The UN Deception

The U.N. Deception reports what the nightly news does not: the UN’s creators intended their organization to become a world government. Learn how top United Nations proponents exploit small arms, the environment, and justice to pressure Capitol Hill into quietly surrendering America’s heritage of freedom. Should these UN plans remain unopposed, the consequences are ultimately grim. There is, however, a way to avert this danger. Start by witnessing The U.N. Deception!

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  1. The Iran-Contra Affair is how The White House through the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) flooded The United States of America with an Illegal Substance called, “Cocaine,” and then through the “Untraceable Money” through such sales was allowed to commit the Illegal Act of sending Illegal Guns from the Untraceable Money to Nicaragua to the Contras. It is this very reason that The White House is fighting to keep Cannabis Illegal in The United States Of America so that the “Untraceable Money” can be for Illegal Gun Sales in The United States of America to eventually convince the Citizens to give up their Second Amendment to bear arms from the Domestic Violence of Guns; as well as, to ship the Illegal guns to all the Illegal Drug Cartels in Mexico. The White House is the largest illegal drug runner, and the largest illegal gun runner on the Planet Earth. The White House has also turned The United States Of America into the Third Largest State of Power for Torture, and for hiring Mercenaries; however, the Mercenaries are called, “Private Military Contractors,” and being that this activity is against The Geneva Conventions it explains why The United Nations “DOES NOTHING!” The United States Of America and The United Nations has taken a turn for the Worse! THEREFORE, WOE TO THE INHABITANCE OF THE PLANET EARTH! EYE 5

  2. If all you can do is say this is a piece of “propaganda” then you have not studied history.  In fact, you have to be completely ignorant of history to not understand that communism and other systems of tyranny have always led to the enslavement, poverty, torture, starvation and deaths of millions upon millions of people.  Our American forefathers rightly saw the flawed nature of man, a nature which lusts after power and corruption.  Only idiots believe we can have “heaven on earth” through one-world government, “if only we get the right people at the head of it”.  There are no “right” people to be at the head of any tryannical system.  Should we get communism here in America, the idiots who wanted it will deserve every nasty thing it will bring to their lives!

    • I agree with you , the problem is most Americans a like to give their opinion(Run their mouth) and don’t know $hit about what really is going on, and if you try to explain it to them, why your a fool or a conspiracy nut…If America don’t get their heads out of their ass NOW!!! not only will their hair smell like $hit, they will learn we were right to worry and by that time it will have already cost them everything…Their FREEDOM!!! By that time I will have had already given my life and have been made out to be the worst person (along with millions more) to have ever lived, when all I was doing was trying to save what God and our Fathers before us had built and died for. So what are we going to do,and the main thing is when are we going to do it?? Because we should of already started and every day,every hour,every second that goes by they are getting prepared while we sit back and wait and do nothing. If anyone has answers please post it and may be some of us can get something started…anything is better than NOTHING !!! God Bless America !!!

  3. The Holy Christian Scriptures predict this. The 666 is a vat tax that will be collected by the UN, after the central banks have the entire world enslaved to their agenda. The monetary system will be electronic and the ability to buy and sell will be controlled by the these demon spawned workers of inequity. A prince on his own behalf will resist him and the ships of Kittim will come against him. But the Royal Law will destroy antichrist and all evil forever. Come Lord Christ, the time to torment the wicked has come.

  4. This is the most one-sided, ham-fisted movie I have ever seen. Which is saying a whole hell of a lot.

  5. This is the most one-sided, ham-fisted movie I have ever seen. Which is saying a whole hell of a lot.

  6. capitalist propaganda