The Syrian Revolution

A very raw inside look into the Syrian revolution. This documentary is more of a collection of mobile footage from the inside of Syria itself.

This documentary contains scenes, some views may find disturbing.

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  1. Where is your ALLAH NOW!!!??

  2. After seeing this I understand that there is only one solution of this madness. Bashar al-Assad has to be killed. He doesn’t deserves to live in this earth. Anyone who believes in a politician solution are so wrong. You have to be wiped out from this Mother Earth, al-Assad. We don’t need you…

    • You people are watching PURE propaganda. Right on minute 2 they expose the  deceitful nature of this film when they show a huge march of support for Assad but make it appear as part of the protests. More info can be found here, ffs do your own research don’t just eat up the US/Israeli propaganda

  3. Sick!
    I wish the west could do some thing fast.

  4. It’s not false I spent over 1000 hours making this so I know.

  5. False False BIG time Fitna ( falsehood ) many fotage from deferent Arab uprising puten together.

  6. people has sick as this should be nuked end of children aint done a thing its heart breaking

  7. Libya 2.0 total massacre edition

  8. that video’s just touched me heart weve gotta pray for those poor innocent people and do everything we can to help them!

  9. HasbunAllah RabbunAllah la hawla wa la quwweta illa billah il `Aliyy al `Adheem… ya Ghaliban ghayra maghloob