The Tower Age

Photographed from a single perspective on September 5th, 6th, 8th, 11th, 12th, and October 1st in the year 2001, The Tower Age is the true story of a kid, his camera, his Brooklyn fire escape, and the resulting array of images that document the twilight and death of the Twin Towers–an archive so unique that it amounts to a kind of time-lapse of the unfolding of history.

Beginning on September 5th with photographs of the sun blazing through the Twin Towers and ending just twenty-five days later on October 1st when the towers had completely vanished from the skyline, The Tower Age is a singular photographic account of the now-hallowed air above the City.

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  1. Thank you for a beautiful tribute. I never saw the WTC, but I was a disaster volunteer from Tennessee and arrived about 10 days after the attacks. It was an honor to help the uniformed responders and to help the families of the missing and dead. Last week I gave a presentation to my high school forensic science class about the events of 9/11 and, for the first time, it had little impact on them. They were so young and so disconnected from that time. I’m going to show them your video. It was moving and powerful and maybe it will touch them in a gentler way. This was beautiful. Thank you.

  2. These closeup images from the towers at the bottom you can see they are not from just before(a week or so) the attacks.. there was flags of some kind in the windows in the towers at ground level.. up to 3 weeks before the attacks.. Sorry dude your busted..

    • I sometimes peek at the comments regarding my documentary. One can always expect good and bad. However, I never expected to encounter the validity of the images in my film to be challenged and summarily judged as a lie. More to the point, if you are speaking about the one sequence where he (I) sat below the towers, on September 6th, and contemplated the idea of what it would like to stand in the corner, that particular shot, the “World Trade Center Panormana”, is credited at the end of the film to Mark Fink of–a gentleman who was kind enough to allow me to use that beautiful sequence. The crux of that scene, however, is its culmination, which is the “pyramid photo”, a picture that was indeed shot on September 6th. In fact, I have many other pictures from that same day–a glorious and beautiful day. A day that I will forever be happy to have lived. That was the twilight of an era. And I myself find enchantment in the fact that external verification of the date is present in other images from that day. On Broadway, for example, there are pictures that include banners with the date “9/9 – 9/16, 2001”, marking the coming week of the “Chinese Cultural Festival.” When I made “The Tower Age”, I thought it might be wise to draw attention to this time span in order to allay any doubts as to the validity of the material. But the better half of me won out because I somehow hoped that people would not be so cynical as to assume that a tale such as mine could be made up of faked. In fact, it was holy week for me. So in the end, you may choose to believe what you believe. Regardless of your wreckless, and, I might add, heartless, accusations, it remains a holy week in my heart and in my pictures. Some day I will release, in unedited form, the 150 pictures that I shot between 9/5 and 9/11.

      • Please forgive some of the grammatical incorrectness in my previous post. I hit “Post” without reviewing its grammar. The facts, however, remain the same.

  3. Mr. Cors has made a worthy eulogy. This is a gentle retrospective. 

  4. Your documentary is heart-wrenchingly beautful, Mr. Cors.  Thank you so much…

  5. Somebody needs to tell Rembrandt here that he is clicking a button.

  6. How did this kid know the towers were gonna fall??? I think we’ve just found out who really was responsible for 911…

  7. “From that wrought iron balcony”…..I woke up too late on 911. Pretentious doc. Yes, music WAY too much, annoying to say the least…..hip, yeah that’s it….hip, ster. Some great shots, but keep your work as stills, docs not your thing….yet.

    • Spoken like a true conosseiur and reviewer of taste and talent, “Jackmeoff”. Whatever. I wouldn’t quit my day/hand job… 🙁

  8. Some beautiful imagery. Only “complaint” is the music is a bit overpowering at times.