The U.S. vs. John Lennon

A fascinating account of a relatively unknown piece of political history. Before the Iraq war and the Bush Administration, there was John Lennon, who used his fame and fortune to protest the Vietnam War and advocate world peace. This documentary is the compelling true story of how and why the U.S. Government tried to silence him, and the events that transformed him from a beloved musical artist into an anti-war activist and an inspirational icon. It will also show that this was not just an isolated episode in American history but that the issues and struggles of that era remain relevant today.

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  1. Who is the guy who said his father abandoned him, obviously not a lennon fan other wise he would know that his father fought to keep him and take him overseas. retard

  2. i was at my friends house skipping school, second year of high school, 16 years old, when the news broke in the afternoon that john was dead. there have been some days of global collective mourning in my life. that was one of them.

  3. did u watch it glenny boy

  4. did u watch it glenny boy

  5. fuckin brilliant 

  6. fuckin brilliant 

  7. Fantastic documentary!

  8. Burn oprahs underwear 8:12

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    Go burn Beyonce’s CURSE TRIANGLE EYE and Lady Gaga Left eye.
    Corexit eats boats and dolphins
    and you sheeple stood by and watched and called us theorists. Traitors.

  9. wait a minute at 7:02 you are interviewing a man dressed like that and you think John Lennon is the weirdo. This world is going to hell in a handbasket because of the MEDIA’s lies and bullshit. All owned by Rothschild and Queen of England. Wake the Fock up!

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