The Superior Human?

This broad and powerful documentary gives us an insight into the claims of mankind as being superior to all other life forms. The Superior Human reveals the absurdity of this belief while exploding human bias.

In this film a master artist reveals the many coloured facets of our reasoning for such claims thereby revealing an astonishing array of little known facts. It would be hard for any person NOT to be challenged by the basic and proven truths found in this visual smorgasbord.

The Superior Human? enables everyone to look into the long held belief systems which have produced untold suffering for all species on the planet through weaponry and environmental ignorance.

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  1. Absurdity of the belief in the superiority of humans? Take note viewers: A “master artist”? ” An astonishing array of little known facts”? The absurdity here is in the “fact” that it is beyond absurd to use the terms “artist” & “fact” in the same sentence let alone in general proximity of each other.

    Art & concept are equally relatable as say science & fact. Right out of the gate the author of this misguided, albeit I am sure sincere project, have unfortunately confused the facts of science & nature. Granted their has been much suffering for many species as a direct result of man’s willful ignorance. That is not to say that you & I my friend, are on an equal playing field as that of the north west banana slug or the family of plague infested rats in constant flagrante delicto living under the trailer at the end of the block.

    • I was wondering if this superior human had fixed his connectivity and lagging issues? I tried to help yesterday but that site ate two of my posts and didn’t have the decency to spit them out. Rats eh, don’t ya just love em.

      • At the moment I am able to access/watch & even post with slightly less frustration. All in all, since I’ve given up all hope I seem to be doing much better.

        • I’m glad to hear it. I understand your frustration as I am Mr. Impatient and slow net speed would irritate me beyond belief. Lol. Thankfully it hardly ever happens, I’ll post some tips at an appropriate doc on TDF if you like?