The Story Of The Sputnik Moment

This film dramatically tells the story of the 18 months that changed American education forever. The change was provoked by the fear of Sputnik — and American parents, students, educators, government, the whole nation really, got together and radically improved science, math and engineering education and much more. Language labs. Classes for gifted kids. All of that is here.

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  1. An inspiring view of how fear can be a very good motivator for change. In this movie, the results were for the common good, nut it wisely stops in that moment.

  2. Yes I can just imagine it. Judging by how the whole of the USA responded to 9/11 , they were ALL petrified , when sputnik was announced they must have creamed it. I do wonder why the Americans are , and always have been , so terrified of the rest of the world ( of which they are by far the strongest and have been since WW11 ) that they feel contstantly in fear of attack. When they launched sputnik the Russian had NO capabaility to attack the USA with nuclear weapons and had no interest in doing so.

    Think about it Russia had lost the war in a way , it lost millions of its population and was almost destituted in reality. Thery did have a huge army with which they had fought Hitler but they wanted to disband most of this and get back to trying to build their country. They could not have attacked ANY country in reality and they were on the defensive in Germany for gods sake.

    No the USA grew rich from WW11 and the industrialists who made all the weapons wanted to carry on and so did the financiers in Wall Street.Sputnik was all round propanda by BOTH sides and BOTH gained in tehir own ways.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed this documentary ..somewhat of a journey through the American Education system as somewhat of a lost artifact to pop culture…

  4. Very interesting documentary. After the war, the Russians emerged stronger than they were at the war’s start, as did the Americans. As for the rest of Europe, they were pretty much destroyed by the Nazis as were some of Russias’s major cities, especially Stalingrad. As for the United states of America, only Pearl Harbour, and only their military bases there were attacked by the Japanese and no majorly populated cities on the Hawaiian Islands or the USA Mainland were ever invaded. Russia was seriously invaded by the Nazis and suffered more casualties than anybody in the entire WW2. I have often wondered why the USA fears Russia so much and has tried to put down any of their accomplishments such as launching the first “Sputnik” sattelite into space. I suppose that this rivalry brought on the USA political system has improved some things in the USA such as education which needed improving anyway, but it has instilled an unnecessary and controlling fear, for the people of Russia. I being a Canadian have never felt any fear of Russia, except perhaps their National Hockey Team. The war has been over for well over 65 years and yet the United States is still flexxing their Military Might for all the world to witness ever since Peace was declared in 1945. They have fought wars in Korea, Cuba, Grenada, Vietnam, Quwait, Iraq and Afganistan and yet I do not recall hearing of any of these countries ever attacking the USA or ever mounting an Invasion. It would seem that they are intent on World Military Domminence, which I believe is much the same way as Germany and Hitler set out to achieve…maybe we should all be afraid and not of the Russians!!!

  5.       A good documentary that shows how one moment in time can change how people think. To bad that as with all moments, it was only momentary. The vast majority of the population in the U.S are still not that bright, because they have been brainwashed. Polarized political views regarding democrat or republican exposes the lack of critical thinking taking place, and that democracy has been replaced with corporatism. (fascism) Give it 40 years, and the people in Libya and Egypt will find out nothing has changed, whether they vote or not. Ultimately, democracy is an illusion, and is in conflict with corporatism. Ask the people of Greece whether they feel like they have the right to choose, after Germany’s chancelor Angela Merkle tells them to accept their new austerity measures. Since money rules the day, and we are all slaves to a corrupt global pyramid scheme, the greatest mathematicians now go to Wall st. (economics) not science. The only reason there was a middle class in America to begin with, was because they had no competition after the 2nd world war. (the only surviving infrastructure. Since that is no longer the case, and their middle class has all but disappeared, it would seem likely that another major war is no the horizon since their entire infrastructure is now based upon it. Since people are incapable of learning from the past, the last chance for humanity is for it to be pass down through the genes. At the speed evolution operates at, I wouldn’t hold my breath!

  6. Vell, very interesting. I shhould louk up zee new theory about zee smarty Jew, who knows, they says they lie all zee time. I alveeys know timek was a constant, it passes second by second everyee timek. Google ,she knowks.

  7. very interesting!

  8. Fairy tale propaganda masterpiece, hiding corporate influence. 

    Firmly, corporate interests shaped the minds of millions, as seen. Fear imposed on the nation, manipulated, in order to alienate nation away from self sustainable, good and simple life.
    Fear driven corporate interest influencing government decision making, misleading the post war generation and leading to consumer based lifestyle. 

    Fat cats made profit on expense of the life aspirations of many, including loss of natural ecosystem resources, while real and talented inventors were driven underground .. everyone else .. mislead to loss of freedom and creativity.

    You know, way to hell is paved with a good intentions.. 

    For you folks, who lived this, in real life, please wake up.
    They lied to you and Einstein theory is not standing any more.
    So what was than science about. Think ? if you dare 🙂