thought iit was possible, does that make him gullible? Anyway im not sre what i believe yet, but at least im asking question’s instead of sweeping it under the carpet. So instead of detering people from finding out themselves i stress again to anyone who has’nt heard this story to have a little look, like i said in my first comment, you dont have to believe anything but there is no denying that this story has massive entertainment value. whether it be true or false you wont be disappointed

    • Oh for fucks sake Bradders. I don’t believe anybody accuses Telsa of being gullible, rather it is ignorant fools who do not understand basic physics and yet believe horse-shit conspiracies of the suppression ‘free energy.’

      I would never “deter[ing] people from finding out themselves”, but this is not found by the lies, distortions & fantasies so popular on the interest .. it is found by studying in the accumulated learning of countless individuals from centuries of study .. a summary of which is easily available in school science lessons! Failing that go to a library a read some science & engineering books.

      • ok i hear what your saying and i am not a scientist nor do i profess to be, but what i am pretty sure is Tesla had a deeper understanding of engineering than anyone at that time and”maybe” and i stress maybe even todoy, its a small possibility. But in science shouldn’t you check every possibility. Just for the record Tesla’s funding was cut before he could finish his goal of transmitting and receiving energy in large volumes, i for one would have lliked to see him continue his work to see if it was possible or not, but the fact is Tesla had more than a basic understanding of physic and he thought it was possibe , and he had already given us so much, i think his opinion holds a bit more weight than yours. And lastly is it not a possibility that those with power write our history books, a point that is highlighted by the fact that kids are still being taught in school that Marconi was the one to give us radio. but they never say it was Tesla’s patents that made it work, in fact they never mentioned Tesla at all in my school. I think that is the reason why somone like me might be a little aprehensive to believe everything i have been told. You cant deny that it is an interesting subject that people might not get to see in the mainstream media, so whats the harm in people taking a look for themselves?

  4. another point i would like to raise is there is a cheeky nudge nudge wink wink moment when the narrator is talking about the battle of waterloo and especially knowing the outcome quickly could be very profitable. Now if you want see an interesting take on the situation involving a homing pidgeon i suggest you watch an old film called “The house of the Rothchids”. Considering this documentary was first aired on the bbc, a much respected broadcaster in many countries, you would assume that they give you all the information ( or at least the names of major inventor’s who changed the way we live ie.. it was Tesla who harnessed Niagra’s power ). But then again assumption is the mother of all fuck ups.I would just like to end with saying that there is no bad information , all information is good information , dont get me wrong there is trueful information and there is false information , but sometimes you can get the truth from false information . Whatever you choose to believe do it with your own research.

  5. funny how he names every inventer up until we started using the ac motor, just another instance where Nikola Tesla’s legacy is being suppressed. if you have never heard of Nikola Tesla before it is for good reason, it is believed that one of his many inventions was unlimited free energy, “sound a little far fetched eh” but if you do your homework you will find out that during the race between Tesla and marconi to transmit the first radio waves across the atlantic the “great financier” J P Morgan (who really worked for the Rothchilds) stopped funding Tesla’s efforts when he found out that not only could he transmit radio waves he could also transmit energy, there is no way of “putting a meter” on this type of energy, Nikola Tesla’s invention still partly exist today although not for the same use, now it is called HAARP. Even if you think this is a load of bollocks it is a facinating story that deserves some research, then you can draw your own conclusion ‘s about why you have never heard of the greatest inventer to have ever lived .

    • Many people have heard of Nikola Tesla and recognise the significance of his work. However, claims that his inventions allowed unlimited free energy, and that this was subsequently suppressed, is classic conspiracy claptrap believed by the gullible with little understanding of science & engineering.

      • im not saying its true or false but to question the motives for suppressing Tesla’s work, of course it cries out conspiracy, Tesla’s name should be as well known as any other inventer who has ever lived . As for free energy i never said i believed that Tesla mastrered it , but the patents for his invention are being used for something completely differrent now . Whatever you think about Tesla, he was head and shoulders above his piers, when he envisioned television and the internet he was thought to have gone mad, but here we are with all our futuristic technology. Whose to say in the future we wont have unlimited energy, certainly not you , you seem to have closed your mind to anything truly innovative. Anyway i respect your views, me personally i think its gullible to not question what we been have told or more to the point what we haven’t been told.