The True Story of Phil Schneider

Phil Schneider died in 1996. Previous to his death he had been on tour across the United States speaking out about various subjects including his involvement with building a secret underground base in Dulce, New Mexico for the military.

During this time, he said to have had an encounter with a violent E.T race in the late 1970′s which would change his whole world reality immediately after.

This documentary explores some of the information Phil Schneider spoke about to the public in the 1990′s by examining each claim in detail with expert opinions from Richard Dolan, Richard Sauder, Neil Gould and Cynthia Drayer (Phil’s Ex-Wife).

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  2. I am trying to found out the user review board being used

  3. Phil’s story doesn’t make sense. So they send down ONE guy by himself into a new hole?? And then one green beret is following him??
    Is that even how the military works,bro send ONE soldier?? No back-up?? And Phil is in a cage but he falls out of the “cage”???

  4. You must understand the fantastical nature of the real truth n the seemingly unsolvable situation we are presently facing makes u wonder if there is any plans to drive the enemy out it may involve the sacrifice of millions of American lives, to save humanity, if that’s wat it takes than so be it, it’s far better than being reinslaved and or treated like the 6million Jews of nazi occupation. We’re screwed.

  5. It’s the jews it’s always been the jews

  6. weird things happen in Wilsonville, OR..

  7. It’s high time people opened their eyes and minds. U silly stupid idiots who think this is all Bollox…well more fool YOU!
    Thanku Phil 🌎

    • While it’s always good to keep an open mind, it’s best to avoid letting it open so wide that your brain seeps through the cracks. Also, calling people “stupid idiots” while simultaneously abbreviating and/or short-forming the word “you” makes you appear quite callow. Lastly, why would you randomly capitalize the word “bollox?” If you’re going to be critiquing the intellectual capacity of others, it would serve you well to avoid typing like a first grader. To each their own, though, I suppose.

  8. I need more to go on, but what I’ve heard prevents me from ruling this out. In fact, it makes me want to question further…


  9. They always have a group to try to change the minds of the people. He has great evidence.

    • Do you know what the word evidence means?

      • For a long time I thought that Phil Schneider was telling the truth. It seemed like he had his story straight. Phil had the names, places and all the details in order. Then you add to that, the fact that he was wounded and disfigured from the incident. I’m assuming that you know the scars and missing digits I’m referring to. Well, those injuries were the lynchpin for his story and a person came forward from his past and shook his house of cards. This person went to high school with Phil and remembered that Phil had a mutilated hand back then. There were other facts brought forward about Phil but that’s the one that I remember because it knocked out his credibility in my eyes. That’s a major piece of the epic accusation! If that wasn’t true then that leaves us wondering if any of it was true.
        To me, that’s enough to disbelieve the entire story.

        • Well, I don’t know the date that Phil claims the Dulce battle took place, but I was recently surprised to find he was a well-known alleged alien encounter subject. I happened to see references to him made on a journey down an internet rabbit hole. When I saw the name Phil Schneider, I remembered a tall somewhat “unique” character with a maimed or deformed left hand who was a member of an amateur bowling league (along with me) at Portland State University around the years 1976 thru 1979. He was a big guy, very erratic in his style, and more prone to obliterating the pins though power, not style. There may still be a dent in the low ceiling at PSU’s 6-lane bowling alley from the time Phil released the ball a little late… His bowling ball frequently journeyed across several lanes. We conversed, but not that often. Never heard anything about a military career or anything of interest, let alone alien encounters. Honestly we just assumed the guy was a harmless “character.” As long as you stayed out of the path of his bowling ball. But his physical disfigurements date back to at least the early-70s, if not considerably before, given his physical capabilities at the time. Just the facts.

        • What’s to say that the person at his school wasn’t lying to knock him down out of notoriety jealousy? It’s clear that someone is lying. Why not the school guy?

        • The disfigured hand is where you draw the line, huh? Him being assaulted by bloodthirsty aliens was perfectly reasonable… until some dude crawled out of the woodwork claiming his hand was gimpy back in high school? Gotcha.

        • Did the individual who came forward present facts (yearbooks, school records, pictures, etc) that he actually went to school with Phil? I’m a skeptic in the true sense of the word, I don’t believe anyone. Check out a man named Doty, and you may rethink your assessment.

  10. Biggest load of rubbish I have watched in my life. I mean, that Richard Dolan guy is clearly a con artist and Phil Schneider obviously had mental health issues. First a foremost, where’s any of the evidence supporting their claims. It’s ok espousing their beliefs, real or made up, but with out any kind of evidence they just look like what they are. Con artists and crack pots.

    • Wow! That’s a lot of ugly judgment! Have you done any research on these issues, or is that a knee jerk fear response? It can’t be true, because it scares me. Stop and be honest with yourself, before you rail at others

    • Most people today have mental health issues to some degree that doesn’t mean they are a con artist or a con man does it Phil. There is so much evidence out there these days even from the pentagon etc. You only have to look at Dr Steven Greer’s research to know we are not alone in this universe or any other. In my own opinion I think you would have to be really ignorent not to believe in these subjects

      • How dare you cite Steven Greer as a credible source of information. If you believe a word that man says, you need to have your head checked, my friend. I wish you the best of luck.

    • He’s completely right.
      He’s a godless patriot.
      If he did believe in God, thru the kjv bible,
      He’d know they’re nephilum.

  11. Ive watched Phils lectures and just like Credo Mutwa and people like Arizona Wilder they tell these incredible stories that people just arent willing to investigate further. There is so much documented evidence of the Alien Agenda, with internal documents from differing clandestine agencies and eye witness testimony from unimpeachable persons that i am inclined to believe Phil was doing nothing more than telling the truth. Dr Stephan Greer has been bringing this stuff to light for over 20yrs and documented on film the testimonies of hundreds of people who have worked for different agencies and corporations that have had no contact with each other, yet tell the same story over and over. FBI station chiefs, UK minister of defence and Iraqi political officials have come forth and spoken on the same things. I could go on but youre never going to sway the fools that hear, America cant track over 6 Billion dollars given solely to the Pentagon yet cant believe that the money went to black ops and the secret space program. Oh and that was 20 yrs ago and only represented money gone missing in the past couple of yrs……to 1 agency. And strangely enough a lot of the nay sayers believe in an inter dimensional being themselves. God. What is it, 80 % of the world believe in a god by any other name, that they cant see, touch or hear from but refuse to believe things that are actually documented in the oldest sanskrit writings. As Mr T said. Pity the fool. Im inclined not to though, bc its that base mentality that keeps the truth hidden. If it offends you so much then spend your time looking into the CIA or Mossad or MI6, then come back to the comments prepared to have a real conversation.

  12. Phil was mentally ill 😱, and full of this stuff 👉 💩…..

  13. for those with squared brain. u can check davids icke books an eye opening stuff.

    • I keep is a fraud.

    • I know for a fact that dulce host an extraterrestrial presence and biological research labs which study exotic material
      .the person you just commented on being full of shit is a hero ….one that risk and lost his life trying to disclose to people like you what your government lies to you about and spends your money on .
      For you to try and discredit this mans attempt to help with stupid emojis and no proof to back up your statement is appalling.
      In my personal opinion.
      I hope you can live the rest of your life in your imaginary world of Walmart and wheel of fortune and football.

      I wish you well

  14. Correct me if I’m wrong. In the underground documentary. Phil shows a military photo of his father. And points out this person sitting in the room as the grey- alien. Who sort of doesn’t belong there. Picture was from 1930. I have to say he looks like the character played on the Amazon series Vikings. That came out in 2013. I’m I correct.

    • Could you believe that the aliens live underground and wait the critical moment to attack the earth?! What a long Patience to do this! The American media have the same thrilling in the past as in the contemporary life!

  15. Someone needs to let Brein Foestor know that his troglodite cone heads are Nephillim.

    • Read the book of Enoch. One of the books excluded in the Bible. It will ad more to the story of the nephilim and other beings.

  16. Wow, its easier to fool people than to tell them , they been fooled..

  17. Wow documentary hate, not much intelligence here, just a lot of people attacking each other

  18. Just a bunch of nutjobs looking for publicity. You dont need devine intervention to dig holes in the ground. Its new mexico and anyone with an ounce of grey matter between their ears knows that if you go below ground you can escape the heat because the earth maintains a constant temperature below ground in the 60’s.

    • Actually 55 F all year round.

    • It is absolutely not 60° underground. Not when you’re going miles down. It’s too hot for any human but possibly could be the right temperature for an alien. The grays look like they have evolved in a very dark place, and that’s why they have the bigeyes with the black shield things over their eyes.

  19. He was mental. Phony stories!



      • You are EXACTLY right…people choose to believe a lie rather than the TRUTH

      • It’s easier for the sheep people to believe this didn’t happen, they can’t handle the truth & forgot how to think for themselves.

        • Can’t offer a logical explanation for something? Let’s blame it on aliens. That’s the lazy man’s escape. We don’t have to research something if we just say that aliens did it. You can’t disprove something that didn’t exist.

          • Have you done research, or are you commenting (or judging) blindly? Do you trust your government? Do you think the black budget is a good thing? Do you think Congress, our elected officials, should have some say, in where our tax dollars go? These issues have nothing to do with aliens! I can’t believe people missed that.

          • There are no aliens, it’s all demonic.

  20. have the past way true way your action great play greatest …

    When the must life true life we are in wisher…

  21. something removed his freaking FINGERS!

  22. looking at the comments, there are some real fucktards around.

    • Totally agree, people in the know sure don’t want this out but still, it’s just so unreal it turns the world upside and inside out, no wonder they’re offing every lose end to hide the truth. You can’t deny the OWO claim anymore that’s for sure,
      they’re bragging openly about this on every media outlet.

    • THINKing the very thing

  23. Like the parthway of good study time good day time in my heart like best my condition.,

  24. come now children, go outside and play. nothing real here . . .

  25. We did a video about Phil Schneider and the Dulce base, check it out.

  26. The more important question is, how did you manage to post the same thing twice in a row? You copy and paster you! Silly man!

  27. These are all opinions. Wether he has been killed or not, that is the real question. Nobody, but detectives having all evidence at hand, can properly investigate that. All the rest is opinionating.
    You can say : (Suggestion 1) ‘Oh, but people would never be able to keep that a secret’, and I’d agree, but the fact that Pearl Harbour was known by the Australian gvt, 7 hours before it happened, has been a secret, until nobody bothered anymore. Now, different times, different measures, of course. Now we have the web. If you tell me 9/11 is a hoax, I believe you : building 7, the British BBC reporter mistake, there is too much evidence. If there hadn’t been internet, we’d never had known that. This here, comes right before internet. Mr. Schneider can’t defend himself anymore, he’s dead. He has done whatever he has done. Personally, I don’t believe in alien greys, at least not anymore, there was a time I doubted about that, but now I realize it is all propaganda. An effort to create an enemy image. One could easily suggest :(Suggestion/Question 2) ‘Human kind couldn’t put 2 stones on top of each other, how on Earth did we get as far as we did?!’, it just all depends on the answers you’d expect, depending on the questions you’re asking.

  28. I served an extended tour of duty in the USAF and have been at Groom Lake several times on assignment, and all of the Tonopah Basin facilities. No one reading this blog will believe me but never the less, there are no massive underground facilities there, no flying saucers, no little aliens gray in color. I have been in every building there. You know the Manhattan Project couldn’t be kept as a total secret. Humans basically can’t keep secrets. You know down deep that if any of this alien agenda was real, cell phone video and photos would abound from those seeking their 15 min. of fame. The monetary gains for handing over undeniable proof of aliens would be so great as to tempt at least 10% of the Edward Snowden’s out there holding clearances. When you look at distractions like this and Planet X, Atlantis, cities on the dark side of the moon, fake moon landings, and even big foot, don’t you ever wonder why? Why does man have to come up with these stories? What really should concern you is the drugs taking over our population, both legal and illegal. A workforce that only has 67% participation. The dumbing down of a Nation, letting our education system slip to where in the future the USA will be laughed at by China, Japan, even the Middle East. You should worry about unlawful acts by your elected government stealing your rights of liberty and freedom. Smart, good people want nothing to do with politics. It use to be a saying that those who can do, do. And those who cannot teach. I say now that those who can do, do. And those who cannot run for office. Overall this conspiracy stuff is a distraction from getting on with your life and living it to your fullest potential. From being happy and content watching your children grow and become productive. Having grand children and share joy in the mystery of life. Worshiping what ever deity you choose or to abstain from altogether. As a human living out a normal lifespan of say 70 years, you have 25,550 days to live on this Earth. Really only about 17,033 days when you subtract your 8,516 days of sleep. Now subtract say 21 years of the start of your life and education, you are left with a whopping 9,368 days to make your mark on life. Will you set and play video games on your TV or internet, watch every Zombie movie or show that comes along? Or will you get out there an enjoy your life? You get one, no reset buttons. Your days left should be more precious to you than any amount of money or fame, of which both are fleeting. View people who would steal your precious time as thieves, which they are. I am only using this forum as a passerby, aged and near my last days. And yes this is my real name.

    • They don’t allow cell phones in the NSA, Snowden snuck out his data in a Rubik’s Cube. They have full body scanners, etc. 10% of brave people is an extremely naive figure. Most people choose safety over risk, even if they know it’s wrong. Snowden, Elsberg, those types of people are exceedingly rare, no where near 10%. There are many secrets the govt keeps, and keeps well. Don’t fool yourself into believing otherwise, just to feel safe, this has nothing to do with aliens.

    • Very well said james. We must be cousins.

    • Well spoken james. You write like me. We must be cousins. My name is dale foster. My father mark hannah foster has a brother james foster. They are all from portsmouth, ohio. All the fosters in portsmouth area originated from kentucky. When the civil war started, some went to ohio and joined the union army. Others stayed and became rebels. We traced my family tree back and my family still has the springfield rifle my great great grandfather robert foster fought in 5 major battles of the civil war. His father, or grandfather, joshua foster fought in the revolutionary war of 1776 with george washington. The government was broke then, but had lots of land so they gave joshua foster 1000 acres outside portsmouth close to the ohio river and he was only 18 years old. He made a road going to the 1000 acres and built a stone quarry and built a house out of huge stone blocks in the 1880s. That house is still there but the roof burnt 3 times and the walls are still there. My family still owns some of the 1000 acres but most of it was sold and inherited by widows the fosters married. Robert foster married a full blood shawnee indian from the reservation in ohio, me an my cousins are 1/16 shawnee. Im 70 years old , i live in oklahoma next to a year round trout stream. I like your story it makes more sense than unprovable speculation and conspiracy theories and the so-called A DEMON UNDER EVERY ROCK THEORY. I never heard you mention jesus christ , but i can tell by your story you believe in him. When i want truth, i go to the woods and ask jesus christ, not to the media or the government or the many religions of the world. You wrote your story very similar to how i would have written it. God bless you james. We must be related. Text me sometime at [email protected]

    • Very well said. Enjoy the day and hold your loved ones close

    • Very well put!!! Praying for you!

    • R.E. Sara G’s comment,One might ponder which of the 9 you might be,but the truth is real aliens are far to busy to post comments,they are preparing for a feast.
      Lastly James Marshal has figured it out 100%,the real secret of Life.

    • Hi James, Thank you for posting your comment. I hope you’re still living your life, happily…


    • You are so blinded!

    • This was an excellent comment. Hope you’re still with us.

    • Well said sir.


    • Everything you say about getting on with your life living your life watching your kids grow how many days of your life you have even how many days you waste sleeping all of that is right and even more so what you say about government stealing your rights and freedom all of that should be first on somebody’s mind. Somehow I get the feeling that someone with your government training would be trained to say something kind of like that. Unless you had top-secret Clarence for Area 51 you would not see every room and building in that place. I myself know for a fact because it’s documented that area 51 was built over a silver mine. This particular Silver mind it was documented that it was dubbed 200-foot down from surface so unless you’ve been 200 ft below the surface of Area 51 I don’t think you’ve seen everything. Why build a top secret government facility over a silver mine if you weren’t going to utilize the space that has already been dug out? I don’t exactly believe that government is in contact with extraterrestrials or extra-dimensional beings. I do believe they know more than they say because of the fact they try to cover up everything whether it be that they’re in contact or just want the knowledge for themselves either way it’s wrong to keep it from America. Just my gut feeling about all this says that they don’t know can’t find out and with these UFOs documented flying in military airspace without a care of the consequences is a national threat so they cover it up and deny any involvement so they don’t have to give an answer because even if they wanted to they can’t. I also believe that’s something did crash in Roswell and I do believe Bob Lazar was back engineering something because why would a man risk his entire career for that if it didn’t exist. In any sense I can see why the whole put it behind you and live your life thing would be the next best thing to tell somebody is what I’m getting at.

      • Im guessing this is the james foster that’s posting in 2015 even though his obituary says he died in 2011. VERY STRANGE!!

        James Lee Foster, USAF ret., of Glendale, Arizona, passed away in his home on Monday, October 31, 2011 at the age of 80. He was born January 10, 1931 in Marion, Ohio to the late Leroy and Ellen Foster. Much of his childhood was spent on his Grandparents farm in Mt. Gilead, Ohio. In 1943 the family moved to Tucson, Arizona where Jim graduated from Tucson High School. At age 20 he enlisted in the USAF and was accepted into the Aviation Cadets In 1953 he graduated from pilot training as a Second Lieutenant received his wings, and achieved his boyhood dream of becoming a pilot. He was assigned to the 48th fighter wing in Chaumont,

    • You are cool

    • Hmmmmmm…
      Seems thou protesteths too much…
      Seems like Alot of words to state an opinion

    • Hey James, Are you still there? Can we Chat?

      • Explain Phils father and his position in the government(former, he is dead). Phil was not doing this for money or fame. Towards the end of Phils life he even worked for an extermination outfit in Oregon City. He was found wrapped up in bungy cords. His opinions on “black dollars” is fairly true. Yes, the slaying of education and the ability to afford it is a real issue, no different than health care being a joke. America is #1 in expense, and very low on the list for quality. Money is all the sheep of this country want, believing that money is happiness.

    • Thing is boss, all the proof you’re talking about is out there. There is literally hundreds if not thousands of people who have legitimate backgrounds who said this is all real, who went on record to say they seen things. There are unlimited amounts of video and photographic evidence, physic evidence, the fact that there are multiple sightings by hundreds of people, come on man. Don’t be a tool. Atlantis, planet X, all that bs is one thing. But there can be honestly no doubt that extraterrestrials are a reality.

      • For a fact they are visiting this planet I’ve got pictures and short video a picture probably better than anybody has ever seen I’ve never showed it to many people don’t really know who to send it to.

      • Even if everything reported was a hoax, which is impossible (probability-calculated): I know what I saw (as they say) on both occasions, the first one I shared with my dad (one week from eachother), the second was two years ago.
        Thing is, the most recent time I did so, the last thing that entered my mind was to get a camera, or to call my mom who was inside the house, I just stared at it for minutes until it was gone; it wasn’t “frightning” or anything, I just didn’t want to take my eyes of it. When I posted it to a website that registers “sightings” (and optionally explains/debunks the purported matter), I found that multiple people across the country reported similar sightings.
        I really don’t care whether someone ‘believes’ or not, and I don’t go around “looking for a 5-minute moment of -dubious- fame” neither, cause I’ll probably have the last laugh in time…

      • “There ‘is’ literally,” should be, “There ‘are’ literally.”

        “They ‘seen’ things,” should be, “They ‘saw’ things.”

        You guys hurt your own case, sorry.

        • “You guys”? I expect you mean everyone who believes there’s life outside our Solar system, AKA Alien life forms? A little derogatory in tone but, fuck it: I’m in (and one of those “guys”).
          So, your lame attempt to fully discredit the matter is to point out someone’s less than perfect grammar?? Good job, ‘twoofer’…

    • that’s why those holding clearances to such information are not in need of an monetary gain they already have it

    • ur not as bright as ud like people to think, many have been killed because they couldn’t keep their oath of secrecy and the only reason uv never seen any underground bases is u don’t have that kinda security clearance but ur entitled to ur opinions just like the rest of us. as for the rest of the stuff u said i agree but the problem w/Americans is they don’t giva shit what happens to America, their children or the sick evil fukz who run the country, its all playin out just the way its supposed to and like Israel fell so shall it be w/America, ul see.

      • Israel fell? Not modern-day Israel, the one that commits genocide against the Palestinians, right? Not the worst racists the world has ever known Israel, correct? Not the terrorist state Israel, I assume.

        • No such thing as “Palestinians” as there’s no such thing as a “Palestine”.

          • I have a theory about aliens too. I believe All Jewish people are hybrid reptilians. They have had dealings with these entities since Abraham. Ezekiel went on their ufo and Enoch went with them and never came back! They want to take over the world and make all us Goyims their slaves. That’s what Schneider says the aliens want to do and that’s what the Jewish Talmud says they are to do to us Goyims….make us their slaves. The reptilians occupied Ur. That’s where Abraham was from. Coincidence?

      • Well dun (deliberately misspelled to point out the redundancy whether words are misspelled, as long as the message is understood that’s all that matters) Angela you are spot on. As they in America just “do you”whoever doesn’t wake will get what they so deserve.

      • Awesome comment!! Finally someone has a brain around here

        • Angelina Thompson has misspelled words in her paragraph. I Can see for myself who has brains and who doesn’t….

          • educated does not mean intelligent by any stretch of the imagination .! Tesla and Einstein could hardly spell

    • So being that you have been in every single hanger and building and every nook and cranny of the top secret base at Groom Lake means Groom Lake is even a lie, isn’t it? It’s not really all that secret after all according to you. People can just waltz around peeking here and there. Oh what’s in that hanger? – Oh i’s just empty. How about that one? – Oh empty again. I think I’ll just walk around and look everywhere. Oh it’s top secret? I’ll make sure to tell everyone what I saw then. Nothing there. Shhh. I’ll keep that a secret. Not.

    • All of what you said is exactly what the aliens would say to trick us into looking the other way. My God you Greys are sneaky and manipulative little creatures, aren’t you?

      • So these ‘Greys’ get on forums and post, do they?

        Good to know they understand English.

        • As if to assert that species capable of interstellar travel, and getting here from another star in the first place. Wouldn’t be technologically capable of doing something like decipher our languages? Hate to break the news to ya Fred, but if they are capable of getting here in the first place. Deciphering our languages, connecting too, using, and even literally, taking over our internet would be ZERO problem for them.

      • James Foster is a grey trying to post comments on here trying to get us to believe that area 51 has no secret tunnels or bases

    • Dude… learn about paragraphs.

      Every person that has ever worked at or been at Groom Lake says the same thing, that it is entirely need-to-know and compartmentalized, meaning you only enter buildings or areas that you NEED to, to complete your duties. So what you are basically telling us is that you held every possible job and have every possible expertise, that’s the only way you would have been in every building and every part of Groom Lake.

      And I personally don’t even believe we’ve been visited by aliens, but I also don’t like lying, and your claims smell like shit to me…

      • Anyone who has actually held a clearance KNOWS you only see what it is you need to see. That’s it.

      • I worked at top secret facility and was given a tour of the whole thing and took photos and sung songs with the brass and we had just a whoop of a time. They even let me peek under the general daughters dress. Not!

    • If you didn’t see anything unusual, it’s because they DID NOT WANT YOU TO SEE ANYTHING!! “The Truth Is Out There”, but people like yourself will never see it largely because you don’t want to see it…

      • Um excuse me Mr. Mulder, but I have not seen anything but I want to see. The truth is out there? Um, human brains are out there. I mean, way out there. In a galaxy far, far away. How’s Scully doing by the way?

    • why would I believe you vs the many retired Captains, Generals etc etc that have stated the government is is possession of alien vehicles..First off..the facility is compartmentalized, so unless you have a reason to view the vehicles…your not going to see them…and also..who’s to say they are still there…they are probably not there at this stage of the game. Do you have an all season pass to Wright-Patterson ? or

      • Ever seen that interview with that -well known- astronaut, of the Apollo (#?) crew, Buzz… (Lightyear? No that can’t be right: let me look that up. BRB)

        Buzz ALDRIN! And the Apollo was 11! Anyway, might as well watch it (at least a clip) yourself:

        And Buzz is by no means some senile or psychotic loony case, which l think we can all agree on, right? Right.

    • Thank you, James, for an intelligent and insightful piece of writing. May your final days be blessed.

  29. The only thing that gets me thinking there something odd going on is why did someone kill him,if he was just a loon ball then fair enough, but he was murdered? I don’t understand why that had to happen.

    • Where exactly is the official press release stating that he was murdered? I think they might have a copy of that in one of those empty hangers at Area 51. I don’t know where people are getting this murder thing. Show me something tangible besides a guy who Ginsued his fingers off chopping vegetables.

      • You just enjoy lying to/trolling people. Either that or you are a truly naive person. There may not be an “official statement” concluding that he was murdered, but there are just too many inconsistencies with the story to be believed at face value; The least of which is a quote from Phil himself stating that if he were to ever “commit suicide” that it would be evidence of the validity to his claims because he claimed multiple times he would never do that. So either he payed the ultimate price and sacrificed his life to pull on over on conspiracy nuts, or there was some sort of foul play involved.

        Not to mention that at the time of his death Phil had been doing a tour of the U.S. giving lectures on extraterrestrials, secret military bases, and other knowledge that is not available to the public. Also worthy of noting is the fact that he was not in good health when he “committed suicide” and would have had more than enough medication to kill himself in a much less painful way than the supposed strangulation which occurred.

  30. This is the kind of silliness that makes the subject less appealing….Ridicule is the best deterrence..the subject is very serious and should be taken as such…That having been said, consider this:

    Most people don’t have the ability to prove or disprove this subject matter. Aliens, really? Show me how water is really 2 parts Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen…until then I don’t really know if it’s true…

    Now, we know water really is put together as such but the vast majority of us simply don’t have access to the tools needed to physically show or verify this molecular truth…We just accept it to be so…

    Likewise, we know that there must be life outside our solar system due to the astronomical numbers involved. Scientists have consensus on this theory at this point. The problem is consensus on the subject of actual visitation is not positive. Scientific proof is unattainable, for now. It’s safe to assume that an interstellar species would be difficult to comprehend….

    But that doesn’t mean they aren’t here, nor does it mean they don’t exist. We just happen to be at a stage in our evolution that is similar to the time when we couldn’t prove the chemical makeup of anything around us…Early man didn’t even know what Chemistry was, but his curiosity led him to discover it…

    As so with the subject of Alien visitation…We just can’t prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt, but we do know how old the Universe is. So any species that evolved within that 14 Billion years could presumably be well beyond our infantile understanding of how things work out there….and we wouldn’t even understand how to go about trying to understand them in the first place…

    A thousand….a hundred thousand….even a million years ahead of us in evolution is clearly possible if the universe is really 14 Billion years old

    • Um…I don’t think H20 is in dispute as a reality. Search your feelings Luke, you know it to be true. (and I was just kidding about being your father). And I’m pretty sure that dinosaurs had skin and walked around for a few million years as well. But yes, unless you are a homocentric religious fanatic and have taken a peak in a fairly good telescope I think we could logically conclude that life is out there, but questioning water? Have you lost your mind man!? I’m thirsty.

  31. There are people who really believe this crap?

    • Well president Carter believed it and sobbed like a baby when he was briefed on UFOs. I bet it was the part where they told him babies, toddlers, children and adults were missing and fed to these creatures in hidden bases, with the good ole USAs approval…It’s a pact they made with the Aliens
      Now I know why the Mayans and other ancient civilizations sacrificed their children to the “God’s”. The government’s of the world are still doing it. Only covert.

    • K beard throw your laptop out and go to flip phone you dick slap.

    • There’s many that believe the Earth is flat!! I thought we solved that one some (500) years ago.

    • There are people who don’t? Hmm…interesting. We have ourselves a bit of a standoff of the minds and you clearly have lost yours. Of course there are people who believe! I bet you are one of those who has always been told that there is no such thing as a dumb question. Well you sir have just hit the jackpot of all time dumb ones!

      • Why are you talking to people this way quite negative don’t you agree?

        • I have a great sense of humor. Some people are just funny to me.

          • Boooo, Demons — you completely avoided daniel’s question, thanks to your ego. Hopefully you’ve changed in the 5 months since you posted your comments, but based on what you put out there: you don’t have a great sense of humor. If you did, other people would be commending you, but they’re not. What you do have is a great ego that wonderfully protects you from thinking you have any fault or room for improvement. Butting-in with condescension by responding to people who are specifically directing their comments to (surprise): not you? Knock it off. Your communication choice is obnoxiously arrogant & useless, and this thread would be 100% better without that. If you want to be acknowledged & have some form of virtual (or rEal) human connection, try affirming people instead of attempting to tear them down & build yourself up. Pour the demon soup out & have a warm cup of humility instead.

      • LOL.. l agree, one is either too arrogant, very naive, or a grade A bible-(t)humper, to believe homo sapiens/life on our planet is the only species in the kosmos. And personally l do believe there’s life “out there”, emphasis on “out there”, cause l have a hard time believing the stories about “shape shifters”, “lizzard people”, or “greys” living amongst us. Alien abductions? Gimme a break (has anyone ever noticed it’s usually some fugly, shit-for-brains hick, that assumingly got beamed up and get their orifices probed?). Anyway, even if they did live next door l couldn’t really be bothered, since l am my own worst enemy there’s nothing to be scared of 🙂

    • Yep, this belief in aliens is one of the newest and fastest growing religions on Earth. Thousands of people, if not more, really believe aliens created us, caused the Great Flood, and will one day come back to save us from ourselves. All they’ve done is taken the Biblical story of creation and God and just replaced “Jesus/God” with “aliens”. The most pathetic part is that they don’t even realize it and that they don’t understand that the creators of this new religion, Sitchen and Von Daniken, have both been PROVEN as liars and conmen. Probably the most idiotic part of the whole thing is that they are all passionately hateful and aggressive towards Christians. The hypocrisy of the whole thing is that they hijacked Christianity and replace God with aliens and honestly think they are “smart” and “scientifically minded”. These people represent some of the stupidest human beings on the face of the Earth.

      • Then why are you spewing so vehemently? Why don’t you respect others belief’s and see where they’re coming from instead of name calling and foaming at the mouth? Seems you’re afraid of debating.

      • Who’s the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows it? I’m afraid you lose this argument my fine fellow since your bible is based on stories derived from clay tablets where there were multiple “gods”. If you have ever seen the original Planet of the Apes and compare it to its remake you will know how poorly re-written scripts become once they are tampered with and presented as original concepts. What you are left with is a watered down version of events that were never meant to be taken as the driving force for millions of people’s obsession. Your passion suggests that you have been exposed to these rewritten narratives from a very early age impairing your subjective judgement and rendering your ability to accept fact over fiction. Do a little research and you shall find that if any hijacking or replacement of ideas were done, it was done for the purpose of the invention of Christianity itself. A rather hard pill to swallow for those who have been taught differently from childhood.

      • Oh yes you have so cleared it up for me! Now I understand. They are story flippers! Oh I get it now. You have enlightened all of us with your deep knowledge of Christianity and now everyone here is so grateful because now we understand our flaw in logic. May God bless you son.

        My goodness this subject gets you worked up in quite a tither, doesn’t it? You get your nails out and you scratch right down the back without taking a pause, don’t you? Oh my you are brutal and unforgiving. You are a sin washer and we must all love you for that. Bless you.

        • I just love that beautiful Renaissance painting of the visitation, don’t you? Except the visitation is of a UFO shining a beam on a pregnant Mary while Gabriel tell her her hybrid Jesus is on the way…
          Ever wonder what that UFO was doing in a Renaissance painting beaming a ray on Mary?

      • The belief in aliens? Or the belief that we are or have been visited? Big difference between the two… You would be hard pressed to find a scientist who doesn’t believe aliens exist, quite the opposite….

        Oh you’re a Christian? So you believe the earth is literally 6000 years old and this is the only planet with intelligent life, even though there are more planets in the observable universe than grains of sand on every beach on earth, and all the elements humans are made of (carbon, hydrogen, etc. etc.) are abundant throughout the cosmos…

        Yeah you’re right, those stupid scientists don’t know anything. Forget about that computer you’re using and the ability to send information across the internet. Forget about the fact that we’ve been to the moon and are now sending robots to Mars. Forget about the medicines you take, that iPhone you’re using, fiber optics, and so on. Yeah, that ancient book (that you have no understanding of) written by men is probably what you should base your life on.

      • How do you know it’s not the other way around? Replace alien with “God”. There is a lot of evidence for alien life and it makes a lot more sense than Christianity. Religions are the worst thing to happen to man. It’s so ridiculous that people believe that shit. It amazes me that people think that other life forms more advanced than us could be interacting with us are considered crazy but heaven and hell is a real thing

        • I tried replacing the word “God” with “Alien” as you have suggested, but it doesn’t sound right. May Alien be with you. Alien damn you! Praise Alien! – does that even sound right to you? For some reason it doesn’t sound right to me. I’ll keep trying, but I don’t know how long I can keep it up, but thank you just the same. I think. Praise Alien! May Alien bless you my son.

          • You don’t get it. To the ancients, aliens WERE God. Now that we have developed it’s obvious that all the religions of the world evolved as a way to explain these beings and phenomenon.

          • “IN ALIEN WE TRUST “

    • Yes, there are many. Believing this kind of retarded nonsense is embarrassing to me as a human being. Absolutely the most pathetic part about people who automatically believe in such lame stories simply because they sound cool is the fact they actually think some nut job standing at a podium making wild claims is “evidence”. These are the people who fell for Hitler and burned scientists alive hundreds of years ago. They truly think they are more “intelligent” and “logic” than the rest of us. The human race, as a whole, is 100x’s more ignorant, stupid, and pathetic than many people realize. There are literally armies of people who proudly kill and rape because someone told them they were “smart” or “superior” or “holy” for doing so. It is the masses of morons led by the occasional insane, yet intelligent, leader that represent the biggest threat to the rest of us. Hitler was a joke if not for the legions of mindless that followed him.

      • Wow you are so triggered!
        Boy it’s really hit a nerve huh? Maybe your rage is a sign that your belief system is weak and that scares you. Makes you feel threatened and helpless when your known world comes tumbling down. Sorta like when a child finds out Santi Claus was all a myth.

      • Do you get embarrassed easily? Have you tried talking to someone about this other than on this forum? The act of becoming embarrassed about subjects that don’t pertain to you in the least is a form of something. Maybe a medication? Talk therapy? Really you get embarrassed? And if Hitler was such a joke, then why did the U.S. embrace much of his technology and mindset? Maybe he wasn’t as funny as you perceive him to be.

    • Yes like u, watching it madam

      • Yeah, well, I had never heard of this fellow and after a few minutes I was intrigued by the oddity. I still only managed to get probably 15 minutes into it, and couldn’t take it anymore. I probably should watch it all just to be able to make arguments if the occasion ever arises, but I haven’t really met that many people who are this far out. My grad degree is in clinical psychology, so I’m primarily looking at these folks with this in mind. What sorts of folks believe this? Why? Etc….

        • Have you ever researched what sort of folks believe a guy who’s name to fame is hearing voices, trying to sacrifice his son to the voice who told him to and then changes it’s mind, and all of a sudden a religion with millions of folks who believe that voice is god? How bout researching folks who believe a Virgin bore a child? Makes perfect sense right?

        • Have you ever seen a psychologist to allow them to study why you think the way you do? You could have a condition that has not been understood as of yet. Perhaps, just perhaps you are the one who is a bit cookoo

      • Oh, I didn’t know if you watched a video it automatically meant you believed every single detail in it. Does that mean you believe 100% of all videos you have ever seen in your life, even when they directly contridict one another? That must make for one f’d up view on the world. Freaking moron…

        • Take it easy and eat another baby. It will calm your soul.

        • If it’s on YouTube I believe it. Every damn word of it and then some.

        • Wow u spend a lot of time arguing on internet and calling people retard s? your parents Cleaerly dragged you up.

        • Calm down, hostile because someone disagrees, grow up dear

          • “Hostile because someone disagrees”? “disagrees”??? Obviously you don’t
            even understand the basic content of my comment. Stop being a retard and
            learn to read. Your comment makes zero sense based on what I wrote. I’m not trying to impress you with my manners. Are you really that idiotic that you actually think I’m trying to get on your good side by insulting you for being a nut!? Yeah, “grow up” and understand that sometimes the truth hurts when it proves you are a pathetic moron. Sorry, but someone who is totally devoid of all reason and logic (unless they are mentally retarded) doesn’t deserve to be treated as an equal. It is the Caucasian tendency to live and let live that allows such harmful world views as Islam to literally threaten the entire world. Maybe if the best of us were more critical of deceitful, insane, and dangerous world views, such things wouldn’t represent a danger to the rest of us.

            Passivity, when directly threatened, is pathetic and self destructive. Liars and con artists like Phil Schneider should be challenged, as well as every person who actually believes in such retarded nonsense without a shred of evidence. You are no doubt the kind of loser and easily manipulated tool who would of drank the Kool Aid and died along with the rest of Heaven’s Gate. Stop being a total moron and “grow up”.

          • Triggered. And mental.
            That’s what you come off as…

          • Good. Strike them down with all of your hatred and let your journey to the dark side be complete!

          • Wow you have issues man. You are a hater of all things and have anger issues. I read once that people like you don’t wipe their butt after a poop and that is what clogs your mind. That’s really kind of nasty that people like you do that sort of thing. Like what makes you think it’s not a good idea to wipe your butt man? It’s so unsanitary.

          • you are the idiot.

          • Calm down, don’t waste so much energy on being so passive agressive

          • Dont bring the race card in, I am white

  32. Open heart surgery

    • Castration will do that to you also. Just when they are ready to chop it off you reach down to change your mind and then, zip! Off go your fingers

  33. One- If it were true, any entitity that had been or is involved would launch a hoax, lies, bullshit program to protect future or ongoing venture.
    Two- If you must gripe about something you know nothing about, use spell check.
    Three- There is more evidence of beings existence than that of non existence – you are unaware of what exist on your world, much less others.

    • Um..I hate to point out the hypocrisy, but I think you need some spell checking yourself.

    • “There is more evidence of beings existence than that of non existence”

      This is 1. the most often cited “proof” of aliens by alien groupies, and 2. the most retarded line of “reasoning” I have ever heard in my entire life. Regardless of the subject, you are a complete moron if you seriously argue that lack of evidence disproving something is actually evidence proving it. Anyone who would ever make such a stupid comment is literally one of the stupidest human beings on the face of the Earth. According to such brilliant logic, I am the strongest and smartest person to ever live because you can’t prove I’m not. Seriously, do you even understand how completely insane such “logic” is? I literally can’t even articulate how stupid a person has to be to think like this. “There are aliens living underground because scientists haven’t dug up the entire Earth and proven they aren’t”. You are a joke and an embarrassment to the human race. Yes, I honestly think that. Please don’t have children. PLEASE!

      • Well can you prove Christ is God then?..
        By your argument you can’t prove he is yet you believe anyways.

      • We don’t actually have to prove that you are not the smartest person to ever live because you have provided the proof for us on multiple occasions and any decent scientist would have no other option but to come to the conclusion that you sir are a verifiable idiot.

      • Is that really the most retarded line of reasoning you have ever heard in your life? You have not heard very many lines of reasoning, have you? Get back to us when you have more experience. Thank you for coming

      • oh just shut up. your absurd ego requires you to demean anyone who disagrees with your foolish opinions.

      • Are you always so passive agressive? learn to tolerate people and thir views

    • Who are you responding to?

      • The question is, who are YOU responding to? You are floating ever so gently in the empty void of cyberspeak.

  34. If he went down a shaft and killed 2 aliens in a panic before being zapped and subsequently rescued,,how does he know the rest of the information he comes with..the number of species of alien, name of home fact all the information he supplies..If he says he saw something fair enough..Sounds like a loada bull..

    • Well you try getting your fingers zapped off by aliens and see how much knowledge you gain. Triple dare ya!

  35. It’s beyond my understanding how anyone can watch this video, see all the evidence, hear all the testimony and still not believe it. Must be some special kind of denial.

  36. if thats all true then why America has not yet gained the powers of Aliens?

  37. I’m sorry but this shnieder guy is obviuosly pscizophrenic, my family is full of them and he shows all the signs. High IQ goes hand in hand with this disease, I do believe that there are underground bases, for what I don’t know but the whole gunfight with E.T. just sounds like the ravings of a man in dire need of Lithium.

  38. They killed him to promote an agenda , not to conceal his words.The truth Is worse than E.Ts and alien greys.The truth Is pitch black.

  39. Tempted to revisit Sneidaland but honestly this business of the aliens was never convincing, except when I read Dulce, the Book, and then followed through on that theme, i almost gave it credence.

    Ultimately, what difference would it make if Earth were in the grips of an alien race? The race that it IS in the grip of are alien enough; any humanoid creature lacking empathy and higher empathic reasoning is certainly an alien to humane man and wombman kind. There are the operatives words which disginguish these ‘cold blooded’ ‘blue blooded’ aliens from common humanity.

    Does this alien force use supernatural agencies? Of course, for natural agencies would ensure their destruction. The agency of science, theology, economy, warfare, entrainment, hypnotics and so forth.

    Phil et al are unreliable in that they are most probably and inescably controlled by the same ‘aliens’ to deliver the rhetoric.

    The new religion of alien-nation purports the same tired old religious meme’s of ‘man is not worthy’ and ‘man created of woman’ ‘man born in sin’ together with the honouring of slavery. This is does through disinfo agents extraordinaire NASA and Stichin, by way of the epic of Gilgemesh; proving that mankin was created for slave function. Much as ‘god’ created man to serve ‘him’ and enslave others.

    It is sickening that people still talk about ‘UFO’s’ when none are truly unidentifiable, all are ‘known’ to those with the right clearance at top military level. We know that Tesla kicked the whole thing off in terms of supra technologies utilising the natural matrix of nature. This bunch hi jacked and subverted it all so a ‘ufo’ to the mass is merely old technology to the elites.

    As for crop circles and the like, sure, there are gyro spiro templates and lazers etc well beyond our knowledge base.

    Do these aliens who are identified as Elite Psychopathic Homo Sexual Militias, use supernatural forces to assist their powers? Most certainly as all natural law is inverted. The media entertainment so unavoidable in the daily diet of the mass, serves to suck up and direct immense power from the energy extracted.

    • If you keep speaking like this I think I’m going to puke. Don’t ever use the word “meme” in a sentence again. Please.

  40. hmmm.. im not sure what to think of this .. part of me wants to go, “wth, i just spent an hour of my life on this ?? ” and then another part, goes “hmmmm” …

    one thing i can say, the guy Phil handing his child a drink, “want a squirt?” ..was probably the best line in the entire film lol

    • Well at least you got something out of it and took away some very important clues. When he said “want a squirt”? this was a signal to CIA to grab and bag everyone in the room. This part was cut out of the video of course, but it was definitely a signal to those who watch over us.

  41. too many ass wholes trying to cover up what little evidence their is and too many ass wholes like this guy making fake shit up!

  42. denbenenki – you’re a technological troglodyte. Sorry– google that last word. I’m sure you have no idea what I’m talking about.

    Randall – How the hell could he smell anything when inside I suit he describes as something so hermetically sealed, it rivals space suits.

    Hey retards– google Lizard People– that’ll keep you busy for a month!

    • A technological what? You did not just say “troglodyte”, did you? My God man you are brutal with your prose! And why would we google “Lizard people” as you obviously have. You really are a dumb one, aren’t you?

  43. My favorite comments around the ‘net is when other nut cases complain that Phil Schneider stole ideas from their nut-case ideas.

  44. whether you believe him or not, you cannot deny the cellphone or iPOD in your pocket. try and prove how those are made and by whom? where do they get the parts? those things have materials I have never seen elsewhere. how is that screen making the picture? i will tell you this–it isnt with pixels

    • What do you mean they have materials you have not seen elsewhere? Like exactly where have you been man? I kind of bet that after reading what you said you wish you could take it back cuz it’s kind of loopy, right?

    • Mine is made by AT&T and I’m pretty sure I can prove it

    • both my phone and iPod were made by Apple. next question…

    • How do magnets work?

      • They don’t work, they just are. It’s a complex formula of one part affection and one part love and a little bit of lust tossed in just to make things a bit dirty.

    • Try to prove where a Buick came from, or a table or anything else. Most things come from places that we will never see, so what. As far as the parts in your cell phone, they are familiar to those who work in the develpoment and production of cell phones. Why would you think that you would be familiar with them. This is one of the worst documentaries that I have ever watched.

  45. This guy’s imagination rivals J.K. Rowling, or J.R.R. Tolkien.

    • JK Rowling is probably the worlds best paid witch. All the Harry Potter books she’s written are about sorcery, mysticism and demonology.

  46. I find this documentary to be all over the place. Is it about a man who was attacked by aliens in an underground construction? Is it about the Mayans and their supposed middle earth? Is it about Hitler and his underground bunkers? Is it about the French? Or is this just about underground constructions in general and an alien one thrown in for good measure?

    • This video was just an attempt to produce music. If you look further into it he came up with a number one hit that is played in the far reaches of Siberia. It’s about a geologist who goes loopy. The lyrics are something like. “I don’t want to work. I just want to bang on my rocks all day”. It’s really a catchy tune and this video was just an exploration of lyrical artistry. Phil is brilliant.

      • Most humans believe in invisible gods, invisible ghosts, spirits, demons, angels, etc. But oddly, they can’t wrap their head around the concept that we are not alone in this vast place called space. Tragically neanderthal in observation of our small speck of a planet. If we are being visited, I assume ‘they’ think we are no threat, only the surface of our toxic planet. We are a dangerously vicious and aggressive humanoid group bent on destroying our only planet and all living things on it including ourselves. Just turn on the news and watch us in action.

  47. Google “the selective use of polygraphs”

  48. I suppose there are malevolent aliens just as there are non-malevolent aliens. I believe the not so malevolent aliens are ones who are aligned with the shadow grubermint who have helped with the technology they have. Maybe you can riddle me why there would be “laws” once written that we are to have NO Contact with ANY extra-terrestial and or their vehicles. Not fibbin here it does exsits, I have read it. Eisenhower was well aware of what had happened with aliens, contact and crashes, even warning to the American people before he left office about the Military Complex and he knew what he meant just could not come out and tell the people. Both good and bad are here.

  49. I don’t believe a damn word of what this clown says except maybe that when he was lowered down into this chamber where he encountered “The Greys” the air was filled with the most foul, putrid odour…I can believe that because this guy’s full of it!!!

    • Finger puppets pick the nose of all of us and we stand belittled by our wee willy winkie in the dead of night and ogle over the dancing moon. If it were not for the sweet melody of the wood elves we as a collective whole would go insane with our own preponderance of existence only to find our nakedness to be disgusting in the pale glow of the glistening lake.

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