In the wake of the September 11th attacks, Mike Ruppert was among the first to be publicly critical of a number of transparent flaws in the official story presented by the US government. Mike is a former LAPD narcotics investigator who discoverd CIA trafficking drugs in 1977. After attempting to expose to corruption, he was forced out of LAPD while earning the highest rating reports possible and having no disciplinary actions. Mike has been shot at by people who have tried to keep him from bringing his findings to light. In more than 80 stories since 9-11, he has followed his tested strategy of using only government documents, official statements or verifiable press reports as the basis for his work. As a result, he has been openly received by several members of Congress and maintains open lines of communications with congressional and committee staff. Mike gave his first post 9-11 lecture at Portland State University, which was attended by more that 1,000 citizens and resulted in a standing ovation. “The Truth and Lies of 9-11” is the video of that event, including specail exclusive interviews with Ron Paul, Cynthia McKinney, Barbara Lee, and Dillon Reed.

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  1. A lot of research* bloody predictive text lol

  2. Really enjoyed this, poor man was only trying to do the right thing he obviously hated corruption, did slot of research and knew a lot of people. Thank you sir for sharing this information I always knew 911 was controlled demolition but with this documentary you get so much detail, down to names of people involved. A must see documentary on 911 . If you enjoy this then perhaps you may want to try 9/11 witnesses the corbett report , rip Mike Ruppert

  3. Very well put. They are so paranoid, delusional and greedy, there is no longer any boundaries they won’t cross. The tragedy of 9/11 is obvious, but what’s also EXTREMELY disturbing is that there are quite a few people that still believe the “official story.” If the towers had been constructed out of 2×4’s and plywood – maybe. Thing is, when the truth comes out, and it will, the non-believers will be the first to say, “I knew it.” lol I have a friend that knows two things about 9/11. 1.) The planes knocked those buildings down, and 2.) The phrase “conspiracy theorist.”

  4. It seems to me that Mike Ruppert would not be alive to tell this story if it were true. Just a thought.

  5. The CIA director is squirming around, looking up asking himself, what would Allen Dulles do.Lie, but what lie? Can I get away telling them what they want to hear, then  completely do the opposite. Yea that’s the ticket. His superiors made sure he wasn’t ever in the position to do what he said he would. Bottom line, the anglo-american imperium is hell bent on plundering the world economics  Allen Dulles is my daughters great-granddad. Plundering, with the ruthlessness of all barbarians, but with a much more profitable modern onslaught is the order of the day. They don’t care who they kill.

  6. I’m far from convinced with this guy, some of what he presents as evidence may well be fact but could be coincidence and nothing more. I think if he was really exposing the truth about the CIA and their drug running he would be dead long ago. Seems to be a storyteller to me, I have met many like him.

  7. Mike Ruppert has been around telling the truth for a long time. The power elite has indeed become rather cocky and arrogant. When they are responsible for so much suffering and destruction for so long and keep getting away with it they do get careless. All empires fall, always !

  8. Probably the most important documentary you will ever see if you care about and liberty… and you know that have been eroded for years by many Presendential administration who are owned by corporation. I had never of this man (Mr. M Rupert) till now, I had suspected for a long time what was happening in North America was not right and did not sit right, and I am Canadian but, we has neighbors have pretty much the same attitude ( might consider ourselves a little more free but comon now).
    THIS IS A WAKE UP CALL ! even if Bush is no longer in Power…it is rolling on and will not stop till we choose other Parties that speak our language and care about you and I…not the mighthy dollar or Gold OIL Drugs !!!!

    do yourself a favor …WATCH THIS and go to WWW

    • Hi Andre, my frustation is that there does not seem to be another party that TRULY cares for humanity and not power, money, gold, oil…etc…I think “some” people may, when they initially run for any office, start out with “some” good intentions, but as they move on to increased power etc, they also become corrupt liars.

      Now I am not saying ALL politcians are corrupt, but you just need to look at the state of the world and you can immediately see that the corrupt governments are so powerful, that the FEW truly caring politicians and/or governments are not even able to turn things around.

      This is a huge disappointment and concern. But I do see that the word is spreading, people are becoming informed and seeing the destruction these governments are causing and are continuing to cause. We are fortunate that we have access to the internet and are able to continually seek information that has for so long been controlled by governments and main stream medias.

      I do ok in life…meaning, I am not truly suffering, although I have plenty of issues. I try to stay positive and not be overwhelmed by problems, but I am average, I dont have excess problems or excess wealth. But when I see the suffering that exists all over the world, the truly suffering human beings, people who literally die from the lack of food and water, it breaks my heart and I search for ways that I can help, but only helping is not the answer. This inhumanity MUST stop.

      Can you imagine the process of death from starvation, the years of suffering. This should not happen to not even one human being. And the people who can turn this around, the extremely wealthy, the politically powerful, the private/central banks, their concern is to increase their wealth and power. And the suffering goes on. And most people continue to keep their heads in the sand, watch their reality shows, play their computer games, go on their vacations….you know…I could go on and on and on..

      But to end in a positive note, as being positive helps to move forward..keep the faith, keep passing on information you learn to your circle of relationships and stay informed.


  9. America imports its roses from Colombia and Ecuador

  10. Micheal Ruppert is a legend…wake up stupid America and smell the imported Chinese roses.