The Twins Who Share a Body

Although they are two completely separate people, these accomplished teens share a body and have just two arms and legs between them. Born in 1990, the girls have been brought up in a small, tightly knit community in Minnesota, almost completely protected from prying eyes and inquisitive stares.

To their friends and family, they are distinct people with very different personalities, needs, tastes and desires. But to the outside world they are a medical mystery – particularly given the fact that they can do virtually all the same things as their friends, including playing the piano, riding a bike, swimming and playing softball “Their personalities make them inspirational,” says their mother Patty. “They never give up; anything they want to do, they go out and do it.”

The medical world is keen to find out how two separate brains and nervous systems can work in such a perfectly co-ordinated way, but the twins and their family have always resisted non-essential medical tests. “The family want to treat them as though they are just like everyone else,” says Joy Westerdahl, the girls’ doctor, who admits that it is a mystery how their unique physiology functions. As they enter adulthood, the twins are likely to leave the haven of their home town and face the wider world. In preparation for that time, they have taken part in this intimate documentary to show the world what it is like to be joined for life

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  1. If you 2 gals want to have your first BBC (big black C*ck) then send me a message 🙂 I have enough meat to go around! Haha

    Kind Regards John

  2. Thumbs up if you wanna have a three sum with them 🙂

    • Asshole.

      • It’s you who is the arsehole. What gives you the right to speak for those girls? How the fuck do you know they wouldn’t be up for it? They almost certainly have the same sex drive as any other girls. It’s pretty likely that they will want to have sex and as they share a vagina they will both be involved. Fuck off yourself you arrogant presumtious bigot.

  3. For all the singleton sex hounds, here are your questions answered about their sexlife:

    These are the coolest chicks on Earth man.
    I would hang with them ANY day.

    AND I liked the dick picture. Good job PICO. LOL

  4. Two amazing people. Both of you are an inspiration to us all. 

  5. What a brave and happy family. I wish the girls all the luck in the world.

  6. I would have liked to see two things from them; arguing and singing.  I bet they are good at both. 

    How can you not love these girls?  I think they should be politicians. Who knows, maybe it wouldn’t be a fair fight? 

  7. Magnificent young girls from a special family.  Wish you all the best. xxx

  8. Amazing how life works.

  9. Just amazing how they work together !!!

  10. To me, it seems like Abi, the one with her head up right actually owns the body and the one looks like a growth on her neck and looks very much out of place. These girls aren’t normal at all, yeah treat them normal as its only fair, but there not normal and there not two people.

  11. To me, it seems like Abi, the one with her head up right actually owns the body and the one looks like a growth on her neck and looks very much out of place. These girls aren’t normal at all, yeah treat them normal as its only fair, but there not normal and there not two people.

  12. Cool kids !!!!

  13. Cool kids !!!!

  14. Great story of endurance and perseverance, no doubt about it. I was however left concerned about the point the female doctor brought up. How the hormonal levels will effect their child (children). How WOULD that work? Would the child develop into some kind of super human with twice the psycho chemical stability of normal single female body contributions? In other words the child’s immune system, would it change somehow? Or would the child be affected by two different hormonal levels, and even emotional levels irregularly fluctuating. All of those things contribute to a child’s development. I think, for their sake, the best alternative would be to get inseminated artificially, taking the boyfriend issue out of the equation. Also the emotional burden of perhaps forcing one or the other to explore sexuality at an age one may not be ready for. Perhaps I shouldn’t have shared this at all. But to me, it seems like the most noble solution.

  15. Wow, this is quite inspirational. I know if I was attached to my sister we wouldn’t be able to deal with it, best of luck to these two girls 🙂

  16. My question is how do they put shirts on?

  17. Amazing young ladys, all the best in life

  18. Amazing young ladys, all the best in life

  19. Just want to say you girls are pretty cool, would love to hang out with y’all sometime!

  20. Just want to say you girls are pretty cool, would love to hang out with y’all sometime!

  21. Thanks so much for the look into your beautiful lives, this must of taken
    some long talks before you both made the incredibley hard choice (yes we will or no we wont). So very glad you’ve both said yes, because you two girls have give not only myself. But many other people a look at what it is really like to share, so many of us should do more of that. What it is like to really care about yourselves and family as well as you friends in such an inspiring way. I take my hat off to you both again saying thank you.

    What ever you choose to do in life all of my very best of luck to you and what ever your enderverse, may they be many and great.

    Best wishes

    Kind regards

    Robert Morrison

  22. Wow Girls you are Amazing, you both have great spirit and are a pure inspiration, best wishes 🙂

  23. Fascinating story. Those two girls are incredible. That ending made me a bit sad, when one girl looks down after saying “and you’re never alone”. very inspirational

  24. These two amazing girls put most “normal people” to shame!

  25. what if one of them dies?

  26. I was wondering about the sex thing too. If they have sex, will both of them experience an orgasm at the same time? I don’t mean to be crude. It’s just a fascinating question. It’s nice that they’re well treated, but the idea that “they’re just normal kids” is ridiculous. They’re not. They’re freaks of nature. Same as a calf born with two heads. If they had been born in the 20s, they’d be in a freak show.

  27. This is pretty creepy. To me, they don’t look like two people. They look like a person with two heads.

  28. I can’t believe how pretty and smart they are. Just wow. I wish them the best.

  29. Seems to me as if a lot of these comments were written by 20-year-old redditors who live in their parents’ basements.

    The issue of sex and twins is not that unusual. One of the early sets of famous conjoined twins (female), who I believe were with Barnum & Bailey, married two brothers. Presumably when one of the women had sex, her sister was either involved – or not. Maybe both the twins and the brothers went to bed together. Who knows? Who cares? Anyone who dwells solely on this aspect of their lives reveals a rather puerile lack of knowledge about the world. Lots of people have unusual sexual arrangements these days – one look at the polyamory community reveals that. In fact, I can’t help but wonder if their best bet for a spouse/partner (presuming they are both interested in men OR women) would be someone in that community, who is more likely to be accepting of their uniqueness and their wonderful personalities – and not simply boringly obsessed with them as sexual freaks. I am certain that, if they find a partner, that person will be quite an extraordinary and delightful human being.

    Other than that, I wonder if they could have a baby – does their physiology allow for that? And what about work – what if they have completely different interests and want to do different jobs?

    They certainly are great young women – hope they’re able to continue enjoying all the things in life that the rest of us do.

    • The Barnum & Bailey twins you are talking about were not female. The were conjoined males, Chang and Eng Bunker, who were Siamese…hence the common name of Siamese twins. But, yes, the did marry sisters and fathered a bunch of kids…something like 8 & 10 respectively. However, they were pretty much two complete bodies joined by a band of tissue at the sternum. These days, they would have been separated, but it was not possible in the 1800’s when they lived…long, fairly happy lives. Their biggest problem seems to be that the sisters eventually began to fight, so two households were set up and the twins split their time between them…in NC.

      As for Brittany and Abigail…what can one say about them except that they are wonderful…as are their great mom & dad. Best of luck to the whole family.

  30. When I read that title and watched couple of minutes of the video, I thought it was fake but these twins like 8th wonder of world.

  31. Questions about their sex lives come across as creepy because we are wondering about 16 year old girls, on the Internet. But if you can look past that (especially since they’re not 16 anymore) they are very intriguing questions and ones that any normal, curious person would want to hear an answer to. Sex is fascinating enough (from a psychologist’s view) when it involves two seperate people, but when two of three seperate people are sisters and have the same vagina, that’s something else to fathom! I hope these women are one day comfortable enough to give some insight into their experiences to an academic, but if not, that’s their call to make.

    I would also like to see how they handle swimming underwater, while one or both has their eyes shut. Or how they would feel in one of those gyroscope rides. How does it feel when the other twin is asleep? If one commits a crime, does her sister go to jail for it? How many votes in elections? And getting back to sex, what if one is straight and one is gay? So many questions!

  32. It raises so many questions.

    If one has sex willingly with a guy, and the other doesn’t like it, can she call rape?

    How could you even date just one?

    What if one was lazy and one was active?

    Damn, I dunno.

  33. These girls are truly a blessing and an inspiration for many. They are a miracle as human beings. Very touching documentary.

    To those making sexual and low remarks, if you can’t observe the animal thinking within you, if you don’t see the futility of your own remarks perhaps realize that you’re not fully concious of your life and thoughts, wake up.

  34. all of you making the sexual remarks are a bunch of f**king retards.

    Use some respect.

  35. wow those are some serious Minnesota accents!

  36. hmmm…….im thinking BLOWJOB!!!

  37. What willpower and cooperation from the girls and family. I hope you all take care and do well. The world has some love out there for you.

  38. Oh noes! Don’t go into architecture!

  39. i want to know how they masturbate.

  40. What an amazing, well-adjusted young ladies they are!! I hope they realize that while there are some people that may be rude and obnoxious, the majority of people are good and kind. Best wishes for their continued success.

  41. holy shit, they’re totally in sync

    • they did an awesome job adapting and are very lucky they were born in north america were they had a chance to thrive…good luck ladies on a happy long life