The Truth About Looking Young

Plastic surgeon Dr Rozina Ali leaves the operating theatre behind for the frontiers of skin science and asks if it is possible to make your skin look younger without surgery.

She discovers the latest research about how the foods we eat can protect our skin from damage, and how a chemical found in a squid’s eye is at the forefront of a new sun protection cream.

She also finds out how sugar in our blood can make us look older, and explores an exciting new science called glycobiology, which promises a breakthrough in making us look younger.

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  1. forget out about genetics…….

  2. Dr Rozina, I agree you do look gorgeous. Are you single? 😉

  3. This documentary is obviously sponsored by unilever and loreal. i feel it’s may be completely biased.

  4. I found Rozina Ali’s vanity mostly very enjoyable to see.

  5. I thought you guys were exaggerating but man is she full of herself.

  6. Her vanity is painful to watch.

    Everyone will get old and wrinkly one day, with maybe about a 5 years of being able to repress the process.
    Just be healthy and don’t eat crap and stay out of the Sun.

  7. I have to agree. This documentary spent a little too much time glorifying this women, who really would have trouble walking past a mirror with out stopping. Other than picking a person who is quite overly fond of her own appearance, the documentary was very educational.

  8. Don’t be jealous we all do this or the other way. try to accept people the way they are as long as it doesn’t affect your daily life.

    • I’m not saying she’s not beautiful, she looks amazing, especially for her age, her shopping around paris is not necessary to the doc!

  9. good doc very interesting by why is half the documentary spent on her walking around various places in 15 different outfits, it’s pretty annoying, and just making her come off a a stuck up rich doctor. Did we really need to see her shoe shopping in Paris?